Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 2 in Canada! To Hula or not to Hula!

So this week we got 2 calls from our mission president! and we missed them both because we were in a lesson! They told us how much they loved us and hoped we were doing well! Then on Tuesday they call us again and this time we were in a middle of a service project! So we pick up and it is Sister Clayton.  They are in town and want to see us! So we hurry and get dressed in this member's house and then book it to the place down town! It was sister Clayton! She said is there anyone we could go and teach? We said well we have to drop by this house and give a Book of Mormon to this family! She said great that sounds like a plan! So we went and dropped the book off and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ Lesson! It was wonderful!

How was sports with the Zone?  
It was sooo much fun! I loved it we played Ultimate Frisbee!
What song did you and your companion sing in church?  
We sang a song that a pianist in the ward wrote it is absolutely amazing! It is about the Book of Mormon heroes and how we should follow their example and hold fast to our faith!

She got our little card we sent to her so that she would have some physical mail.  She loves mail.   

Her first Physical Letter from Home!  She loves letters so keep them coming!

So we were talking about if she picked up some of the things we had on her list to get when she got there.   She said some of them are hard to find in the grocery stores but they have WALMART!! So they were headed there today.   


1.  Any new investigators?
    Derek we taught for the first time yesterday! The spirit was so strong and all we did was testify and tell our experience on how we chose this church for ourselves! I loved it! and he did as well!
2.  Update on how your discussion on the plan of salvation with the mother and daughter went (I don't know their first names)
     Ruta and Sojata! are doing well, they are reading the Book of Mormon and praying hard about it! We will meet with them again this week and possible teach the father as well!

3. Update on Aaron and your lesson on restoration?
       There is Aaron.  He has a baptismal date! and we just need him to understand it is ok to make mistakes because that is what we are here on Earth to do! To be cleansed of those sins we need to ask for forgiveness and be baptized!! He is loving it! He wants to know if this is true! He says we are close friends and even invited us to a movie with him and his daughter!  

Sister Stuart and I were emailing back and forth and we were talking about Aaron.   She said that he has some tough decisions to choose.  We talked about praying for him to find the answers he is looking for.  So in your prayers this week, please remember Aaron.   

4.  Update on the new member discussions for Monique and Ruben. I read on a sister blog that was with Sister Duran before you that Ruben is 14 and wants to go on a mission??
       Monique actually came and taught with us to Derek! They are soaking up the lessons again and again! Yes Ruben is 14 and does want to go on a mission!

5.  What is a Dot Map?
      A Dot Map is a Map that tells you where your formers are, active members, and less- active members are!

6. How are you holding up in the weather?
      There is so much rain! I love it!!!! Plus it is warm still but not overly hot!!

7.  How did your Ward Culture night go?  Eat anything weird?
       Oh my gosh! It was so perfect! We picked up 2 potentials! and no not really I made funeral potatoes and everyone was super excited! They loved them! It is a Utah thing, they all said!!!

8.  Favorite scripture of the week?
      D&C 100:5-8

9.  Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details?)
     Well at the culture night they were doing the Hula and they came and grabbed people! and the bishop's daughter grabbed me and dragged me to the stage to dance! And as we know missionaries are not suppose to dance! I was freaking out, my companion was freaking out, the 3rd ward elders, the 2nd ward sisters, the zone leaders were all freaking out!!!! and my companion opened the side door and came and grabbed me! Scariest and funniest moment of the week!

10.  Most spiritual moment of the week?
      I don't know we have felt the spirit a lot! But if I had to choose! I would have to say Thursday! We met with Aaron and all we did was listen and testify and taught him the fundamentals of the gospel! He opened up about EVERYTHING!!! It was a good experience for us to know what is going on and as well as getting it off his chest! and then we Visited a less active member she is 17 her name is Jackie! She is so cute! She fell off the path for a while and really wants to come back to church but doesn't feel like diving in head first is the right thing! We told her that we would go to Young Womens with her and she Accepted I was on a spiritual high that day! LISTENING IS KEY!!!!

Rapid Fire Questions

1.  I know my Heavenly Father loves me because....
     He shows me miracles and lets me be apart of them as well.

2.  Something new I learned about Sister Duran is....
     She loves cooking! She makes the best Filipino food! and She loves popcorn with a passion!

3.  When I walk out the front door of my building each morning, I see....
     A Forest! London is known as the "GREEN CITY" there are so many trees and plants it is beautiful!  The cities and streets are all modeled after England and Europe.  

Sister Stuart likes to rub in that she is trying things from England that she knows her momma misses.  She asked me "Guess what???" Then she proceeds to tell me they have Crunchies here (this is a honeycomb covered in the most delicious milk chocolate.  Usually in a candy bar, but no they are snack size in a bag and Oh she loves them.    

4.  This morning's personal scripture study focus was...
    Miracles and scripture mastery! and the Holy Ghost and how to distinguish it.

Sister Stuart told me that part of a letter to the Mission President she wrote:  I am loving the Miracles we see everyday! In the MTC they said to expect miracle! And I do everyday, I pray for them and expect them!  I try to find them and work for them because miracles aren't just going to show up.  You need to have faith, pray for them, and work for them! This is a goal I made before I came to the mission! To Expect them, and be apart of them, cherish each one and write them down.  

Needless to say, this made this momma so proud of her daugther and so blessed to see how grown up she really is and that she recognizes miracles are all around her everday.  

5.  The Spirit was so strong as...
    We listen to what people have to say and testifying of the truth!

6.  The one thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is...
     The Standards of excellence our mission president set! We just needed one more baptismal date and one more investigator at church! :(

7.  If I had one wish, then it would be....
     To find the Elect! To know who is ready to hear the True Gospel of Jesus Christ!

8.  My testimony was stregthened when...
     I am rejected again and again like the prophets of old! It makes me stronger emotionally and Spiritually as well!

9.  I couldn't believe it when....
     My Zone leaders called us to tell us we were moving to a different district in Winser? (2 hours away) and then  they told us just to the other district in our area!

So Sister Stuart said the elders in her ward are the district leaders so they are in their district now.  She is now serving with Sister Simons and Sister Robb (MTC sister) 

10.  My favorite "finding" happened...
     We had 2 people this week tell us that we are Satanic and He doesn't blame us because we are Brainwashed! and don't worry we are just zombies and when we finally come to the truth of all things we would surely live and see the light! STRANGE!!!

What is your Missionary Invitation for us all?
      FUTURE MISSIONARIES- make bullet points for the 1st three lessons (in PMG chapter 3)- it will surely help you in the long run and it will be easier if you find some scriptures that support the things you write down!

      EVERYONE-- John3:16-17 and write down what this means to you and set a goal on how you can show your love back to him and hang it where you can always see it!

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