Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Going to the MTC

Well today, we dropped Sister Toni Stuart off at the MTC.  Craig cooked us breakfast and we were able to spend some time together around the table.  Toni had a few people she wanted to say see you soon to, so because I was her first companion, I went with her this morning.  It was good to see her grandparents again and Toni, even took a minute to show her grandma how to send her an email to the MTC.  

Then off to the MTC, some laughter and tears (mostly mom's) we were on our way.  Last meal......Taco Bell Bean Burrito (yummy).  

We went to the field between the temple and the MTC and just were together.   She played frisbee with Braxton.   Her friend, Hillary, who is also going to the same mission was there with her family, so we took a quick photo.   Toni was calm and just smiling from ear to ear.   She is so strong and tough, I guess when you know what you doing is right, it makes it easier.   We were able to have some hugs as a family, I was able to braid her hair, and than we were able to have a family prayer.   Oh how you relish the little things.  
Sister Lundin and Sister Stuart

Driving into the MTC, it is a well oiled machine.  Seeing the other missionaries, both arriving and assisting, you just knew this was where she was meant to be.  We get out of the truck and cute, little Sister Peck, was greeting us and being so nice and reassuring us that she would be taken care of and would be great.   Hugged her one more time and she was all smiles and off they went.  
Sister Peck and Sister Stuart Arriving at the MTC

I sobbed for a while, ok, alot, but she was where she is suppose to be and we went for a drive through the Alpine loop.   It was calming and I was able to sleep a bit, something I had been missing these last few weeks.  

Home we are now, and I see the jeep and cry again, I'm sure there will be no drought at our house for awhile.

I will be trying very hard to use this blog and post her letters and pictures as she sends them to me.   Until the first email or letter from her, I will wait patiently, maybe not too patiently.  

You can write her in the MTC, address is on the blog, you can also email her at with the MTC address and she will get that every night.  

Onward and Upward.

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