Monday, July 21, 2014

Canadian Money Smells Like Maple Syrup!

Toronto Temple (the Church is across the street)

Toronto Skyline
 I think for right now Mondays will become my favorite day of the week!!!   Sister Stuart's P-days are Mondays and I was able to email back and forth with her this morning for a bit.   It was great, nothing like 8:00 ish (our time, I think 10 there) she is asking me for a funeral potatoes recipe.  Glad she is willing to cook.

Every week on Sundays I write her a letter with different questions to encourage a more interactive email, then things are good.   So if you ever wonder where the questions come from, this crazy mom, if you have any certain one you want me to ask, let me know.

She goes to the church to type at least this email home.   She is in London, Ontario.

So her email was this:


1. What are your plans for the remainder of this P-Day?

Sports time with the zone at 3 then I have to teach at 6:30.  

2. Tell ALL about your companion

Sister Duran (Diana Faith)- she is from the Phillipines.  She has an amazing voice, she is an amazing teacher! She is super patient. English is her 4th language! She is amazing!  She is the oldest of 4 she is 21 and it goes her, sister, brother, brother, it was meant to be!

3. How are you two getting along? What are you living in?

We love each other it is amazing how well we get along.   

4. What was the best part of your first week in the field?

I love teaching and smiling so much!

5. What were your thoughts/feelings as you met your Mission President and his wife?

They are literally the sweetest couple in the world! They love each other so much and they have experienced so much together! They are super strong spiritually as well.  

6. Did you sleep your first night at the mission home or head right to London?

I actually didn't sleep in the mission home we slept in a hotel and it was lousy.  Plus I didn't sleep on the plan and the first night here in London I slept like a rock!

7. Are you teaching anyone?

We are trying to find new investigators, but ya we are teaching a mother and daughter about the plan of salvation, and Aaron (a former Investigator) about the restoration.  We also got to teach Monique and Ruben (new members) about the restoration again.  

8. How do you make contacts? (tracting, referrals, etc)

We look at our dot map, tract and look at formers.

9. Tell us about your ward/branch?

It is pretty small right now because everyone is on vacation.  But they are so nice! They asked me to say the closing prayer in sacrament and tell a little bit about me and bear my testimony, then me and Sister Duran sang in Relief Society. 

10.  What was the worst part of your week?

We had two people call us satanic in 24 hours and were bashing on us hard.  The Spirit pretty much left the area.  

11. Is being on a mission what you thought it would be like? Easier or harder?

No right now it is easier than I expected but I know it will get harder!

12.  What else can you tell me?

I know I fit in with Canada!  It is absolutely beautiful in London! It is so green and a lot of people drive Jeeps, oh and Dodges.!! I also have to drive everywhere because my companion doesn't have a license.  I am driving a 2014 Subaru.  Also they have a whole bunch of stop lights. ( I told Sister Stuart to drive safe and to keep a lot of distance between her and the next car--of course Mom, I'm doing that was her reply)

We  have a ward culture night on Saturday! Oh and there are so many cultures and languages and religions here it is amazing!  I have learned a lot about just a couple! They have an accent, I will probably come home with one!


1.  I wish I had...

an auxillary cord and a helmet camera

2.  Strangest thing I have eaten so far?

She first said maple syrup on fruit.  Then emailed that the weirdest thing was a homemade pizza with a tortilla, fry sauce, hamburger, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes.  I will send a picture later.   

3. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and do...

Everything all over again.

4. Did you get your package? And?

Yes it was so cute! My companion really wants me to make the green jello now.   

Love you all and take care, write me or email me.  Both my addresses are on the blog, including my current address, where you can send me written letters is 585 Proudfoot Lane #1303 London, ON N6H 4R6 Canada,  but you can always email me at and I will see them each P-Day.

Sister Duran (Trainer) view from Home

Toronto Group in Airport
Toronto Group at Airport

Arriving in Toronto

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