Saturday, July 12, 2014

MTC 2nd Week-Getting ready to head to Toronto!

July 12, 2014

So it turns out I leave Monday morning at 3:30! It is going great!!! So our TRC investigator didn't show up twice this week! So we didnt really teach that much, but we did teach our progressing investigator it was amazing the spiritual things in those meetings! I am so lucky to have the district and teachers I have had! Today was my last round of classes! Sad day!!!!

Tuesday night devotional guess who spoke?!?! Bet you cant!!! Neil L. Anderson! It was so amazing! He spoke of a mighty change of heart! and the Qualities of the Savior! Faith overcoming doubt! and Sister Anderson said that we always have a member of the Godhead with us( the holy ghost).

When the 16 new missionaries came on Wednesday to our zone we decided to write a song to the music of Popcorn popping! It goes something like this:

"I looked out the window and what did I see..
16 new missionaries.
You came in the building looking all confused
Don't you worry we'll take care of you.
Preach my gospel will be your aid
The doughnuts look really great, beware the scrambled eggs
Love your zone and your companion too"

The major quotes for this week include:
"The Book of Mormon is worthless unless we use it to receive Revelation and come unto Christ"

"Baptism is just water without faith and repentance"

"Repentance is change not baptism"

"Keep it simple the devil loves complexity" Elder Ballard

Also I love the Mormon message "Lifting burdens".  It was absolutely amazing!! I have memorized so many scriptures now!! Also look up the artist Simon Dewey, he is amazing, the pictures at the MTC are so real and beautiful! I love them!

We had a devotional by Josh Wright, a pianist, he was amazing, but also overwhelming!

On top of the bronchitis, I now have a cold.  

Sorry it is short! If I get another chance I will email again.  

"There are souls to save and miracles to find"

Love you all, 

Sister Stuart

2 Districts with Brother Lester (both districts part of the 30 going to Toronto)

My District with Brother Ferguson

My District with Brother Roberts on left and Brother Buahin in the middle

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