Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 24: TRANSFERS!!

So last night was transfer calls! It turns out that I am closing another Area! Sister Lundin is going to the small town of Brockville and I will be going to Brampton! (Where the STL's, AP's and mission president are)

For now Question Time

1.  Update on investigators, reactivation, new member discussions?
      Jeanette-- Is doing soo good! She is still in Maryland being taught by Elders and she gets back January 5th.
       Makida-- is out of town for this week!

 2.  What has your mission president been doing to inspire the mission?
 What do you love about your mission president?
       So the majority of the focus is on Member Work! It has really been inspired! We get to know the members more, we serve them more, they in turn help us teach and feed us and give us referrals! It is amazing to see how actually working directly with members really affects missionary work for the better!
        President Clayton is completely and utterly inspired! He is so loving and cares about every single missionary and knows them all by name!

 3.  When was the last time you saw an answer to prayer?
        Last night before transfer calls we said a prayer because we were kinda freaking out a little and it was for comfort and peace for what ever happened, and we have been feeling it ever since.

 4.  What has been your favorite Pday activity so far?  What are you
doing for PDay today? How and where do you do laundry?  Have you
washed your sheets lately?

Sister Stuart, Taylor, Lundin and Mass

       Favorite.... I loved Room Escape and serious Zone Sports when everyone plays together! Today we are doing sports, and packing our whole entire apartment up!
Christmas on the Subway

 5.  What are some of the local sayings and interesting things people
say in your area?
      Did you get some Poutine?
      Just Jokes
      Knock wood
      Well just some of those are said! ha ha ha well there are so many more but it is usually different for EVERY CULTURE! Which we do have EVERY CULTURE here in the GTA!! Not even kidding!

 6.  Who has been your favorite person you contacted this week?
       Ahh man! That is so hard! There was one that came up and asked if I was a cop and then told me everything that he has done and everything he is worried about! Then there was one who told me he would come to church and bring friends he even asked for extra cards he could hand out! Then the lady who was falling asleep while we were talking on the subway!

 7.  Do you have a goal set for this week?  What is it.
       Yes! To Get to know members, Because we are white washing in! Then to have an awesome revelatory planning session when we arrive!

 8.  Favorite scripture this week?
        Alma 14:26

 9.  Favorite moment this week?
        There were so many!
         Skyping with family!
         5 Chrismas meal appointments and going to the last one and not being able to eat hardly anything because our stomachs hurt sooooo bad!
         Oh my goodness we went to a Pilipino Christmas party and took a picture with all the missionaries and as they took the picture Elder Gullart popped a balloon on Elder Gunnell's head! Funniest picture ever! it is on FACEBOOK!

Christmas 2014

          At the same party about 5 minutes before they wanted us to they asked us to perform so we sang the song from Lion King that goes like " in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight." Oh, don't worry we got permission to do from our zone leader. Oh my goodness it was sooo funny!  Elder Gunnell and I sang the Melody and we sang the super high high notes! When we were practicing he hit a super high note and then said I have to hit higher than that! and there was no way in the universe that I could hit higher than that note! We just laughed and laughed!

 10.  How was your walk with the Savior this week?
         Absolutely wonderful! I can't even begin to explain the miracles I have seen this week! He is Wonderful!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Guy on Subway wants to know why their are so Happy?

Christmas was a bit different this year with both Riley and Toni gone.   We were able to talk to Sister Riley earlier today and then Sister Toni this afternoon.   She was going to call at 300 and when it kept getting later and later, not sure she was going to call.    Her friend Christina and Jacoy were able to talk with her also.

Making faces 

She finally called and I thought I had my emotions under control after talking with Riley, but it was a second after hearing her voice, I lost it again.   It was bitter sweet to be able to hear and see her face at the same time.  

I loved this Christmas present and was so excited to spend even just an hour with her.

The hardest part was saying goodbye again.   I wouldn't want either of them any other place-the greatest gift they can give is to bring others unto Christ.

Christina and Sister Stuart

Sister Stuart and Sister Lundin

Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 23: Donny Osmond, Christmas Zone Conference, Visiting members

Ok Question time:

1.  Updates on Investigators or reactivation efforts?
     Jeanette-- Now officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! AHHHH!!! So exciting! She literally could not wipe the smile off her face! She is so happy! She is going down to Maryland for the next 2 weeks! And she is wait for it,........ Going to the temple!!! AHHH!! I love her!!

      So this week was our crunch week! So we wrote down all of the members on our side of the ward! in which there was 155 families and of which 30 of those are active and we had to visit the rest! We only have 40ish families left to visit before the end of this year! But we also need to help the Elders on the other side of the ward because They have about 600 members on their side of the boundaries and like 120 of those are decently active and we have to go visit the rest! On the bright side we are updating the ward list like crazy! but sad thing is most of the numbers don't work and the addresses are wrong so we have officially lost track of so many people!

So it turns out Donny Osmond used to live in the Don Valley ward! So everytime he comes to town he visits!

 2.  Favorite part of this holiday season?
     Meeting so many people, who can't be mean because it is CHRISTMAS!! ha ha ha! I really like being apart of so many different traditions! And spending time with members! I love listening to the story of Jesus Christ! And learning more and more about him! He is the Ultimate Gift!

Almost Christmas Card

 3.  Best part of the week?
      Christmas Zone Conference!!! Oh man! It was super Spiritual! We learned how to better our use of the missionary pamphlets! We also sang! As a zone we mixed Hark the herald Angels sing and Angels we have heard on high! Oh man it was sooo good! Then Elder Gunnell, Elder ?? and Sister Robinson and I, Sang together! I had a small solo! Weird I never sing in front of people by myself and we mixed the children's hymns He sent his son and away in a manger! Oh man! I wanted to cry! But don't worry I didn't! ;) The spirit was so strong!!!

 4.  I felt the spirit so strong this week when.....
       At Zone conference^^ and When Jeanette was Confirmed! Oh man! I can just say my heart is full!

 5.  What are a few of your favorite things?  (Sound of music)
      Family, friend, my ward family, companions, Members of this church, and even people who aren't! Patience, love, compassion! The Atonement and Jesus Christ!!

 6.  Share what you would like us to know this week, thoughts,
testimony, how you are doing, etc, whatever you wants --free form.
    This week! Has been really interesting! I have had a rollercoaster of a time! I know I am here in Toronto, Canada for a reason! I may not know all the reasons now! But hopefully I can learn more while I am here! I love every single one of you! You are all my family! And one thing I have learned about family is we all love each other, we all care for each other, we serve each other, help each other, make each other laugh, and be there when they cry or are having a hard time! Find those people in your life that mean the most to you and serve them with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. even if it is just a laugh or spending time with them!

Where is Sister Stuart---
2nd picture by President Clayton's wife

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 22: Jeanette and Sabrina

So here are the questions:

1.  Update on investigators?  Any new ones?  New members coming back
to church? Details on the baptisms.
     Jeanette-- Was BAPTIZED!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! She is soo happy!
     Sabrina-- Was BAPTIZED!!! And we got to go!!!!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! She is soo happy!
     Mekida-- is doing well! we are trying to get her to come to church!

 2.  What was the BEST part of your week in the field?
      Do Baptisms count??/ If so that is what I would choose! Seeing people enter a promise with God! And seeing the light of Christ literally shine through them! Them coming out of the water with the biggest smiles on their faces, just so willing to share their happiness with every one they come in contact with! Aww man!

 3.  Favorite scripture of the week and WHY?
4.  Best service opportunity this week?
     Oh we shoveled a jewish guy's drive way in the middle of the Snow Storm! That was soo much fun!!! Ha ha ha !!!

 5.  In what ways do you feel you have grown the most since being out
in the field.
      Oh man! Where to start?!?!?! That is such a hard question! I feel like I have grown closer to Jesus Christ and I can feel the spirit more in my life! I am able to access the atonement in more ways than I could ever imagine! I have the opportunity to learn all of these things! I have also learned more here than I have my whole life in school!

 6.  How are the 12 days of Christmas going?
   It is great I opened the GIANT Tootsie rolls yesterday and haven't opened up any today yet! Man that is a lot of Sugar!

 Rapid Fire

1.  Weirdest food eaten this week or coolest place went to eat?
      Cheese Ice Cream and Blue Yam Ice Cream (turns your tongue purple!) from the Phillipines!!! MAN THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 2.  STRONGEST testimony-strengthening experience of the week was....
      The Baptisms Yesterday! I can't believe I got to be some peoples Missionary! I could never believe it! My heart is so full!

 3.  The "MOST unexpected moment" I had this week was....
     #1 The Font Was WAY too hot! Jeanette, Elder Smith, the Bishop and Nicole all got out of the font with a reddish tint! Ahh!  

Sister Lundin, Sister Stuart, Elder Smith, Jeanette, Nicole, Elder Gullart, Elder Fjeldsted, and Brother Wong!

     #2We were allowed to go to Sabrina's Baptism and we snuck in the back because we were a couple minutes late! So she didn't see us! They were Excused to go up stairs to the Baptismal font and so we ran up stairs to catch her before she went in! And She turned around and immediately started crying she hugged us and just cried! I couldn't believe it! She is so amazing! So She was about to get into the font and she had a panic attack but no one could tell because the door was shut and we knew something was up and Elder Orr said everything was fine! Not! Anyway after she got out we rushed to the bathroom where she continued to cry! She hurry and got dressed and ran to us! She is soooooooo Cute!

Elder Orr, Elder Mangahkahia, Sabrina, Sister Stuart, Sister Lundin

 4.  My companion and I bonded over....
     Our First Baptisms together! Ahh Our Babies are growing up!!!
     Elder Gunnell constantly Making fun of both of us! gahh!! Dang idahoian!

 5.  This Holiday day season--what do you want people/family to know most of all?
     He is the gift!!!!!

      Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Gift! If it wasn't for him we definitely wouldn't be here! We wouldn't have known each other and we would all be stuck! Jesus Christ provided a way for us to be here on this beautiful earth to learn and grow!
      You have all played an important part in my life big or small! I am sooo Glad I have gotten to know all of you!! You are super important to me! and I love you!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 21: CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! *awkward*

"Giving Birth is easier than getting missionaries out of a church!!! "
        Barbara Ann

So Question time...
Zone Christmas sending some laughter 2014

1.  Updates on investigators--pictures please on some of those
baptisms.   Any new converts and new families bringing back to the
      Jeanette-- IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!! WOOO!!! We are super excited for her!! She is so excited and happy! We love her so much!

      Mekida-- She is a married mom of 4 kids! Her husband lives in Jamaica! She is awesome! She reads the Book of Mormon and Prays everyday!!!

 2.  What are you doing to stay warm?
     LoL-- Lots of Layers! The wind is sooo bad here! They measure by wind chill! Which this weeks lowest was about - 15 C! Man it is awesome!!!

 3. Besides the people and missionary work, what do you like most about serving?
    The challenges it gives you everyday! It really keeps you on your toes! Everyday is the same routine but every single day it is different!

 4.  What was your favorite thing that happened at church yesterday?
     When out of no where! A man we talked to and taught but wasn't in no way progressing towards the gospel, shows up at church! Super funny! Super awkward!

 5. Describe today's "feeling in the air"
      Exciting and full of energy!!! Especially since a member is taking us to Walmart! Woo! First Walmart trip in 3 months!

 6.  What was the last thing you cooked to eat?
      Fried cookie dough and cookie dough pancakes, and chocolate chip cookies.

 7. If you had 3 extra hours each day, how would you fill them?
      Finding all the less actives in our ward!!!

 8.  What is something new you learned about Sister Lundin this week?
      She will literally eat anything!
       We both have stinky feet!
Nice Tongue pictures

 9.  My first thought this morning, as I woke up was...
      Man I need more sleep, but I need to do laundry!
Christmas PJS couldn't wait until Christmas Eve to wear

 10.  I felt The Lord guiding me the most this week when...
      When I went to Oshawa with Sister Wanlass! She is awesome! I told her on Wednesday that we needed to go get windshield wipers! It took us an hour and a half to find a place that would take and we talked to so many people we would have met other wise! Ahh soo good!

 Rapid Fire

 1.  I had the most fun this week when...
     We had the Ward Christmas Party! The missionaries had to do a skit and we had to many visitors so we didn't want to give a wrong impression so I was dibbsed the Mother and Elder Call the father!! Super weird and he called me Honey!!! AHHH!! Quiet mental breakdown! Ha ha ha!!

 2.  I feel closet to The Lord when...
      I do personal study every morning!!

 3.  I felt the Spirit swell within me when...
      When people I have never met, say something that I really needed to hear!

 4.  I was so excited when...
      We got to help set up the Christmas party!

 5.  My most humbling moment of the week was when..
      During our Zone council! We the missionaries were kinda arguing about a goal we wanted to achieve and Elder Dearden (who looks like Larry and Read) quietly interrupted and said we need to stop and pray because we need God to help us with our goals! And then afterward I had an overwhelming feeling of 5 and It turns out that It wasn't just me! God works in mysterious ways!

 6.  My favorite SERVICE opportunity happened when..
     We got to help the Ward set up for the Christmas Party! It was so happy and we got soo much done! I loved it so much! You could feel the love and kindness everyone had for one another!

 7.  I couldn't believe it when...
      We went to CHINATOWN!!!! for preparation day last week!
Picture in Chinatown on P-Day
Hello Kitty Glasses

 8.  I love learning new things everyday.  Today's "new thing" was...
     My jeep is doing great!!!  ;)

 9.  If I were granted one wish, I would want it to be...
      To have a car, so we can visit all of the Less-actives this month!

 10.  I love serving a mission because....
     Because I see miracles everyday! I love meeting new people everyday! THIS IS THE BEST FULL TIME JOB EVER!!!!

Merry Christmas from our Zone 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 20: Operation Ghost Melon

Happy December 1st!!!!!!!

Ok question time:

1.  Update on current investigators?  Any new ones?​
   Jeanette-- is doing so well! She is so excited to be baptized on the 14th! She has her interview this week! We are so excited and happy for her!

    Sabrina-- Even though she is YSA she texts us all the time! We love her so much! She texts us yesterday and tells us she is being baptized on Sunday December 7th! AHHHH!!!

2.  How are your SOEs coming? What are your goals this week?
    Standards of Excellence is out the window for now! We met with President Clayton this week and he said out of 25,000 Members in Ontario, only about 8,000 of them have been to church within the last quarter! He told us we need to work more with members, less actives, and recent converts! Then that will open doors to new people! He also said we will be staying longer in areas with our companions!

3.  What are some Christmas traditions that people do in Canada?  
    Well they do a Christmas Musical Fireside every year! Then the 1st presidency Christmas conference as a stake! But other than that I have no idea!

4.  Favorite Companionship study this week?
    Today! I played doctor because Sister Lundin had a piece of glass stuck in her foot and she couldn't get it out! So I did! Thank heavens for everything I am trained in!!

5.  The funniest thing (spare not details) that happened this week.
     So at our Zone Conference with 4 other zones President and Sister Clayton called on a random missionary to come role play with them! She was the primary president and they were telling her that a way she can get more people to church is by watching Meet the Mormons! and she asks well what's it about, they said they don't know they haven't seen it but it is good she should go and watch it, she asks why, Sister Clayton says Pause, what is wrong with this picture? We say we haven't seen it so how can we promote it! President Clayton turns to us and says well now you can because her it is! WE WATCHED MEET THE MORMONS IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!
6.  The most challenging thing this week.
      Preparing for a talk I had to give in sacrament! I prayed all week to know what I should speak about! But nothing came! I was stressed all week! AHH!

7.  What did you do to overcome that challenge?
     I took Sister Lundin's Farewell talk and updated it and changed it a little! It was pretty good!

8.  I felt the spirit the strongest this week when...
    We were at Zone Conference and I got to see so many people that I knew or came out with! Like Elder Butler, Sister Rasmussen, Sister Duran.....

9.  Now that it is getting cold--how do you do tracting?
     We aren't doing as much tracting any more because we trying to visit ALL of the Member in the ward before the 21st! which is 800+ people!!!

10.  Tell me about something you learned about Yourself this week?
     I Love serving people! I Especially love helping members spread the gospel to their friends!

Rapid Fire:

1.  Strangest thing you ate this week?
     Well it isn't the strangest thing I ate this week but the strangest place was that we quickly stopped at a bus stop to eat meatloaf!

2.  Favorite sight seeing moment (what you get to look at each day)
    Sister Lundin, running around the house like a maniac!

3.  I laughed so hard when...
     Oh there was a Hindu guy that we met at Mr. Sub and Sister Lundin said hi to him and then ask what his favorite sandwich to get was! He said the Veggie Sub and asked her what hers was! She said (without thinking) The meatball sub! He then asked if that was beef and we said yes! Then he looked away slowly! Then after he ordered he asked if he could sit with us! It turned out some sister missionaries visited his mom when she was sick! And then asked if he could take us for dinner sometime soon!

4.  I am happiest when..
     Get to sit down and have lunch!

5.  I couldn't believe it when..
     Sister Lundin Scheduled a Phillipino dinner on the only day I wont be here this week! I hope she eats ballut!!!

6.  Something that touched my heart immensely this week was...
     Doing service for people in my ward!

7.  My favorite scripture this week is...
     Alma 48: 11-14 Qualities of Moroni
     Alma 54 because it was the weirdest trash talk!

8.  My favorite part of the teaching process is...
     Teaching them about Prayer! and to help them keep commitments!

9.  I am learning new things everyday.   Today's new things was...
      That glass in a foot is hard to get out when you are looking for a sliver of wood!

10.  I felt so blessed this week when..
     Actually when President Clayton changed the focus of the mission not to bring in new people but to strengthen the ward which will in turn bring in new people who will stay because of the strength of the ward!