Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 24: TRANSFERS!!

So last night was transfer calls! It turns out that I am closing another Area! Sister Lundin is going to the small town of Brockville and I will be going to Brampton! (Where the STL's, AP's and mission president are)

For now Question Time

1.  Update on investigators, reactivation, new member discussions?
      Jeanette-- Is doing soo good! She is still in Maryland being taught by Elders and she gets back January 5th.
       Makida-- is out of town for this week!

 2.  What has your mission president been doing to inspire the mission?
 What do you love about your mission president?
       So the majority of the focus is on Member Work! It has really been inspired! We get to know the members more, we serve them more, they in turn help us teach and feed us and give us referrals! It is amazing to see how actually working directly with members really affects missionary work for the better!
        President Clayton is completely and utterly inspired! He is so loving and cares about every single missionary and knows them all by name!

 3.  When was the last time you saw an answer to prayer?
        Last night before transfer calls we said a prayer because we were kinda freaking out a little and it was for comfort and peace for what ever happened, and we have been feeling it ever since.

 4.  What has been your favorite Pday activity so far?  What are you
doing for PDay today? How and where do you do laundry?  Have you
washed your sheets lately?

Sister Stuart, Taylor, Lundin and Mass

       Favorite.... I loved Room Escape and serious Zone Sports when everyone plays together! Today we are doing sports, and packing our whole entire apartment up!
Christmas on the Subway

 5.  What are some of the local sayings and interesting things people
say in your area?
      Did you get some Poutine?
      Just Jokes
      Knock wood
      Well just some of those are said! ha ha ha well there are so many more but it is usually different for EVERY CULTURE! Which we do have EVERY CULTURE here in the GTA!! Not even kidding!

 6.  Who has been your favorite person you contacted this week?
       Ahh man! That is so hard! There was one that came up and asked if I was a cop and then told me everything that he has done and everything he is worried about! Then there was one who told me he would come to church and bring friends he even asked for extra cards he could hand out! Then the lady who was falling asleep while we were talking on the subway!

 7.  Do you have a goal set for this week?  What is it.
       Yes! To Get to know members, Because we are white washing in! Then to have an awesome revelatory planning session when we arrive!

 8.  Favorite scripture this week?
        Alma 14:26

 9.  Favorite moment this week?
        There were so many!
         Skyping with family!
         5 Chrismas meal appointments and going to the last one and not being able to eat hardly anything because our stomachs hurt sooooo bad!
         Oh my goodness we went to a Pilipino Christmas party and took a picture with all the missionaries and as they took the picture Elder Gullart popped a balloon on Elder Gunnell's head! Funniest picture ever! it is on FACEBOOK!

Christmas 2014

          At the same party about 5 minutes before they wanted us to they asked us to perform so we sang the song from Lion King that goes like " in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight." Oh, don't worry we got permission to do from our zone leader. Oh my goodness it was sooo funny!  Elder Gunnell and I sang the Melody and we sang the super high high notes! When we were practicing he hit a super high note and then said I have to hit higher than that! and there was no way in the universe that I could hit higher than that note! We just laughed and laughed!

 10.  How was your walk with the Savior this week?
         Absolutely wonderful! I can't even begin to explain the miracles I have seen this week! He is Wonderful!

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