Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Guy on Subway wants to know why their are so Happy?

Christmas was a bit different this year with both Riley and Toni gone.   We were able to talk to Sister Riley earlier today and then Sister Toni this afternoon.   She was going to call at 300 and when it kept getting later and later, not sure she was going to call.    Her friend Christina and Jacoy were able to talk with her also.

Making faces 

She finally called and I thought I had my emotions under control after talking with Riley, but it was a second after hearing her voice, I lost it again.   It was bitter sweet to be able to hear and see her face at the same time.  

I loved this Christmas present and was so excited to spend even just an hour with her.

The hardest part was saying goodbye again.   I wouldn't want either of them any other place-the greatest gift they can give is to bring others unto Christ.

Christina and Sister Stuart

Sister Stuart and Sister Lundin

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