Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 2 in Canada! To Hula or not to Hula!

So this week we got 2 calls from our mission president! and we missed them both because we were in a lesson! They told us how much they loved us and hoped we were doing well! Then on Tuesday they call us again and this time we were in a middle of a service project! So we pick up and it is Sister Clayton.  They are in town and want to see us! So we hurry and get dressed in this member's house and then book it to the place down town! It was sister Clayton! She said is there anyone we could go and teach? We said well we have to drop by this house and give a Book of Mormon to this family! She said great that sounds like a plan! So we went and dropped the book off and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ Lesson! It was wonderful!

How was sports with the Zone?  
It was sooo much fun! I loved it we played Ultimate Frisbee!
What song did you and your companion sing in church?  
We sang a song that a pianist in the ward wrote it is absolutely amazing! It is about the Book of Mormon heroes and how we should follow their example and hold fast to our faith!

She got our little card we sent to her so that she would have some physical mail.  She loves mail.   

Her first Physical Letter from Home!  She loves letters so keep them coming!

So we were talking about if she picked up some of the things we had on her list to get when she got there.   She said some of them are hard to find in the grocery stores but they have WALMART!! So they were headed there today.   


1.  Any new investigators?
    Derek we taught for the first time yesterday! The spirit was so strong and all we did was testify and tell our experience on how we chose this church for ourselves! I loved it! and he did as well!
2.  Update on how your discussion on the plan of salvation with the mother and daughter went (I don't know their first names)
     Ruta and Sojata! are doing well, they are reading the Book of Mormon and praying hard about it! We will meet with them again this week and possible teach the father as well!

3. Update on Aaron and your lesson on restoration?
       There is Aaron.  He has a baptismal date! and we just need him to understand it is ok to make mistakes because that is what we are here on Earth to do! To be cleansed of those sins we need to ask for forgiveness and be baptized!! He is loving it! He wants to know if this is true! He says we are close friends and even invited us to a movie with him and his daughter!  

Sister Stuart and I were emailing back and forth and we were talking about Aaron.   She said that he has some tough decisions to choose.  We talked about praying for him to find the answers he is looking for.  So in your prayers this week, please remember Aaron.   

4.  Update on the new member discussions for Monique and Ruben. I read on a sister blog that was with Sister Duran before you that Ruben is 14 and wants to go on a mission??
       Monique actually came and taught with us to Derek! They are soaking up the lessons again and again! Yes Ruben is 14 and does want to go on a mission!

5.  What is a Dot Map?
      A Dot Map is a Map that tells you where your formers are, active members, and less- active members are!

6. How are you holding up in the weather?
      There is so much rain! I love it!!!! Plus it is warm still but not overly hot!!

7.  How did your Ward Culture night go?  Eat anything weird?
       Oh my gosh! It was so perfect! We picked up 2 potentials! and no not really I made funeral potatoes and everyone was super excited! They loved them! It is a Utah thing, they all said!!!

8.  Favorite scripture of the week?
      D&C 100:5-8

9.  Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details?)
     Well at the culture night they were doing the Hula and they came and grabbed people! and the bishop's daughter grabbed me and dragged me to the stage to dance! And as we know missionaries are not suppose to dance! I was freaking out, my companion was freaking out, the 3rd ward elders, the 2nd ward sisters, the zone leaders were all freaking out!!!! and my companion opened the side door and came and grabbed me! Scariest and funniest moment of the week!

10.  Most spiritual moment of the week?
      I don't know we have felt the spirit a lot! But if I had to choose! I would have to say Thursday! We met with Aaron and all we did was listen and testify and taught him the fundamentals of the gospel! He opened up about EVERYTHING!!! It was a good experience for us to know what is going on and as well as getting it off his chest! and then we Visited a less active member she is 17 her name is Jackie! She is so cute! She fell off the path for a while and really wants to come back to church but doesn't feel like diving in head first is the right thing! We told her that we would go to Young Womens with her and she Accepted I was on a spiritual high that day! LISTENING IS KEY!!!!

Rapid Fire Questions

1.  I know my Heavenly Father loves me because....
     He shows me miracles and lets me be apart of them as well.

2.  Something new I learned about Sister Duran is....
     She loves cooking! She makes the best Filipino food! and She loves popcorn with a passion!

3.  When I walk out the front door of my building each morning, I see....
     A Forest! London is known as the "GREEN CITY" there are so many trees and plants it is beautiful!  The cities and streets are all modeled after England and Europe.  

Sister Stuart likes to rub in that she is trying things from England that she knows her momma misses.  She asked me "Guess what???" Then she proceeds to tell me they have Crunchies here (this is a honeycomb covered in the most delicious milk chocolate.  Usually in a candy bar, but no they are snack size in a bag and Oh she loves them.    

4.  This morning's personal scripture study focus was...
    Miracles and scripture mastery! and the Holy Ghost and how to distinguish it.

Sister Stuart told me that part of a letter to the Mission President she wrote:  I am loving the Miracles we see everyday! In the MTC they said to expect miracle! And I do everyday, I pray for them and expect them!  I try to find them and work for them because miracles aren't just going to show up.  You need to have faith, pray for them, and work for them! This is a goal I made before I came to the mission! To Expect them, and be apart of them, cherish each one and write them down.  

Needless to say, this made this momma so proud of her daugther and so blessed to see how grown up she really is and that she recognizes miracles are all around her everday.  

5.  The Spirit was so strong as...
    We listen to what people have to say and testifying of the truth!

6.  The one thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is...
     The Standards of excellence our mission president set! We just needed one more baptismal date and one more investigator at church! :(

7.  If I had one wish, then it would be....
     To find the Elect! To know who is ready to hear the True Gospel of Jesus Christ!

8.  My testimony was stregthened when...
     I am rejected again and again like the prophets of old! It makes me stronger emotionally and Spiritually as well!

9.  I couldn't believe it when....
     My Zone leaders called us to tell us we were moving to a different district in Winser? (2 hours away) and then  they told us just to the other district in our area!

So Sister Stuart said the elders in her ward are the district leaders so they are in their district now.  She is now serving with Sister Simons and Sister Robb (MTC sister) 

10.  My favorite "finding" happened...
     We had 2 people this week tell us that we are Satanic and He doesn't blame us because we are Brainwashed! and don't worry we are just zombies and when we finally come to the truth of all things we would surely live and see the light! STRANGE!!!

What is your Missionary Invitation for us all?
      FUTURE MISSIONARIES- make bullet points for the 1st three lessons (in PMG chapter 3)- it will surely help you in the long run and it will be easier if you find some scriptures that support the things you write down!

      EVERYONE-- John3:16-17 and write down what this means to you and set a goal on how you can show your love back to him and hang it where you can always see it!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Canadian Money Smells Like Maple Syrup!

Toronto Temple (the Church is across the street)

Toronto Skyline
 I think for right now Mondays will become my favorite day of the week!!!   Sister Stuart's P-days are Mondays and I was able to email back and forth with her this morning for a bit.   It was great, nothing like 8:00 ish (our time, I think 10 there) she is asking me for a funeral potatoes recipe.  Glad she is willing to cook.

Every week on Sundays I write her a letter with different questions to encourage a more interactive email, then things are good.   So if you ever wonder where the questions come from, this crazy mom, if you have any certain one you want me to ask, let me know.

She goes to the church to type at least this email home.   She is in London, Ontario.

So her email was this:


1. What are your plans for the remainder of this P-Day?

Sports time with the zone at 3 then I have to teach at 6:30.  

2. Tell ALL about your companion

Sister Duran (Diana Faith)- she is from the Phillipines.  She has an amazing voice, she is an amazing teacher! She is super patient. English is her 4th language! She is amazing!  She is the oldest of 4 she is 21 and it goes her, sister, brother, brother, it was meant to be!

3. How are you two getting along? What are you living in?

We love each other it is amazing how well we get along.   

4. What was the best part of your first week in the field?

I love teaching and smiling so much!

5. What were your thoughts/feelings as you met your Mission President and his wife?

They are literally the sweetest couple in the world! They love each other so much and they have experienced so much together! They are super strong spiritually as well.  

6. Did you sleep your first night at the mission home or head right to London?

I actually didn't sleep in the mission home we slept in a hotel and it was lousy.  Plus I didn't sleep on the plan and the first night here in London I slept like a rock!

7. Are you teaching anyone?

We are trying to find new investigators, but ya we are teaching a mother and daughter about the plan of salvation, and Aaron (a former Investigator) about the restoration.  We also got to teach Monique and Ruben (new members) about the restoration again.  

8. How do you make contacts? (tracting, referrals, etc)

We look at our dot map, tract and look at formers.

9. Tell us about your ward/branch?

It is pretty small right now because everyone is on vacation.  But they are so nice! They asked me to say the closing prayer in sacrament and tell a little bit about me and bear my testimony, then me and Sister Duran sang in Relief Society. 

10.  What was the worst part of your week?

We had two people call us satanic in 24 hours and were bashing on us hard.  The Spirit pretty much left the area.  

11. Is being on a mission what you thought it would be like? Easier or harder?

No right now it is easier than I expected but I know it will get harder!

12.  What else can you tell me?

I know I fit in with Canada!  It is absolutely beautiful in London! It is so green and a lot of people drive Jeeps, oh and Dodges.!! I also have to drive everywhere because my companion doesn't have a license.  I am driving a 2014 Subaru.  Also they have a whole bunch of stop lights. ( I told Sister Stuart to drive safe and to keep a lot of distance between her and the next car--of course Mom, I'm doing that was her reply)

We  have a ward culture night on Saturday! Oh and there are so many cultures and languages and religions here it is amazing!  I have learned a lot about just a couple! They have an accent, I will probably come home with one!


1.  I wish I had...

an auxillary cord and a helmet camera

2.  Strangest thing I have eaten so far?

She first said maple syrup on fruit.  Then emailed that the weirdest thing was a homemade pizza with a tortilla, fry sauce, hamburger, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes.  I will send a picture later.   

3. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and do...

Everything all over again.

4. Did you get your package? And?

Yes it was so cute! My companion really wants me to make the green jello now.   

Love you all and take care, write me or email me.  Both my addresses are on the blog, including my current address, where you can send me written letters is 585 Proudfoot Lane #1303 London, ON N6H 4R6 Canada,  but you can always email me at and I will see them each P-Day.

Sister Duran (Trainer) view from Home

Toronto Group in Airport
Toronto Group at Airport

Arriving in Toronto

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Letters from the MTC After the Fact

July 16, 2014

Sister Stuart wrote several letters while at the MTC to send home, however did not send them until the just before she was leaving.   So we got an envelope of letters that she wrote on the same day we heard from the Mission President.   Tender Mercies 1 Nephi 1: 20 

As I was reading them, of course I cried, what mom wouldn't after seeing the growth in their child in such a short period of time.    

I wanted to share some of her thoughts from the letters:

--We say more prayers within the last 6 days than I have in 2 weeks!
--Mom 90% of the day I have my badge on and the other 10% I am sleeping!
--So you know that experience I mailed everyone about? The one about having a question and then read 1 Nephi 1?  Well my questions were--
      1. Would I touch people's lives and make a difference?
      2. What do I need to do to get those 5 minutes?
Brother Ferguson (her teacher) is so spiritually in tune that I have no idea how he knew my questions.  He said read verse ___ and I did and he asked me what it meant! He told me that if I pray for others with ALL my heart and serve them, I will receive anything I wanted.  He said that me figuring out that now will make be the best kind of missionary.  It is amazing that having questions and going to the scriptures, you can find the answers.
--I was reminded to be still and know that He is there and that people on the other side of the veil are helping me! That after the trial of your faith (Ether 12:6).  And this trial is not the last and many more will come.  Heavenly Father may not take my trials from me but he will be there through them all. 

As her mom and reading some of her experiences teaching, I know that she has been prepared to share this gospel.  I know that she got a lot of help from family, friends, teachers, YW leaders, and preparing herself, that she will be an instrument in the hands of our Savior.  So proud of her. 

Word from the Mission Home She Had Arrived

July 16 2014

Even though we knew that Sister Stuart had arrived safely in Toronto on the 14th, it was great to finally see and hear that she was there from the Mission President.   We received a letter and some pictures of her.   How great it was to have some peace.  Also to get so excited because I knew she would have many amazing things to come.    Some words from the President Clayton, her mission President in the letter we received:

We are grateful to receive your daughter, Sister Toni Stuart as a new missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission.  We are including a picture that we took with her when she arrived.  Her testimony and enthusiasm for the work are evident.  As her mission president and wife, we thank you for the sacrifice that was made to prepare her to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  As parents who have sent children on missions, we recognize the feelings involved in sending a son or daughter on a full-time mission for the Lord.

A dedicated service to the Lord brings many blessings to many people.  As a full-time servant of the Lord, Sister Stuart will be blessed with a greater knowledge of the gospel, as well as a stronger testimony.  She will touch the hearts of many people, and those whom she will teach will be able to change their lives as they receive the peace and knowledge that comes through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost.  King Mosiah related the comforting message from the Lord that he received when he inquired about sending his sons into the service of the Lord:  “Let them go up, for many shall believe on their words, and they shall have eternal life.” (Mosiah 28:7)  The Lord relates in Doctrine and Covenants 84:80-85 that His Elders and Sisters will be well taken care of.  It requires a lot of faith, but we know that the Lord is watching over all of us.

After prayerful consideration, Sister Duran, one of the outstanding missionaries in the mission has been called to be your daughter’s first companion and trainer.  Sister Stuart’s current address is:

585 Proudfoot Lane #1303
London, ON N6H 4R6

We are sure that Sister Stuart will love her mission as she stays dedicated and focused on the Lord’s work.  We promise to love and care for her.  We testify of the truthfulness of this marvellous work of bringing souls to a knowledge of the Savior.

Serving a full time mission can be the most significant and rewarding experience in a young person’s life.  It is rigorous and challenging and requires great spiritual focus.  Successful and happy missionaries abide by a strict code of conduct and obedience. Thank you for supporting and sustaining your missionary in this great work.

Once again, we thank you for the faith you have shown to the Lord and the sacrifices that you are making.  We feel it a great privilege and responsibility to care for your missionary while she serves the Lord and pray daily for her happiness, well being, and success.

We know that Sister Stuart will be taken care of by this amazing mission president.  We know that she will be able to touch so many lives, lives that have been waiting for her, this does bring us comfort.    

Saturday, July 12, 2014

MTC 2nd Week-Getting ready to head to Toronto!

July 12, 2014

So it turns out I leave Monday morning at 3:30! It is going great!!! So our TRC investigator didn't show up twice this week! So we didnt really teach that much, but we did teach our progressing investigator it was amazing the spiritual things in those meetings! I am so lucky to have the district and teachers I have had! Today was my last round of classes! Sad day!!!!

Tuesday night devotional guess who spoke?!?! Bet you cant!!! Neil L. Anderson! It was so amazing! He spoke of a mighty change of heart! and the Qualities of the Savior! Faith overcoming doubt! and Sister Anderson said that we always have a member of the Godhead with us( the holy ghost).

When the 16 new missionaries came on Wednesday to our zone we decided to write a song to the music of Popcorn popping! It goes something like this:

"I looked out the window and what did I see..
16 new missionaries.
You came in the building looking all confused
Don't you worry we'll take care of you.
Preach my gospel will be your aid
The doughnuts look really great, beware the scrambled eggs
Love your zone and your companion too"

The major quotes for this week include:
"The Book of Mormon is worthless unless we use it to receive Revelation and come unto Christ"

"Baptism is just water without faith and repentance"

"Repentance is change not baptism"

"Keep it simple the devil loves complexity" Elder Ballard

Also I love the Mormon message "Lifting burdens".  It was absolutely amazing!! I have memorized so many scriptures now!! Also look up the artist Simon Dewey, he is amazing, the pictures at the MTC are so real and beautiful! I love them!

We had a devotional by Josh Wright, a pianist, he was amazing, but also overwhelming!

On top of the bronchitis, I now have a cold.  

Sorry it is short! If I get another chance I will email again.  

"There are souls to save and miracles to find"

Love you all, 

Sister Stuart

2 Districts with Brother Lester (both districts part of the 30 going to Toronto)

My District with Brother Ferguson

My District with Brother Roberts on left and Brother Buahin in the middle

Monday, July 7, 2014

MTC 1st Week (It was Amazing)

MTC Week 1 (July 7, 2014)

The MTC is absolutely amazing! Words cannot describe how much I love the MTC! Guess what?!?!?!

 I am learning so much! Mom I have memorized the missionary purpose, D&C 4, and JS first vision!

It is outstanding here! The spirit is so strong! Oh and Guess what else?!?! I just got called as a senior

companion! The teachers are amazing! And they are so inspired! When I go into a room with my district

and zone it is amazing the strength and confidence I have had! I am so excited for the things to come! I

am so happy, Sister Vance is so happy; literally the whole MTC is happy! Everyone is so friendly; I wish

the world was like this! I am Learning so much!

I love you all so much!

Fast Sunday was so good I loved it! It is officially my first P-day as you can tell!

So family and friends want to know.....

1. Tell us about Sister Vance and your district and Zone.

 My Companion is Sister Vance!!!!! Oh my gosh she is absolutely amazing! She is so cute! She is from

Las Vegas! She is so sweet! She is always singing and always happy!! She is like an extended sister! We

have so much in common and she thinks Pearl Harbor is the most underrated movie of all time! She has

also watched Tin Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and she is in love with music!

 Oh my district is so great I have 4 elders and then there is 4 sisters including me! So look at pictures

from Sister Rasmussan, Sister Rees, and Sister Vance! The two sets of Elders! Elder Steed and Elder

Butler and Elder Landes and Elder Turner! They are all 18 except for one!

 In my Zone, 6 of them are leaving tomorrow to Arcadia California and the rest are going to Toronto!

This includes Sisters Rasmussen and Rees, Sister Talyor and Simon, Sister Pottekur and Barton and

Elder Butler and Steed, Elder Landes and Turner, Elder Pomford and Forsyth, Elder Thurgood and

Johnson. These people are the best and funniest people I know! We tease and treat each other like we

have known each other for forever! It is amazing how much we can know someone without even trying or

really even knowing them!

2. What are you learning about?

 I am learning about everything from Joseph Smith to the restoration to the plan of Happiness and how

to bring in the gospel while trying to get to know them!

3. What are your plans for the remainder of P-Day?

 I am going to play Volleyball and kill the Elders again! And then since the temple is closed we are going

to study for the investigator we teach tonight!

4. If you had 3 extra hours each day, how would you fill them?

 I would sleep for an hour and companion study and practice teaching!

5. Besides the people and missionary work, what do you like most about the 


 That is a little hard! The Food is absolutely delicious! But the way you see yourself, your companion,

your district, and your zone grow spiritually, mentally, and socially is absolutely amazing! We are still

getting to know them but they are so great and funny!

6. What was your favorite thing that happened at Church yesterday?

 Well I loved meeting with my whole zone! They are so great! The ones who came in last week are

spiritual giants compared to us!! They are so amazing! We also had a fast and testimony meeting! I did

bare my testimony on the priesthood power! It is so true I feel so much better since before I came in!

7. Do you know anything about the plans to Canada yet?

 I do!! I got my travel itinerary! We have to be at the travel office Tuesday morning at 3:30! I am flying to

Toronto with 30 other Elders and Sisters! Including all of the foreign ones! There are so many!!! I am so


 We also had a teacher from Toronto come to talk to us about all the questions we had, it was very eye


8. Do you need anything sent, etc, wish you had, forgot etc?

 I don't think I need anything quite yet! Except for a sd card converter to a usb port.

Finish the sentence: (Rapid fire)

1. My favorite study session centered on....

 On Joseph Smith's first vision! When Sister Vance and I taught our teacher about the restoration! I

recited it from memory almost perfectly and I started to tear up it was so spiritually uplifting to know that

the story is real and that he is a true prophet of God!

2. Something new I learned about Sister Vance...

 Most of her siblings are red headed and her favorite brother is on a mission right now as well!

3. I couldn't believe it when...

 When we were challenged to write any question we had and then read 1 Nephi 1 and then ponder

after each verse to think about our question! and one of my teachers then came up to Sister Vance and

I and told me do you understand what that verse meant? and he explained it to the "t" and he is was so

spiritually in tune with me that he answered an extremely personal question for me!

4. My favorite counsel this week was..

 That without Christ we can do nothing!

5. What would you consider you most profound moment of the week...

 I don't know the way all of our teachers are super spiritually in tune!

6. Did you know that...

 None of these computers like to download pictures!!!

7. My favorite thing to eat is....

 Oh they have the best cereal selection ever and it is open all day everyday! and then they have Ice

cream coolers but on Sunday and Wednesday they have BYU ice cream it is absolutely delicious! You

have to try Graham Canyon!

8. I am so grateful for (5 things) this week

 I am grateful that God knew that I needed to be with Sister Vance.

 I am grateful for every single one of my teachers.

 I am grateful that I get to know everyone in my zone personally and that I will be serving with every

single one of them.

 I am so grateful to be here at the MTC to learn everything I need to teach the people who are ready to

hear the gospel in Toronto.

 I am so grateful to know that all things are possible through God and Jesus Christ

Elders in her District
Elder Turner, Steed, Landes, and Butler

Most of her Zone
Elders: Landes, Turner, Butler, Steed, Pomford, Forsyth, Johnson & Thurgood
Sisters: Stuart, Vance, Rees, Rasmussen, Taylor, Simon, Barton & Poettcker

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hello from the MTC

This was a sweet Tender Mercy to hear from her so soon! I had been thinking about her all day and was patiently waiting for a week or so to first hear from her.  

Hey! Mom and dad! I am doing just fine! The MTC is absolutely amazing! Words cannot describe how much I love the MTC! Guess what ?!?!?! My Companion is Sister Vance!!!!! Oh my gosh she is absolutely amazing! She is so cute! She is from Las Vegas! She is so sweet! I am learning so much! Mom I have memorized the missionary purpose, D&C 4, and JS first vision! It is outstanding here! The spirit is so strong! Oh and Guess what else?!?! I just got called as a senior companion! Oh my district is so great, I have 4 elders and then there is 4 sisters including me! So look at pictures form Sister Rasmussan, Sister Rees, and Sister Vance! The two sets of Elders in my district got callings as well! They are all 18 except for one! The teachers are amazing! and they are so inspired! When I go into a room with my district and zone it is amazing the strength and confidence I have had! I am so excited for the things to come! Oh my gosh! So I walk all over the place and so I am always hungry! (the food here is absolutely amazing) I don't know how I am going to survive fast Sunday! I am so  happy.  Sister Vance is so happy, literally the whole MTC is happy! Everyone is so friendly, I wish the world was like this! I am learning so much! I love you all so much! Share this with whoever you want, I will be sending a similar one on Monday! Also I am sorry this computer won't upload pictures for some reason!  Love you lots!!! 

(Will have to post pictures later if she gets them uploaded)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Going to the MTC

Well today, we dropped Sister Toni Stuart off at the MTC.  Craig cooked us breakfast and we were able to spend some time together around the table.  Toni had a few people she wanted to say see you soon to, so because I was her first companion, I went with her this morning.  It was good to see her grandparents again and Toni, even took a minute to show her grandma how to send her an email to the MTC.  

Then off to the MTC, some laughter and tears (mostly mom's) we were on our way.  Last meal......Taco Bell Bean Burrito (yummy).  

We went to the field between the temple and the MTC and just were together.   She played frisbee with Braxton.   Her friend, Hillary, who is also going to the same mission was there with her family, so we took a quick photo.   Toni was calm and just smiling from ear to ear.   She is so strong and tough, I guess when you know what you doing is right, it makes it easier.   We were able to have some hugs as a family, I was able to braid her hair, and than we were able to have a family prayer.   Oh how you relish the little things.  
Sister Lundin and Sister Stuart

Driving into the MTC, it is a well oiled machine.  Seeing the other missionaries, both arriving and assisting, you just knew this was where she was meant to be.  We get out of the truck and cute, little Sister Peck, was greeting us and being so nice and reassuring us that she would be taken care of and would be great.   Hugged her one more time and she was all smiles and off they went.  
Sister Peck and Sister Stuart Arriving at the MTC

I sobbed for a while, ok, alot, but she was where she is suppose to be and we went for a drive through the Alpine loop.   It was calming and I was able to sleep a bit, something I had been missing these last few weeks.  

Home we are now, and I see the jeep and cry again, I'm sure there will be no drought at our house for awhile.

I will be trying very hard to use this blog and post her letters and pictures as she sends them to me.   Until the first email or letter from her, I will wait patiently, maybe not too patiently.  

You can write her in the MTC, address is on the blog, you can also email her at with the MTC address and she will get that every night.  

Onward and Upward.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Getting set apart and Eating Cake

Toni was set apart tonight as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The day before Toni went to the doctors and was diagnoised with bronchitis.  Needless to say, as a mom you don't want to send you baby off sick and really want to be with her to help her through it.  We knew that was not going to happen.   

Toni was set apart by President Miller, President Seegmiller, Bishop Watkins, her dad, Craig, Grandpa Younger, and Uncle Larry.   It was a beautiful blessing that promised her that she would immediately begin to heal.   Truly a comfort to this mom and a tender mercy that Our Savior knows her and her needs.   

I than had the fun opportunity to be her substitute companion for the 1st night, it was just fun.   Spent the rest of the night eating cake and visiting with family and friends.   

It was Canada Day today, kind of like the Fourth of July here, so it was wonderful that she was being set apart for her mission to Canada on Canada Day.   Toni's mission has been what we call a Holiday Mission--her call on Valentines Day, the temple, day before Mother's day, and the MTC just before the 4th of July.   I hope that she will have many opportunities in her mission to celebrate things.  

Bishop Watkins, Sister Stuart, President Miller and President Seegmiller
Canada Jeep CAKE for Toni's Farewell
Mom (1st) and Sister Stuart
Miki and Toni

Many are Called but Few are Sisters

Toni went to SLC to temple square and met with some sisters that she is about to serve with tomorrow as well as sisters that are headed to her mission in a few months.   

Toni was able to spend time with Ashley who leaves next week to Mexico MTC and then to Tampa Florida.  

She is so happy and so excited!

She Loves the People in Canada Already!

Toni, Sister Kennedy Robb, Sister Samantha Reeves, and Sister Karli Lapoint

Sister Ashley Taylor

Boom, Bam, Fire Power Sister Stuart