Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Getting set apart and Eating Cake

Toni was set apart tonight as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The day before Toni went to the doctors and was diagnoised with bronchitis.  Needless to say, as a mom you don't want to send you baby off sick and really want to be with her to help her through it.  We knew that was not going to happen.   

Toni was set apart by President Miller, President Seegmiller, Bishop Watkins, her dad, Craig, Grandpa Younger, and Uncle Larry.   It was a beautiful blessing that promised her that she would immediately begin to heal.   Truly a comfort to this mom and a tender mercy that Our Savior knows her and her needs.   

I than had the fun opportunity to be her substitute companion for the 1st night, it was just fun.   Spent the rest of the night eating cake and visiting with family and friends.   

It was Canada Day today, kind of like the Fourth of July here, so it was wonderful that she was being set apart for her mission to Canada on Canada Day.   Toni's mission has been what we call a Holiday Mission--her call on Valentines Day, the temple, day before Mother's day, and the MTC just before the 4th of July.   I hope that she will have many opportunities in her mission to celebrate things.  

Bishop Watkins, Sister Stuart, President Miller and President Seegmiller
Canada Jeep CAKE for Toni's Farewell
Mom (1st) and Sister Stuart
Miki and Toni

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