Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Letters from the MTC After the Fact

July 16, 2014

Sister Stuart wrote several letters while at the MTC to send home, however did not send them until the just before she was leaving.   So we got an envelope of letters that she wrote on the same day we heard from the Mission President.   Tender Mercies 1 Nephi 1: 20 

As I was reading them, of course I cried, what mom wouldn't after seeing the growth in their child in such a short period of time.    

I wanted to share some of her thoughts from the letters:

--We say more prayers within the last 6 days than I have in 2 weeks!
--Mom 90% of the day I have my badge on and the other 10% I am sleeping!
--So you know that experience I mailed everyone about? The one about having a question and then read 1 Nephi 1?  Well my questions were--
      1. Would I touch people's lives and make a difference?
      2. What do I need to do to get those 5 minutes?
Brother Ferguson (her teacher) is so spiritually in tune that I have no idea how he knew my questions.  He said read verse ___ and I did and he asked me what it meant! He told me that if I pray for others with ALL my heart and serve them, I will receive anything I wanted.  He said that me figuring out that now will make be the best kind of missionary.  It is amazing that having questions and going to the scriptures, you can find the answers.
--I was reminded to be still and know that He is there and that people on the other side of the veil are helping me! That after the trial of your faith (Ether 12:6).  And this trial is not the last and many more will come.  Heavenly Father may not take my trials from me but he will be there through them all. 

As her mom and reading some of her experiences teaching, I know that she has been prepared to share this gospel.  I know that she got a lot of help from family, friends, teachers, YW leaders, and preparing herself, that she will be an instrument in the hands of our Savior.  So proud of her. 

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