Friday, July 4, 2014

Hello from the MTC

This was a sweet Tender Mercy to hear from her so soon! I had been thinking about her all day and was patiently waiting for a week or so to first hear from her.  

Hey! Mom and dad! I am doing just fine! The MTC is absolutely amazing! Words cannot describe how much I love the MTC! Guess what ?!?!?! My Companion is Sister Vance!!!!! Oh my gosh she is absolutely amazing! She is so cute! She is from Las Vegas! She is so sweet! I am learning so much! Mom I have memorized the missionary purpose, D&C 4, and JS first vision! It is outstanding here! The spirit is so strong! Oh and Guess what else?!?! I just got called as a senior companion! Oh my district is so great, I have 4 elders and then there is 4 sisters including me! So look at pictures form Sister Rasmussan, Sister Rees, and Sister Vance! The two sets of Elders in my district got callings as well! They are all 18 except for one! The teachers are amazing! and they are so inspired! When I go into a room with my district and zone it is amazing the strength and confidence I have had! I am so excited for the things to come! Oh my gosh! So I walk all over the place and so I am always hungry! (the food here is absolutely amazing) I don't know how I am going to survive fast Sunday! I am so  happy.  Sister Vance is so happy, literally the whole MTC is happy! Everyone is so friendly, I wish the world was like this! I am learning so much! I love you all so much! Share this with whoever you want, I will be sending a similar one on Monday! Also I am sorry this computer won't upload pictures for some reason!  Love you lots!!! 

(Will have to post pictures later if she gets them uploaded)

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