Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 15: Man Ananas Deust Daram

As you can see I am learning Farsi  (Underline means guttural sound)
   Man Ananas Deust Daram = I love Pineapple
   Salom - hello
   Halitoon Schutorra - How are you? (how's your health?)
   who baum - I'm good
   Hali whob - I'm very good
   Man Missionara haustam as ka lee saw yay e saw mass e mo ga da ah see nay achcorren zah man-- I am a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints!

1.  Updates on investigators.  Are you teaching any new investigators?
    Jeanette-- is doing wonderful! We love her so much! We are learning so much from her! She is giving up coffee and tea!! She is so willing to follow Jesus Christ, she is a true example.
     Lee-- is a less active. He is so funny. He has read the entire children's book of Mormon and it now going to start the actual book of Mormon!!

 2.  So now that you have settled in a bit in Don Valley, are you
helping with the ESL classes?  Do folks just walk in off the street?
Do you advertise?
     Well we were told that there are not as many students so we wont be helping out as much! But Since then we have helped more than we did before! So yes we help! Yes people tend to walk in off the street! and we pass out cards and hang up fliers EVERYWHERE we can!

 3. Favorite scripture of the week?
     Alma 19: 12-13
4. Most embarrassing moment of the week--spare no details?
5. How are things going with Sister Lundin? The rest of the district?
     Sister Lundin and I are still laughing A LOT! We are continually learning from each other! The rest of the district is good Elder Johnson is from Alberta. He is a missionary who was hit by a car almost 2 years ago on this same mission! and came back to finish his mission. He is serving now in the same area he was hit by a car in! He is so humble and so funny. His companion Elder Smith from Tremonton. This is his first Transfer! He is on fire! He is sooooo funny! He just barely turned 18!
     The Farsi Elders: Elder Gunnell is our District Leader! He is from Idaho. He just barely turned 19 and has been out for just over a year! He is sooo funny! He is super spiritual as well! He is soooo strange! He loves to act and sing and he is sooo in love with BYU. Elder call is 26 he has been out for almost 3 months! He is from Salt Lake! He is definitely one of my favorite people! Oh and He looks like superman no joke!!! No seriously I am not kidding! He is such a great guy and is funny as well! He also apparently traveled the world doing humanitarian work and playing soccer! He is absolutely amazing! I can't even comprehend it! Then they just got in a trio with Elder Whitney because his companion just went home. He is going home in March. He is like an old man trapped inside a 19 year body! But he is funny!

(Sister Stuart is embracing the different cultures in the food she is trying)

Persian Food (Steak Chicken and Tomatoes)

Pilipino Food


6. What is your favorite thing about Don Valley so far?
     Sister Lundin! But the Ward is great! They want to build the kingdom! (Sunny is a member in the ward and this is his Tiger, they had fun on Thanksgiving)

Sister Lundin and Sunny from the Ward

Sister Lundin and the Tiger

Sister Stuart and Sunny

Sister Stuart and the Tiger (Toni the Tiger)

7. Favorite companion bonding moment of the week?
     Homemade Cookie dough milkshakes.
     Oh and we constantly make faces at each other across the bus or the subway! It is so great it makes us really happy all the time!

 8. Now that you are in a new area--what is your favorite or most
successful method of contacting new investigators?
     I love contacting people on the Subway because it is short and sweet and to the point. It is really cool because it is the best way to find the people who the Lord has prepared!

 9. STRONGEST testimony-strengthening experience of the week..
     Having skills and interviews with the mission president this week! Oh and Stake Conference was SOO good! I loved it! It is everything we all needed to hear! (members, nonmembers, missionaries, less actives....)

 10. The "Most Unexpected Moment" I had this week was...
     Well one time when Sister Lundin and I were making faces at each other across the Subway this guy was looking at her and she was just laughing and smiling! So he asked her "why in the world she was so happy." She walked up to him and told him that she got to tell a girl about Jesus Christ and that she wants to come closer to him! And He said "Ya but Why are you so happy!" She said "Well I love Jesus Christ!" The Subway pings "Bayview, Bayview Station!" I walk up and give him our card and he says "what is this? I don't want this, I want your number!" I said "Well our number is on there and we have church on Sunday at ten at this address!" He said "Ok Sweet!"
      Later that night He texts us his facebook name and then texts us "oh ok cool se you later hun good nigh sweet dreams" Wait What??? AHHHH no good no good! Not contacted since!
Rapid Fire

1. I laughed so hard when...
      What didn't I laugh so hard at??? Sister Lundin is so funny!

 2. I feel closest to The Lord when...
     I get to study more about what he has done for me and how I can become more like him by working on having his attributes!

 3. I was really surprised to discover that Sister Lundin...
      her feet stink as bad as mine!

 4. The spirit was so strong as...
      When you are teaching and it doesn't just edify them but you as well! It is so great when you teach them what you need to hear as well!

 5. One way I feel blessed as a missionary is..
      You really see people change for the better! They are happier as they come closer to Christ! Oh and seeing people for who they truly are.... Children of God!

 6. My favorite service opportunity happened when...
     ESL again! We taught two ladies who knew ZERO English! It was so great!

 7. A goal I have for this upcoming week is...
     To Study Patience and Atonement!

 8. I couldn't believe it when..
      When you speak Farsi to Persian guys most of them ask you for your number!

 9. If I could describe today in THREE WORDS, they would be...
      Uneventful, tiring, and relaxing!

Sister Lundin sent me a picture of how they relax at the end of a hard day
Bowl of Ice Cream and trying not to fall asleep on the couch at the end of the day

Sunny a member in the ward sent me this quick clip on Wednesday 22nd of October.  I so needed to hear this and see this as we had just taken Riley to the MTC.  I feel so blessed to have two amazing daughters who are willing to serve the Lord and others.   

Man asheghe toe haustam --- I love you 


Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 14: Spirit, Floods and Janette !

Question Time:

1. Update on investigators, any new ones?
Janette- She was a referral! She now has a Baptismal Date for November 9th!!!! She is amazing!

2. How are you and Sister Lundin getting along? How are you doing on
the SOEs? You bonded over?
Sister Lundin- Is Awesome! I love her! We get along great! And Laugh A WHOLE LOT!!!! SoE's are coming along! We missed it by 2 people this week! :(
Fuzzy socks, cookie dough, movies, and bacon of course!!!!

New Companion Sister Lundin on the Subway

3. What was the best part of your week?
Best--Yesterday when we taught Janette! She is so ready to hear the gospel!!! She is just amazing!

4. Biggest "A-ha" scripture reading experience of the week...
Alma 12: esp vs 29-30, 34, and 37
There is a plan for each one of us! It is really true that Faith without Works is Dead! and we all make mistakes but that is why repentance is allowed! I love it so much!

5. Most spiritual moment of the week?
The lesson with Janette! Because it went so smoothly and it flowed perfectly! It was what she needed and what we needed as well! The spirit was witnessing and edifying all of us!

6. How does teaching ESL classes go? What part do you do?
It is AWESOME!!!! We taught on Saturday about emotions! and we sang "if you're happy and you know it"

7. What are you plans for the rest of P-Day?
Shopping for winter clothes, food and maybe doing zone sports!

Snow boots bought (check), Coat?

8. Favorite sight seeing moment (what you get to look at each day)?
the 401 (highway)
or part of the city at night when it is all lite up!

9. Something new I discovered about myself this week is...
That I have worked hard most of my life for the things I wanted or needed! But This is the hardest I have ever worked in my life and it is for others and not myself!

10. How was your first week in Don Valley?
BUSY!!!! We are learning the Area together and reorganizing EVERYTHING! it has been crazy!

Rapid Fire

1. I laughed so hard when...
When we were talking about what if's and Sister Lundin didn't like a what if that I said but we were laughing so hard! and then she started hitting me with her pillow!

2. What happens when a Frog gets a parking ticket....
a squirrel dies??? (it happens a lot here)

3. I know my Heavenly Father loves me because...
A patriarchal blessing is from him! He is there for me whenever I need him and even when we feel like we don't! He is there!

4. The thing I appreciate most about changing companions is...
You learn something different from each companion! They are so different but we all have one purpose! To help others to come unto Christ!

5. One of the things I admire most about President Clayton and Sister
Clayton is...
They know each one of the missionaries here! and their struggles and show their love to each one of us and pray for each of us!

6. The one thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is...
To Find those people who have been prepared by the Lord to hear his gospel!

7. I am happiest when...
When I am serving people (children of God).

8. The strangest thing I ate this week was...
Cookie dough Pancakes! So delicious!!!!!!!!! I think I am hungry again!!!

9. One way I feel blessed as a missionary is...
Meet new people everyday! To see every miracle and tender mercies each day!

Helping push cars in the flooded streets 

10. I couldn't believe it when...
It rained so much that it flooded our street! and one new 2014 BMW was stalled in the middle of the street! So we waded through knee high water to see if he needed help and that we would push his car out but it fried the computer as well so he couldnt even put it into neutral! so he got out and went to a friends house and then another BMW was stalled a little further down the street, but not as bad as the first! We asked the lady if she needed help she says no! We said we can push it if you can put it in neutral! So she did! We pushed it down the street and up a drive way into a parking lot! best workout of the week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 13: Laughs and Thanksgiving

So Question Time:

1. Tell me about transfers? How does it work, ride a bus, get picked
up, meet somewhere etc? Tell us how the process worked for you.
    So I had to drive 2 hours to the Brampton Stake Center across the parking lot from the temple! Then Sister Lundin who hasn't driven since April, drove us home! That was a great experience!

2. How did the day going on October 11th , "The Day in the Life of a
LDS Missionary"? I was able to see a lot of pictures and I even
tweeted. Who followed you around?
   It went well! We didn't have someone follow us around all day but that is ok! We had lots of fun!
District in Don Valley

Day in the life of a missionary starts with Companionship prayer

3. How are your investigators progressing? Any new ones this week?
    So Thursday the only person with a baptismal date here dropped us! :(
    So right now there is no one really progressing YET!!!!

4. I understand you teach ESL classes, how is that going?
    ESL Is so much fun! Honestly I just like watching Elder Gunnell act out everything he says! It is hilarious! I love it!

5. What was the best (and what was the worst) part of your week?
     Best-- that is way too hard to choose! I love it here though! I love Sister Lundin so much!
     Worst--last night we had been working so hard, and literally running around everywhere that we were both at the point of exhaustion and barely had enough energy to make it home! And then this morning I could barely walk because my calves were sooo tight!
Family visiting

Last Appointment on the Day in the Life of a Missionary

6. Understand that it was Thanksgiving in Canada yesterday? How do
they celebrate in Canada? What did you do?
     Ha ha ha yes! It was so weird Thanksgiving in October!!! It is just like any other Thanksgiving except it is more of a weekend instead of a day! We went to 3 meal appointments one sunday and two yesterday!

7. Most Spiritual moment of the week?
     Spiritual moment- our first lesson teaching together a Less-Active family. It just went so smoothly and so easily!

8. What did you learn the most or from Sister Duran that you will
continue to use to be an even better missionary?
     That talking to everyone is necessary and you will have to do it a lot! and Formers are Golden!
Sister Duran before transfers
Sister Duran and Sister Stuart

9. Favorite companion bonding moment of the week...
      Oh my goodness! Everyday! We laugh all the time! It is so great!!!

10. Describe your new apartment?
      7th floor, with an elevator that is kinda sketchy. Very open space. Right next to the Freeway!

Rapid Fire:

1. What was the first thing you did when you saw Sister Lundin?
      Screamed and hugged and laughed so hard!

2. I laughed so hard when....
      Just one time????
       Oh I have learned I can not wear any type of flowy skirt or dress here!

3. Riding the subway (tubes) is like....
     seeing all of these people you want to talk to but not being able to talk to them because there are so many of them! It is crazy and exciting! I didn't even need to develop my Subway legs! ;)

Sister Lundin and Sister Stuart on the Subway

Sister in the Don Valley Ward

Waiting for the subway
4. My new ward is great because...
      We have sports night every Thursday night at 7! also they cook great food and are so willing to do missionary work!

5. Something that touched my heart immensely this week was...
      The Lord really knows exactly what we need! We are here for a reason! It is easy to teach when you know your companion really well!

6. One of my goals this week is to...
      Learn more about Patience because how can you gain an attribute with out knowing about it first?

7. Something new I learned about myself this week was...
      That I have a tired limit! I never thought that I could be so tired!

8. My favorite study session this week was...
       Alma 9 and 10

9. One way I feel blessed as a missionary is.. (since it is
Thanksgiving there you know)
        Being able to serve God, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I know that if I wasn't here, I wouldn't have progressed very far! I would have been stuck between a rock and a hard place! I wouldn't have been as strong as he made me now!

10. Missionary Challenge this week is.....
        read up on a Christ like attribute you would want to have and then set one goal for to achieve that christ like attribute

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 12: Transfer Calls (dun, dun, duuun)

So last night we had transfer calls! and
    Elder Safaee called us and asked: "who wants to go first/"
    Sister Duran said "Sister Stuart does."
    Elder Safaee says "ok Sister Duran we will start with you! Sister Duran you are going to be white washing Whitby with Sister Robb!" (Sister Duran has whitewashed into every area she has been in)
    Sister Duran: Sweet! Did you say Sister Robb???
    Elder Safaee: Yes!
    Sister Duran: That is AMAZING!!!
    Elder Safaee: Sister Stuart are you ready to hear your first transfer calls???
    Me: No, My heart is literally beating out of my chest right now!
    Elder Safaee: You will be fine! You are going to Don Valley West with...... Sister Lundin!!
    Me (now crying): Are you serious?!?!?!
    Elder Safaee: Yes!!!
    Sister Duran: Elder! You made my companion cry!
    Elder Safaee: Are you serious? Are you ok, Sister Stuart??
    Me: Yes! I am doing GREAT!! Please Tell Sister Lundin I love her!
    Elder Safaee: I sure will! Goodnight Sisters!

1.  Individual updates on investigators please!  Any new ones?

    Gary: Is doing well! He is super quiet! We really didn't get to meet with him this week!
    Hailey: Is 16, She is interested and we are going to meet with her tonight!
    Karen: Is a biker mom! She is super cool! She is Catholic but is open to learning more!
    Ashleigh and Tiffany: are doing super well! But they are super busy!
    Andrea: Super Great! We helped her move during the first transfer I was here! and We finally
                 Was able to meet with her! She is so ready! She watched conference at work!
                  She is super sweet! I can't even believe how ready she is!

 2.  How did conference weekend go for you?  Were you able to meet with
investigators and less actives as you planned in between sessions?

      It was absolutely amazing! No investigators came to church :(  But yes we got to meet with Ashleigh and Tiffany yesterday but we just helped them pack for a funeral.

3. Knowing that you enjoyed all of the talks, which one stood out as
particularly meaningful to you and why?

     Elder Robbins! Because It was just so blunt! It was really what I needed to hear! That I am hear for a reason! That I need to do the work and nothing else! It really just solidified what I was doing!

 4. TRANSFERS...what is happening with them? Who?, What?, When? Where?
(don't forget to supply me with your new address if you were
transferred, as well as any/all companion info)

     Both of us are leaving the Elders are taking over all of the ward.
     Sister Duran is White washing the area, Whitby with Sister Robb
     I am Going to Don Valley with Sister Lundin
            16 CAR LUKE CRESCENT # 711
             toronto M2L 2H9 :)
Sister Duran trying to close her suitcase because of transfers

 5.  BIGGEST "made me smile" moment?
     Definitely getting Transfer calls! I haven't stopped smiling since! I have literally been bouncing off the walls since and I didn't get much sleep last night because of it!

Apparently it rains in London at this time of year

Raining again
 6. Something NEW I discovered about myself this week is....
    I learned that I am stronger and because of it I need change!

 7.  Most Spiritual moment of the week?
    General Conference of course!

8.  BEST teaching moment of the week?
     Andrea! She was just soaking in everthing that was said!

When it rains you dance in it!!
(Sister Duran sent me an email the week after the transfer:  dear mama stuart..thank you so much for the t-shirt i really love it!..i'm wearing right now for our're awesome!..sister stuart is enjoying don valley..i miss her..and i love her..thank you for letting your daughter serve the Lord and our brothers and sisters..take care!  So blessed Sister Toni had a great trainer in Sister Duran)

 9.  Something new I learned this week was?
   God Does answer in his own timing and in his own way! And He wants you to continue to better yourself by letting you be out of your comfort zone!


1.  My FIRST thought this morning , as I woke up was...
      I need to do laundry and pack! I am going to see Sister Lundin TOMORROW!!!

 2. I felt the Spirit swell within me when ...
      I was learning about patience! And some things I need to do to become a more patient person. "Without patience you will be lacking in every Christ-like attribute."

 3.  I love it when...
      I get letters!!!

 4.  One way that Sister Duran and I are strengthening our companionship is...
      Being completely open with each other! and being more open to the ideas each of us has!

 5.  If I had ONE WISH, then it would be..
      to have more time and more energy everyday!

 6.  My favorite Study Session this week was...
      I have been studying patience all week and it has really been a blessing in my life! I am noticing a difference everyday. So I cannot just pick one!

 7.  Did you know that....
      True Happiness comes from living and continually learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Puddicome family in London

 8.  In General Conference there were many talks around prophets,
share your testimony on having a prophet?
      A prophet is the mouthpiece of God! He is here to tell us what we can do to unify and strengthen our relationships. He is here to tell us how we can become our best and to be close to God! He is here to tell us to repent and tell us how we can truly access the fullness of the Atonement of Jesus Christ! He is an inspired man!

9.With October 11th coming and that being Media day, what can we do to
support you and other missionaries?
Every picture you see of a missionary you see RE-POST IT!!! RE-TWEET IT!!! SHARE IT!!!!
Then share your testimony of the Fullness of this Gospel of Jesus Christ and good experiences with missionaries and maybe even your conversion stories!!! :)

 Sister Stuart