Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 6: It's time for a change

Sister Stuart had quite a week, one she cannot share details about, but I know  that she has grown a ton.   She told me that she is stronger because of the experience.   It sure is hard for a mom, not to be there when your child is going through something.   However I do know that Heavenly Father is watching over her and that she is in His hands.    So please remember her in your prayers this week as well as the other missionaries serving.   

Next weeks Pday is on Tuesday September 2nd, so I will have to wait until then.  

1.  How are your investigators progressing? Any new ones?

Susan-- Meeting with her on the 4th

Derek-- Still in Nova Scotia

Ruta and Sujata-- Dad is still in town, doesn't want us to come over yet

Tony-- He is amazing. He is super intelligent and asks a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon. He is reading and praying everyday. He loves to argue his point even with we agree with him. He is so funny and apparently he is buying us Jamaican Shirts.

Monique and Ruben-- They are doing great!!! The ward temple prep class is starting up soon and she is so excited. Ruben is doing so much better. He is an amazing kid!

Rob-- he is Ba'haai. We have been teaching him for about 3 weeks, but missionaries have been teaching him since December. He is seriously progressing, but is super indecisive. He will decide whether or not he believes this is true on Sunday. If he says it is he will be baptized the following Sunday, if not no more meetings.

2.  How has tracting been this week?  What was the most difficult part.

     Tracting has been SUPER rough, no one is really home still because school doesn't start until next week. 

 3. How was exchanges with Sister Fisher? 
     It was one of a kind! I loved her she is from Fiji. She is definitely a life-long friend! I learned so much from her. She is super awesome!!!

 4.  Best Companion moment of the week?     When I decided I needed a change grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off 6-8 inches of my hair (sorry Tami and Mom)!!! Then was sitting by the door Sister Duran was in and just saying hi. She screamed and said what did you do! Ha ha ha it was super funny!

Change--She cut her  hair but at least she can still braid it

Toni's new look in the mission

  5.Transfers. what is happening with them, WHO WHAT WHEN Where (don't
forget to supply me with your new address if you were transferred as
well as any and all companion info)
    I am staying! My district leader and one of my zone leaders are leaving. I will miss them tons! Sister Simon (whom I adore) and Sister Kurtz are both leaving. This transfer is going to be super tough.

6.  Biggest "A-ha" scripture reading experience of the week

    No big A-ha in scriptures, but in life I don't ever want to be with out the Holy Ghost. Seeing people with out it is scary and sad.

 7.  My favorite part of "finding is....
    Just seeing a spark and a seed planted.

8.  I felt The Lord guiding me the most this week when...
    When we were with Sister Fisher! Everything that happened needed to happen while she was there.

 9. Describe today's "feeling in the air"
    It's going to be an interesting day!

Most have been an interesting day for a Bedtime snack like this!

 Rapid Fire:

1.  The Spirit was as strong as...

    The cables on the golden gate bridge

2. I had the most fun this week when....
     Sister Fisher was here lifting us up and laughing A LOT.

3. I was especially happy when...
     Tony said he drives a stick! Dumb reason but super funny!

 4.  Something that touched my heart immensely this week was..
    Is when someone you just met goes out of their way to lift you up and pushes you forward to be the best you can be.

5. One way that Sister Duran and I are strengthening our companionship is..

    Experiencing hardships and trials.... Together.

6. One thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is...
    To finally get Tony a baptismal date
     And for Rob to be ready for baptism
     And to meet new people/investigators

 7.  My favorite study session this week was...
     At District Meeting with Sister Simon! Did I mention She is the Best! She told me exactly what I needed to hear and she didn't even know what was going on in our ward!

 8.  If I could describe today in THREE WORDS, they would be...
     Long, busy, and Service

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 5: Month Mark in Canada!!!

Here's looking at you

This week was interesting to say the least! But last week for Preparation Day, Guess what I did???? I played soccer in the rain! Oh my gosh! I have missed it so much! And honestly the BEST GAME EVER!!!! It was muddy and some of the Elders were slide tackling people and I slide tackled one of the Elders (yes mom I was careful) Ha ha ha It was the funniest thing to look at all the Elders when I got up! They were like what the heck just happened, did Sister Stuart just do that??? They were really confused but impressed! Super Funny! Literally one of the happiest moments so far!

Sister Duran and Sister Stuart after soccer game in the rain

Thursday- My Month mark in Canada
Friday- My Month mark with Sister Duran
Saturday- Sister Duran's Year mark!
       WILD DAY! So first we went to the Youth Leadership Conference (similar to EFY) for all of Ontario! Where President Clayton asked Sister Duran and Elder Cowley to Speak about their conversion story and why they decided to serve! Super Spiritual meeting! Loved it!
See question 7 for the rest of our day!

Shout out to Riley on her graduation.  Toni was sent a picture and this is what her response back was--Cute! I am soo Excited for her!!~!

1.  How are your investigators progressing? Any new ones?
    Susan- met her out while we were tracting. She is a devout Catholic Bible Teacher! She is absolutely great! She is so cute! But Anyway she wants to learn more! Downside: she cant meet us until September!

Patricia-Did she make it to church? YES!!! Oh my goodness! It was literally a MIRACLE!!!!! So she has had some health problems! She was going to the doctors on Friday and said that the doctors might have to keep her for 72 hours for testing! Meaning she wouldn't be able to make it to church! On Thursday we met with her! We taught her about the importance of Vocal and Kneeling Prayer! And we explained to her that since she is in a wheelchair she doesn't need to kneel down! On Friday she called us around 5 or 6 and said Sisters I don't have to stay! I can come to church on Sunday! We were sooo excited!!! She said it is all because of last night! So we asked what happened and she said she knows the importance of Vocal and Kneeling Prayer and so she put a pillow on the side of her bed and knelt down! MIRACLE!!! She found that when she did this she could really feel the Spirit and she said that this was the reason she could come to church!
SHE GETS BAPTISED THIS WEEK (if she comes to church again)

 Derek-- Still in Nova Scotia

Ruta and Sujata-- Visiting Friends in the States

Tony-- Is doing well but didn't make it to church, had to pick up his son!

Monique and Ruben-- Ruben is Back! Monique loves teaching with us! And she is preparing for the Temple!

Monique, Ruben, Sister Duran and Sister Stuart

 2. How has tracting been this week? What was the most difficult part?
       Ok! We have been lots of places, but haven't had anyone really interested!
        Flat Tire!

 3.  What did you and Sister Duran bond over this week?
       The Flat Tire! She worked in a Car Service center as a secretary and She doesn't even know how to change a tire! So I taught her the jest of it!

Sister Stuart

Toni showed Sister Duran Duck Face

 4. During this weeks personal study, my favorite lesson was?
        I have been reading 2 Nephi! I love it! Lots of visions and blessings found from just keeping the commandments and praying!!! and Enduring to the End of course!

 5. Have you had to teach in church (stand in lesson) and if so what
did you teach on?


 6. What has been the best part of working with the ward leadership?
       The True love they have for everyone in the ward and the interest they have for each of our investigators!

7. Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details?)
      It was raining!!! We went to go tracting after Lunch and our car started making a funny noise, Sister Duran is like "It is just the construction!" I said "It sounds like the rain underneath the car but my side of the car feels like it is dragging! So I pulled onto a small street! FLAT TIRE!!! So I got out and started to change it! One man stopped and asked if I needed help! I told him no thanks I can do it! I had already loosened the Lug Nuts! and then when I was about to lay on the road with my skirt and all to put the Jack under the car a different man yelled at me and told me to stop! He said that I am going to do this for you! I told him If you put the Jack under I will do the rest! He didn't believe me!!!!! HOW RUDE! So he grabbed the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts and he looked at me and super shocked he said "You know how to change a tire?????" I told him of course I do! So he put the Jack under and I did the rest! He took the jack down and tried to tighten the Lug nuts more than I did! Ha ha ha!
         We then went to Tony's Shop (owned by Bro. Barnes, and Ainge). It just opened up and all we knew it was behind NAPA! So we found it! All of the Workers there asked who changed the tire? I told them I did and they just laughed at me! They said you don't even have grease on you! I showed them my hands and I had only a couple grease stains! Sister Duran said "She really did change the tire!" I showed them what I did! They were all shocked and amazed that I could change a tire! 

 8. Any service opportunties?
          The lady who wrote the Book of Mormon Heroes, We had to help her pack because she moved to Alberta!

 9. Most spiritual moment of the week?
           Probably when Patricia told us she Knelt and prayed! and she knew the Power of Prayer!

Rapid Fire:

1. Favorite scripture of the week....and why....
      2 Nephi 31:20    It proves that we can't just be baptized and do anything we want, but we really have to work at following the Commandments and doing service and "having a perfect brightness of Hope and a love of God and of all men."

2. I know my Heavenly Father loves me because he showed it to me by...
      By the many small miracles and tender mercies. After no miracle is too small! Therefore be thankful for all of them!

3. What was your favorite Miracle that you saw this week?
      Being able to really see a bad presence leaving a house when we prayed!

4. The one thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is....
      To get Patricia completely ready for baptism and to find New Investigators.

5.  I couldn't believe it when....
      I went to change the tire and it literally started to Rain pretty hard!

 6. I've been really looking forward to telling you....
       That I really want to hear from any one who reads this!
She sends her love

7. I wish I had....
       Is to just open up and Down pour already!!!!

 8. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and do....
       Teach Patricia with the Zone Leaders!!!! Oh and have Sister Fisher (from Fiji) come with us for exchanges tomorrow!!!

Toni is learning to cook some Asian food and some words in Tagalog from her Companion Sister Duran. Sister Duran must be rubbing off on Sister Stuart, because she doesn't really like Carrots and now she is eatting ones bigger then her head. 

Learned how to make homemade springrolls

Eating a Carrot bigger then her head, and she doesn't like Carrots

Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 4--Follow the Spirit and Talk to EVERYONE!!!

Are you learning how to cook some Filipino food and Vietnamese food?
Yes, the favorite is adobo (with ALL missionaries here) and I am trying to learn a little Tagalog as well

Question Time

1.  How are your investigators progressing? Any new ones?

Patricia-Did she make it to church? Not this week she has had some health problems, but it is ok now! We are planning to meet with her 3 times this week! She keeps getting reassurances that this is the right plan for her! That this is the true gospel and that she is ready to be baptized!

Derek-- He is still on vacation.

Ruta and Sujata-- Ruta came to church! She loved it! She still wants to be taught! and we will meet with her again soon!

Aaron-- He has been busy all week watching his sisters kids and his daughter, and has been in and out of town all week!

Tony-- His Daughter came into town so he didn't come to church :( but we are meeting with him this week! And hopefully he will be able to set a date!

Homer-- Is super busy! But we are trying to meet with him this week!

Mo-- We are meeting with her tomorrow and doing some service with her as well!

Monique and Ruben-- Ruben comes home this week!! Monique's testimony and spiritual strength has skyrocketed this past week! She is a lot happier and is preparing for the temple!

 2. What was the best (and what was the worst) part of your week?
     Well we met 2 formers a mother and the daughter Tabitha! The mom had her Book of Mormon marked up and was still reading it! So we had 1 more baptismal date from Tabitha and she was so prepared and so willing to learn and she even asked in her prayer for god to prepare her for baptism on the 24th! It was amazing! But she is 16 and her dad told her that if she wants to learn about god he will teach her but he doesn't even have custody over her! So she told us she can't meet with us any more!

 3. Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details)
    Sister Duran spent $45 on candy for her year mark and the lady at the register was giving us weird looks! Oh and the fire alarm went off this morning while sister Duran was in the shower! She freaked out and was screaming! SO funny!

 4. Most spiritual moment of the week?
    Last night- we had a feeling that something was wrong with Monique and so we made dinner and brought it over to her! She had a witness to her that God was listening and loves her! She is so ready to be an eternal family with her son Ruben!  They made the big cookie in the picture below. 

 5. Describe a normal day for a sister Missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission
    Meet with LA/RC's (less actives/recent converts), visit with all investigators, and tract A LOT, because we have no referrals from salt lake or any one else.

 6. How are things going with your district?
    Things are amazing in my district, and even better in the zone. We had our first zone training, it went amazing! Our Zone is the biggest zone! We have around 32 missionaries and Sister Duran, Elder Hicks and I were volunteered to sing The Book of Mormon heroes again! (Song lyrics below)

 7.  Are the ward members supportive of the missionaries?  Do you meet
with them, have a ward mission leader?

    For the most part! We are trying to meet with all of them to receive referrals and to hear their conversion stories! Yes his name is Regan. He is AMAZING! He is awesome! He is an RM! He went to Slovenia! He is so cool and soo funny! He honestly reminds me of Mr. Peer.

8. Best Companion moment of the week?

Monique and Sister Duran

Silver Fever

 9. Transfers coming? or not?  how do they work?
    Yes You are more than welcome to send letters for sure for the next week because they take 5-10 days to get here! They are on the 24-26! If you want to send letters do! Please! 
We go to Brampton/Toronto to the Stake Center next to the Temple and we do exchanges there! We get a call the Sunday before transfers and then we email about it on Monday and usually transfer on Tuesday!
Usually you train for 12 weeks so I am suppose to stay with Sister Duran for another 6 weeks.

10.  Tell me something you learned about YOURSELF this week (a
quality, etc, that you didn't know you had etc)
     That I focus on too many things at once and confuse people really easily (meaning my companion).
     That Love is important in all aspects of life!

 Finish Sentence

1.  My favorite study session this week centered on....
     pg 17-19 in PMG on a Successful missionary! 

2.  Sister Duran and I bonded over....
     The love of chopsticks!

3.  I was so excited when....
     Patricia called to let us know that her testimony is growing and that she is really preparing herself for baptism!

4. I love it when...
     You can see a spark in someone when you share your testimony with them!

5. One of the most challenging parts of missionary work this week was...
     Being on time to appointments! It seemed like no matter how hard we tried to be on time it just wasn't happening! Every red light, every slow driver, every thing just went wrong!

6. If I had ONE WISH, then it would be...
     To Teleport in an instant so we could be on time!

7.  My testimony was strengthened when...
     When I saw Monique's Desire as well as 2 other Recent Convert's Desire to go to the temple to be sealed for time and eternity! To be a forever family!

8. My favorite "finding" happened...
     Formers are one of my favorite ways of finding people because you find those couple of people who had a seed planted and without trying it has been growing and looking for someone to help it reach the sky!

9.  Did you know that....
     It is hard to find people? But the only way to find people is to talk to EVERYONE!

10.  Missionary Invitation----(this is for all of us back home to work on)

FUTURE MISSIONARIES- Memorize your purpose as well as the 1st vision in the restoration pamphlet.   " I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head above the brightness of the sun which descended gradually until it fell upon me... when the light rested upon me I saw two personages whose brightness and glory defy all description standing above me in the air, one of them spake unto me calling me by name and said pointing to the other: Joseph, this is my Beloved Son hear him"
   If you don't have it memorized yet you can use the pamphlet, turn it to that page and fold it in half and show the picture to the investigator and read it off the back!

EVERYONE- Share your testimony with someone! Whether it is as simple as "Jesus Christ is my Savior" or not.

Book of Mormon heroes
"There are many dangers in the world today
and sometimes I feel it's hard to find my way
There are battles I must fight
As I strive to choose the right
I need strength to be on guard and to obey

I'll follow the heroes in the Book of Mormon
Steadfast and bravely fighting the Foe
I'll follow the heroes in the Book of Mormon
So that a life of Honor I'll know

As I read the stories from those days gone by
In that sacred book, I know that I will try
To be like those heroes of old
Facing evil, fearless and bold
Going forth with faith to serve the Lord most High

Sister Stuart would love to hear from you.  She is able to check her emails on PDAY, which are Mondays.   So you can email her at   

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 3 in Canada! SOE reached by a Miracle!

Hello Family and Friends (Sister Stuart's PDAY was Tuesday this week because of Holiday yesterday)

Funny thought-1 Nephi 11:12.  Ultimate oldest trick in the book!!!!!  Toni told me they have lots of spiders here and they are HUGE like from leg to leg they are bigger than my hand. If you all know Toni, no matter the size of the Spider, she hates them.  I told her she could still stomp on them, she was bigger then they are and her response... Umm NO!

Question Time

1. How are your investigators progressing?  Any new ones?

Patricia--So on Saturday around 630 we got a text message from the Zone leaders to go to this Lady's house because she wanted a free bible she found on Kjiji (like KSL) that our Zone leaders put on there!

On the way there our District Leaders called and said "Sisters you are almost at the Standards of Excellence (SOE), all you need is one progressing and one baptismal date!"  He said I NEED you to get that!  Can you? We of course said yes! So we went up to this lady's apartment and she said she was in the middle of dinner can we come back at 7?  We said yes!

When she closed her door I noticed a WARNING sign on it that warned that she had C. Diff.  I walked away slowly and got my sanitizer out and Sister Duran asked what was wrong? I told her about what C. Diff was and that when I worked with it, I had to be in a gown, with a mask, and Double gloves!  She FREAKED OUT!  She told me she was not going back there! I told her we still need to giver her a bible!

So we went back to our apartment for dinner! She called the zone and district leaders because she was scared! I made a deal with her! I said I feel like she is our chance to reach the SOE! So if she invites us in we will teach her and if she doesn't we will give her a bible and a quick message! She said fine!

So we went back and buzzed up to her apartment to let us in and we went up and her door was wide open and she told us to come in! So we sat down anxiously and nervously! It happened! She opened up! She told us her dad died in February and he was a minister and when he died all of his Bibles were given away and she didn't get one! She has also had some bad experiences with church because she is in a wheelchair.  She told us that she prayed last night and asked and begged God to help her find a Bible she can afford and a church that accepts her! And so we gave her a Bible and invited her to church!  She said really??? We said of course and we will even find you a ride! She was so excited she almost jumped out of her chair! We invited her to read the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy.   

The conversation goes on.... and Sister Duran asks her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God! She doesn't even hesitate and says YES!!!! I felt prompted to tell her we had a baptismal service on August 24th and if she would prepare herself for that date! She says of course that sounds absolutely wonderful!

Derek--is doing well but he went out of town so we didn't meet with his this week. 

Ruta and Sojata--Ruta's dad is visiting.  He is not for it.  But Ruta is so ready she did NOT want us to  leave! She is ready to learn! She promised us she is coming to church next week without a doubt!

Aaron--We haven't been able to meet with him all week.  

Tony-I forgot to tell you about Tony.  He was the first person Sister Duran talked about when I got here but I didn't meet him until last week.  He is amazing and Jamaican! He loves church so much but right now we are working on goal setting because he won't commit to a date until he KNOWS the Book of Mormon history.  He told us he knows it is true but why and he doesn't understand why he needs to be baptized again.   

The family you took a BOM to with Sister Clayton--They are reading but we haven't been able to meet with this week!

What about the two from the culture night? Homer is still trying to get his business up and running with Brother Barnes and Ainge and Tony! So we really haven't been able to meet with him yet.   Mo, we haven't met with her yet but her husband Brother Barnes said he will make plans for dinner with them!

2.  How are Monique and Ruben doing?

Ruben is a cadet camp.  So Monique is home alone for 3ish weeks.   She so has been wanting to do something.  So we asked her so many times this week if she wants to come teaching with us and EVERY time she says yes!!! I LOVE HER!!!  She is strengthening her testimony so much and we can just see her grow!!

3. What was the last thing you cooked to eat?

Hey, I make lots of food! I make brownies and cookies and everyone loves them esp the Elders! I also am starting to cook rice and eggs and bacon for breakfast because it fills you up so fast and you don't eat a lot! I have made pasta salad, pot pie, pancakes, French toast... I love it!

And I think I have lost weight because a lot of my skirts are really loose now there is one that completely falls off of me!

4. If you had 3 extra hours each day, how would you fill them?

Sleep and find the elect!

Tracting at the Biggest Park in London--Springbank

Literally this park is Huge, someone could spend a week there and still wouldn't be able to know where everything is--need a map!

5. What was your favorite thing that happened at church on Sunday?

Oh my gosh Tony and Patricia showed up and we gave her a church tour and she absolutely loved it! She said she was coming back!!!

6. What did I learn from Sister Clayton after spending time with her the other day?

It is really important to be patient and listen to the spirit and the investigator and your companion at all times! I love spending time with her!

7. How did your goals go this week? What did you struggle with, what did you realize you could do?

We worked SOOOO hard and prayed SOOOO much and we were constantly talking to everyone!!!  I struggled with getting the words out that I needed too! I realized if I just breathe and listen then I will be able to conquer anything!!

8. Although I feel my Savior's love daily, I felt it especially strong when?

You see miracles everyday and the tender mercies that are literally everywhere!!!! EXPECT MIRACLES EVERYDAY!!!

9. In your everyday routine, what is something that you really look forward to? 

I look forward to food and Preparation day of course! But I really like to plan! Every night and once for weekly planning on Thursdays! I don't know why!

10. What is something that you are really looking forward to this coming week?

Really finding the Elect and seeing our investigators grow so much!!


1. Something new I learned about Sister Duran is...

 She is REALLY scared of Frogs/Toads and Worms!

2. I couldn't believe it when...

Patricia showed up!!!

3. What would you consider your most profound moment of the week?

Goal setting and extremely hard work accompanied with prayer, definitely brings miracles!

4. Did you know that...

I have a really bad sweet tooth!

5. I've been really looking forward to telling you..

That I love you all!!! And that Vietnamese food and Filipino food is Delicious!

Sister Duran loves her Vietnamese food

Toni and her chopsticks against the mountain of Rice
(She said they bought chopsticks to use at hoe and believe me we are all the time.  They are AWESOME!)

The only thing Sister Duran does not like with noodles

6. My favorite teaching moment was...

Tony! He is so funny and ready to learn but he is so challenging! He loves to think logically along with spiritually and I love it! I can talk to him! He is also really big on cars and when I related a doctrine to something car related he literally just stared at me! He was amazed that I knew a little something about cars! It was soo funny!!!

7. An area I would like to improve on is...

Is just talking! It is so hard to just open your mouth and talk to someone and share with them one of your most cherished possessions!

8. I was so surprised when...

Tony and Patricia came to church! Oh and Antonette a recent convert who hasn't been to church in a long time and promised us after we did ALL of her lawn work she would definitely without a doubt come to church! So the promise was kept! And the willingness people show to serve God and the people around them!

9. One month completed and the thing I have realized the most is...

It is so much fun! That has been a goal of ours is to do at least one fun thing each day! But it is so much better to laugh than to stress! ALWAYS LAUGH!!!

10. I am most grateful for (at least 5 things)

Love (love is put in your heart not to stay.  Love isn't love till you give it away!)