Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 3 in Canada! SOE reached by a Miracle!

Hello Family and Friends (Sister Stuart's PDAY was Tuesday this week because of Holiday yesterday)

Funny thought-1 Nephi 11:12.  Ultimate oldest trick in the book!!!!!  Toni told me they have lots of spiders here and they are HUGE like from leg to leg they are bigger than my hand. If you all know Toni, no matter the size of the Spider, she hates them.  I told her she could still stomp on them, she was bigger then they are and her response... Umm NO!

Question Time

1. How are your investigators progressing?  Any new ones?

Patricia--So on Saturday around 630 we got a text message from the Zone leaders to go to this Lady's house because she wanted a free bible she found on Kjiji (like KSL) that our Zone leaders put on there!

On the way there our District Leaders called and said "Sisters you are almost at the Standards of Excellence (SOE), all you need is one progressing and one baptismal date!"  He said I NEED you to get that!  Can you? We of course said yes! So we went up to this lady's apartment and she said she was in the middle of dinner can we come back at 7?  We said yes!

When she closed her door I noticed a WARNING sign on it that warned that she had C. Diff.  I walked away slowly and got my sanitizer out and Sister Duran asked what was wrong? I told her about what C. Diff was and that when I worked with it, I had to be in a gown, with a mask, and Double gloves!  She FREAKED OUT!  She told me she was not going back there! I told her we still need to giver her a bible!

So we went back to our apartment for dinner! She called the zone and district leaders because she was scared! I made a deal with her! I said I feel like she is our chance to reach the SOE! So if she invites us in we will teach her and if she doesn't we will give her a bible and a quick message! She said fine!

So we went back and buzzed up to her apartment to let us in and we went up and her door was wide open and she told us to come in! So we sat down anxiously and nervously! It happened! She opened up! She told us her dad died in February and he was a minister and when he died all of his Bibles were given away and she didn't get one! She has also had some bad experiences with church because she is in a wheelchair.  She told us that she prayed last night and asked and begged God to help her find a Bible she can afford and a church that accepts her! And so we gave her a Bible and invited her to church!  She said really??? We said of course and we will even find you a ride! She was so excited she almost jumped out of her chair! We invited her to read the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy.   

The conversation goes on.... and Sister Duran asks her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God! She doesn't even hesitate and says YES!!!! I felt prompted to tell her we had a baptismal service on August 24th and if she would prepare herself for that date! She says of course that sounds absolutely wonderful!

Derek--is doing well but he went out of town so we didn't meet with his this week. 

Ruta and Sojata--Ruta's dad is visiting.  He is not for it.  But Ruta is so ready she did NOT want us to  leave! She is ready to learn! She promised us she is coming to church next week without a doubt!

Aaron--We haven't been able to meet with him all week.  

Tony-I forgot to tell you about Tony.  He was the first person Sister Duran talked about when I got here but I didn't meet him until last week.  He is amazing and Jamaican! He loves church so much but right now we are working on goal setting because he won't commit to a date until he KNOWS the Book of Mormon history.  He told us he knows it is true but why and he doesn't understand why he needs to be baptized again.   

The family you took a BOM to with Sister Clayton--They are reading but we haven't been able to meet with this week!

What about the two from the culture night? Homer is still trying to get his business up and running with Brother Barnes and Ainge and Tony! So we really haven't been able to meet with him yet.   Mo, we haven't met with her yet but her husband Brother Barnes said he will make plans for dinner with them!

2.  How are Monique and Ruben doing?

Ruben is a cadet camp.  So Monique is home alone for 3ish weeks.   She so has been wanting to do something.  So we asked her so many times this week if she wants to come teaching with us and EVERY time she says yes!!! I LOVE HER!!!  She is strengthening her testimony so much and we can just see her grow!!

3. What was the last thing you cooked to eat?

Hey, I make lots of food! I make brownies and cookies and everyone loves them esp the Elders! I also am starting to cook rice and eggs and bacon for breakfast because it fills you up so fast and you don't eat a lot! I have made pasta salad, pot pie, pancakes, French toast... I love it!

And I think I have lost weight because a lot of my skirts are really loose now there is one that completely falls off of me!

4. If you had 3 extra hours each day, how would you fill them?

Sleep and find the elect!

Tracting at the Biggest Park in London--Springbank

Literally this park is Huge, someone could spend a week there and still wouldn't be able to know where everything is--need a map!

5. What was your favorite thing that happened at church on Sunday?

Oh my gosh Tony and Patricia showed up and we gave her a church tour and she absolutely loved it! She said she was coming back!!!

6. What did I learn from Sister Clayton after spending time with her the other day?

It is really important to be patient and listen to the spirit and the investigator and your companion at all times! I love spending time with her!

7. How did your goals go this week? What did you struggle with, what did you realize you could do?

We worked SOOOO hard and prayed SOOOO much and we were constantly talking to everyone!!!  I struggled with getting the words out that I needed too! I realized if I just breathe and listen then I will be able to conquer anything!!

8. Although I feel my Savior's love daily, I felt it especially strong when?

You see miracles everyday and the tender mercies that are literally everywhere!!!! EXPECT MIRACLES EVERYDAY!!!

9. In your everyday routine, what is something that you really look forward to? 

I look forward to food and Preparation day of course! But I really like to plan! Every night and once for weekly planning on Thursdays! I don't know why!

10. What is something that you are really looking forward to this coming week?

Really finding the Elect and seeing our investigators grow so much!!


1. Something new I learned about Sister Duran is...

 She is REALLY scared of Frogs/Toads and Worms!

2. I couldn't believe it when...

Patricia showed up!!!

3. What would you consider your most profound moment of the week?

Goal setting and extremely hard work accompanied with prayer, definitely brings miracles!

4. Did you know that...

I have a really bad sweet tooth!

5. I've been really looking forward to telling you..

That I love you all!!! And that Vietnamese food and Filipino food is Delicious!

Sister Duran loves her Vietnamese food

Toni and her chopsticks against the mountain of Rice
(She said they bought chopsticks to use at hoe and believe me we are all the time.  They are AWESOME!)

The only thing Sister Duran does not like with noodles

6. My favorite teaching moment was...

Tony! He is so funny and ready to learn but he is so challenging! He loves to think logically along with spiritually and I love it! I can talk to him! He is also really big on cars and when I related a doctrine to something car related he literally just stared at me! He was amazed that I knew a little something about cars! It was soo funny!!!

7. An area I would like to improve on is...

Is just talking! It is so hard to just open your mouth and talk to someone and share with them one of your most cherished possessions!

8. I was so surprised when...

Tony and Patricia came to church! Oh and Antonette a recent convert who hasn't been to church in a long time and promised us after we did ALL of her lawn work she would definitely without a doubt come to church! So the promise was kept! And the willingness people show to serve God and the people around them!

9. One month completed and the thing I have realized the most is...

It is so much fun! That has been a goal of ours is to do at least one fun thing each day! But it is so much better to laugh than to stress! ALWAYS LAUGH!!!

10. I am most grateful for (at least 5 things)

Love (love is put in your heart not to stay.  Love isn't love till you give it away!)

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