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Week 5: Month Mark in Canada!!!

Here's looking at you

This week was interesting to say the least! But last week for Preparation Day, Guess what I did???? I played soccer in the rain! Oh my gosh! I have missed it so much! And honestly the BEST GAME EVER!!!! It was muddy and some of the Elders were slide tackling people and I slide tackled one of the Elders (yes mom I was careful) Ha ha ha It was the funniest thing to look at all the Elders when I got up! They were like what the heck just happened, did Sister Stuart just do that??? They were really confused but impressed! Super Funny! Literally one of the happiest moments so far!

Sister Duran and Sister Stuart after soccer game in the rain

Thursday- My Month mark in Canada
Friday- My Month mark with Sister Duran
Saturday- Sister Duran's Year mark!
       WILD DAY! So first we went to the Youth Leadership Conference (similar to EFY) for all of Ontario! Where President Clayton asked Sister Duran and Elder Cowley to Speak about their conversion story and why they decided to serve! Super Spiritual meeting! Loved it!
See question 7 for the rest of our day!

Shout out to Riley on her graduation.  Toni was sent a picture and this is what her response back was--Cute! I am soo Excited for her!!~!

1.  How are your investigators progressing? Any new ones?
    Susan- met her out while we were tracting. She is a devout Catholic Bible Teacher! She is absolutely great! She is so cute! But Anyway she wants to learn more! Downside: she cant meet us until September!

Patricia-Did she make it to church? YES!!! Oh my goodness! It was literally a MIRACLE!!!!! So she has had some health problems! She was going to the doctors on Friday and said that the doctors might have to keep her for 72 hours for testing! Meaning she wouldn't be able to make it to church! On Thursday we met with her! We taught her about the importance of Vocal and Kneeling Prayer! And we explained to her that since she is in a wheelchair she doesn't need to kneel down! On Friday she called us around 5 or 6 and said Sisters I don't have to stay! I can come to church on Sunday! We were sooo excited!!! She said it is all because of last night! So we asked what happened and she said she knows the importance of Vocal and Kneeling Prayer and so she put a pillow on the side of her bed and knelt down! MIRACLE!!! She found that when she did this she could really feel the Spirit and she said that this was the reason she could come to church!
SHE GETS BAPTISED THIS WEEK (if she comes to church again)

 Derek-- Still in Nova Scotia

Ruta and Sujata-- Visiting Friends in the States

Tony-- Is doing well but didn't make it to church, had to pick up his son!

Monique and Ruben-- Ruben is Back! Monique loves teaching with us! And she is preparing for the Temple!

Monique, Ruben, Sister Duran and Sister Stuart

 2. How has tracting been this week? What was the most difficult part?
       Ok! We have been lots of places, but haven't had anyone really interested!
        Flat Tire!

 3.  What did you and Sister Duran bond over this week?
       The Flat Tire! She worked in a Car Service center as a secretary and She doesn't even know how to change a tire! So I taught her the jest of it!

Sister Stuart

Toni showed Sister Duran Duck Face

 4. During this weeks personal study, my favorite lesson was?
        I have been reading 2 Nephi! I love it! Lots of visions and blessings found from just keeping the commandments and praying!!! and Enduring to the End of course!

 5. Have you had to teach in church (stand in lesson) and if so what
did you teach on?


 6. What has been the best part of working with the ward leadership?
       The True love they have for everyone in the ward and the interest they have for each of our investigators!

7. Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details?)
      It was raining!!! We went to go tracting after Lunch and our car started making a funny noise, Sister Duran is like "It is just the construction!" I said "It sounds like the rain underneath the car but my side of the car feels like it is dragging! So I pulled onto a small street! FLAT TIRE!!! So I got out and started to change it! One man stopped and asked if I needed help! I told him no thanks I can do it! I had already loosened the Lug Nuts! and then when I was about to lay on the road with my skirt and all to put the Jack under the car a different man yelled at me and told me to stop! He said that I am going to do this for you! I told him If you put the Jack under I will do the rest! He didn't believe me!!!!! HOW RUDE! So he grabbed the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts and he looked at me and super shocked he said "You know how to change a tire?????" I told him of course I do! So he put the Jack under and I did the rest! He took the jack down and tried to tighten the Lug nuts more than I did! Ha ha ha!
         We then went to Tony's Shop (owned by Bro. Barnes, and Ainge). It just opened up and all we knew it was behind NAPA! So we found it! All of the Workers there asked who changed the tire? I told them I did and they just laughed at me! They said you don't even have grease on you! I showed them my hands and I had only a couple grease stains! Sister Duran said "She really did change the tire!" I showed them what I did! They were all shocked and amazed that I could change a tire! 

 8. Any service opportunties?
          The lady who wrote the Book of Mormon Heroes, We had to help her pack because she moved to Alberta!

 9. Most spiritual moment of the week?
           Probably when Patricia told us she Knelt and prayed! and she knew the Power of Prayer!

Rapid Fire:

1. Favorite scripture of the week....and why....
      2 Nephi 31:20    It proves that we can't just be baptized and do anything we want, but we really have to work at following the Commandments and doing service and "having a perfect brightness of Hope and a love of God and of all men."

2. I know my Heavenly Father loves me because he showed it to me by...
      By the many small miracles and tender mercies. After no miracle is too small! Therefore be thankful for all of them!

3. What was your favorite Miracle that you saw this week?
      Being able to really see a bad presence leaving a house when we prayed!

4. The one thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is....
      To get Patricia completely ready for baptism and to find New Investigators.

5.  I couldn't believe it when....
      I went to change the tire and it literally started to Rain pretty hard!

 6. I've been really looking forward to telling you....
       That I really want to hear from any one who reads this!
She sends her love

7. I wish I had....
       Is to just open up and Down pour already!!!!

 8. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and do....
       Teach Patricia with the Zone Leaders!!!! Oh and have Sister Fisher (from Fiji) come with us for exchanges tomorrow!!!

Toni is learning to cook some Asian food and some words in Tagalog from her Companion Sister Duran. Sister Duran must be rubbing off on Sister Stuart, because she doesn't really like Carrots and now she is eatting ones bigger then her head. 

Learned how to make homemade springrolls

Eating a Carrot bigger then her head, and she doesn't like Carrots

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