Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 6: It's time for a change

Sister Stuart had quite a week, one she cannot share details about, but I know  that she has grown a ton.   She told me that she is stronger because of the experience.   It sure is hard for a mom, not to be there when your child is going through something.   However I do know that Heavenly Father is watching over her and that she is in His hands.    So please remember her in your prayers this week as well as the other missionaries serving.   

Next weeks Pday is on Tuesday September 2nd, so I will have to wait until then.  

1.  How are your investigators progressing? Any new ones?

Susan-- Meeting with her on the 4th

Derek-- Still in Nova Scotia

Ruta and Sujata-- Dad is still in town, doesn't want us to come over yet

Tony-- He is amazing. He is super intelligent and asks a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon. He is reading and praying everyday. He loves to argue his point even with we agree with him. He is so funny and apparently he is buying us Jamaican Shirts.

Monique and Ruben-- They are doing great!!! The ward temple prep class is starting up soon and she is so excited. Ruben is doing so much better. He is an amazing kid!

Rob-- he is Ba'haai. We have been teaching him for about 3 weeks, but missionaries have been teaching him since December. He is seriously progressing, but is super indecisive. He will decide whether or not he believes this is true on Sunday. If he says it is he will be baptized the following Sunday, if not no more meetings.

2.  How has tracting been this week?  What was the most difficult part.

     Tracting has been SUPER rough, no one is really home still because school doesn't start until next week. 

 3. How was exchanges with Sister Fisher? 
     It was one of a kind! I loved her she is from Fiji. She is definitely a life-long friend! I learned so much from her. She is super awesome!!!

 4.  Best Companion moment of the week?     When I decided I needed a change grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off 6-8 inches of my hair (sorry Tami and Mom)!!! Then was sitting by the door Sister Duran was in and just saying hi. She screamed and said what did you do! Ha ha ha it was super funny!

Change--She cut her  hair but at least she can still braid it

Toni's new look in the mission

  5.Transfers. what is happening with them, WHO WHAT WHEN Where (don't
forget to supply me with your new address if you were transferred as
well as any and all companion info)
    I am staying! My district leader and one of my zone leaders are leaving. I will miss them tons! Sister Simon (whom I adore) and Sister Kurtz are both leaving. This transfer is going to be super tough.

6.  Biggest "A-ha" scripture reading experience of the week

    No big A-ha in scriptures, but in life I don't ever want to be with out the Holy Ghost. Seeing people with out it is scary and sad.

 7.  My favorite part of "finding is....
    Just seeing a spark and a seed planted.

8.  I felt The Lord guiding me the most this week when...
    When we were with Sister Fisher! Everything that happened needed to happen while she was there.

 9. Describe today's "feeling in the air"
    It's going to be an interesting day!

Most have been an interesting day for a Bedtime snack like this!

 Rapid Fire:

1.  The Spirit was as strong as...

    The cables on the golden gate bridge

2. I had the most fun this week when....
     Sister Fisher was here lifting us up and laughing A LOT.

3. I was especially happy when...
     Tony said he drives a stick! Dumb reason but super funny!

 4.  Something that touched my heart immensely this week was..
    Is when someone you just met goes out of their way to lift you up and pushes you forward to be the best you can be.

5. One way that Sister Duran and I are strengthening our companionship is..

    Experiencing hardships and trials.... Together.

6. One thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is...
    To finally get Tony a baptismal date
     And for Rob to be ready for baptism
     And to meet new people/investigators

 7.  My favorite study session this week was...
     At District Meeting with Sister Simon! Did I mention She is the Best! She told me exactly what I needed to hear and she didn't even know what was going on in our ward!

 8.  If I could describe today in THREE WORDS, they would be...
     Long, busy, and Service

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