Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 19: Squirrels and -12 C

So how about half the questions:

1.  Update on your investigators.  Any new ones?
Jeanette-- Is amazing! We are having Thanksgiving with her and the Wongs on Thursday! Yay!!!!! 
Sabrina-- is going to YSA-- good for her sad for us! I am really going to miss her a LOT!!!

 2.  Most spiritual moment of the week.
    Too many can't pick just one! The little tender mercies are the best! Pay attention to them!

 3.  Funniest moment of the week
    There was a squirrel outside of our apartment this morning that decided he wanted to chase after us!

 4.  How are you holding up in the weather?
 IT is absolutely freezing but to be exact it has hit -12 celcius a couple times this week!!! I have been doing well though! The key is layers and keeping dry!\


 5.  Favorite companionship study this week?
      Sister Susan Fulcher case study on member missionary work!

 Rapid Fire

1.  I know my Heavenly Father loves me because.......
     He knows what I need! This week we were asked to teach gospel principles on chapter 41 about the post mortal world! We focused on how we can find comfort in this part of the plan! Little did I know that one of my favorite Sunday School teacher passed away on Friday! I know that He is looking out for each of our needs! And is loving towards each one of us.

2.  One way that Sister Lundin and I are strengthening our companionship is?
     We wear our fuzzy socks together and caramel hot chocolate! 

 3.  I was so excited when...
       I got a Surprise Thanksgiving Package directly from my parents through someone who lives here! Thank you Mike Chen and Tyler! It was amazing!!!!

 4.  One way I am feeling blessed as a missionary is...
      You really get to see people change their eternities when they come closer to Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father!

 5.  Since it is Thanksgiving at least here in USA,   5 things I have
grateful for...
      Member Missionary Work
      The Book of Mormon
      The Plan of Salvation
      My Family and Friends
      People who make people Smile 
      The Atonement of Jesus Christ Allowing us to live with God again.

The Plan of Salvation Is so real and it is soo true! I know that we will have the opportunity to live with God again! That we will be with our families forever!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 18: Tim-Tam slam and Let it snow!

1.  Update on investigators and any new ones?
 Jeanette-- Is doing awesome! She is so happy and she is sharing the gospel with her friends and is coming to church every week! She is feeling the spirit! She is amazing!

Sabrina-- her baptismal date is Dec 14th as well! She is amazing! She is so cute! She is trying YSA next week so we may not be able to teach her anymore! Sad day! But she is doing soooo well she is sharing the gospel with her co workers and she brings us treats everytime we visit her! 

2.  How often do you do splits with the Sister Training Leaders?
     Once a transfer

 3.  What was the best and what was the worst part of your week?
    I lost my bag in the Subway with my wallet and everything in it! I Remember specifically taking out my planner which I never have in my bag and then Worrying about it all day to find it at home again! I am sooo confused on how that happened!

 4.  What are your plans for P-Day today?
      Saying goodbye to everyone who is leaving! and playing sports and visiting a Less Active named Deb, Who
is awesome!

Sister Stuart, Sister Lundin,  ElderCall, Elder Johnson and Lou

 5.  Favorite scripture this week?
      Alma 41:10 Wickedness never was happiness!

 6.  Favorite teaching moment?
     As We taught Sabrina with Iva Mema! A member's testimony is key when learning about the gospel! It is so happy when they can relate to them!

 7.  What other hidden talents have you learned you have or discovered?
(I have the video-Thanks to Brother Paul-with you trying to touch your
tongue to your nose--not much of a talent there, but man Sister
Lundin--that is a talent)

     TIM--TAM SLAM!!!

 8.   What is your favorite thing about Don Valley?
    The People here!!!!!

 9.  Best Companion moment of the week?
     Sister Lundin is always looking out for me! And we are always laughing and today we have had A LOT of energy 

 10.  What other awesome things can you share?
      Sister Lundin and I are staying together for CHRISTMAS!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snowy Faces with Sister Lundin

 Rapid Fire

1.  I feel closest to The Lord when...
      You have a out loud kneeling prayer!!!!

 2.  I was especially happy when...
     We Got no transfer call last night!!!

 3.  Something that touched my heart immensely this week was...
     God really knows what we need and He knows exactly who we are!!!!!

 4.  My favorite thing to eat is....
      raw cookie dough and sister Shah's homemade no utensils curry!

 5.  The Spirit was so strong as...
     As We taught Sabrina with Iva Mema! A member's testimony is key when learning about the gospel! It is so happy when they can relate to them!

 6.  One of the most challenging parts of missionary work is...
     Talking to Everyone!

 7.  I stay warm by....
     Having a heavy duty coat and boots
This is what we woke up to this morning

 8.  My favorite hymn or song right now is....
     Nearer my God to thee!

 9.  My testimony was strengthened when..
     When I have gone to God in my trials! He is always there for each one of us and he gives us trials because he needs us to go to him for help and he wants to help us!

Sister Selfie at North York Zone Meeting

North York Zone Meeting


Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 17: Learning, Laughing, and Optimism

1.  Update on investigators and any new ones?

Jeanette-- She is doing well! She wants to get baptized so bad! She is preparing herself for Dec 14th! Yay!!! We are so happy for her! She is amazing!

Jonathan-- Dropped us

Sabrina--She is absolutely amazing!!! We love her so much! She is already sharing everything she learns with a co worker! and she even has given him a Book of Mormon!!

2.  What was your favorite thing that happened at church yesterday?
     In RS we talked about how we can spread the gospel everyday! It has never occurred to me that so many people don't know how to share the gospel! If that is the case here is some advice: JUST DO IT!

 3.  If you had 3 extra hours each day, how would you fill them?
      Talking to people! Sleeping! and visiting all the less actives we have!

 4.  Describe today's "Feeling in the air"?
       It is filled with Excitement and Happiness!

 5.  My favorite part of the day is when...
      At night, When I get to reflect on all the people we have met or taught! And thinking to myself that I may not be making a big difference, but on average it takes 7 or 8 times of meeting the missionaries to listen to the message they have to share. and I just gave them another check mark! I also think of how much I love this gospel and What I can do more!

 6.  I felt The Lord guiding me the most this week when...
      When I was teaching Sabrina with Sister Warburton (STL). Sabrina had so many good questions! She is so eager to learn and the lord guided us to say and answer every question she had!

7.  BIGGEST "made me smile" moment
    Oh this morning when I was folding and putting away my clothes Sister Lundin just started throwing clothes at me!!! AHHHHHH!

 8.  FAVORITE teaching experience (or finding experience) of the week...
      Look at #6

 9.  Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details?)
      Oh my goodness so Sister Lundin wore my BYU necklace yesterday! and Elder Call-Shotorbani (the one who looks like Superman and also a HUGE UofU fan) Comes into church with his hands full! So I took his scriptures and shook his hand and said hello! He turns to Sister Lundin and then at the necklace! YOU DO NOT DESERVE A HANDSHAKE! and then he walked away! He avoided her for most of church! Ha ha ha!!

 10.  Something you want to share?
      Be grateful for the trials you have because they make you who you are! They are something that helps you grow and stretch! Just remember to go to God and don't blame him! Instead ask for help from him!
      Oh don't forget I LOVE YOU!!!

 Rapid Fire

1.  My First thought this morning, as I woke up was...
      Today is going to be amazing! Plus we need to make cupcakes!!!

 2.  I felt the Spirit the most....
     During personal study when you pray for others knowledge and not your own!

 3.  Something that touched my hearing immensely this week was...
      Mike Chen! He is 22 and a Recent Convert and worked down at the MTC for the a while and is now leaving on his mission to Calgary! He has volunteered to go teaching with us this last week and he took us to lunch and he is bringing something back to Utah for my family for me!

Sister Lundin, Mike Chen and Sister Stuart
Glad to see she has a winter coat

 4.  I had the most fun this week when...
      Sister Warburton (from Deweyville, Utah and went to USU and went to Bear River) and I played soccer with the Elders and Less Actives and Recent Converts and Investigators! She is Awesome!

 5.  If I could talk face to face with the Savior, I would ask Him...
     If I could have a radar that tells me who are the people who are ready to hear the gospel right now! Those ones who he has prepared! And how I could better this area that he has assigned me too!

 6. I am happiest when..
     I am teaching people about the true gospel of Jesus Christ!

 7.  I laughed uncontrollably when...
      Sister Lundin and I have our telepathic conversations and just ends up with us laughing a lot! (we do this a lot)

 8.  Something I learned about myself this week was...
      I definitely talk to more to random people than I ever have in my life.

 9.  A goal I have for this upcoming week is...
      to say more prayers of gratitude!

 10.  My testimony of the Book of Mormon is...
      That it is the Truest book on the earth today! It is one that will fill you with happiness and peace! It is one that can relate to everyone for any situation! It is so amazing!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 16: Cookie Dough Pancakes are the best

So let's get down to business::::

1.  Update on investigators and any new ones.   How is Jeanette?
     Jeanette- Is awesome! We haven't heard from her in a couple days, so we hope she is doing well!
     Jonathan-- is 20! We have taught him everything in 3 days! He is so prepared he is awesome! He is following all the commandments and is so willing to follow God!
      Sabrina-- We are meeting with her again this week! She is amazing! 

 2.  How are you holding up in the weather, since you had your first snow?
    Oh my goodness! It is so pretty! But it was SOO cold! All the Elders (who have a car) were making fun of us because we were in a tuque(beanie) are warmest coats(not so warm) a cardigan, leggings and tights and are brand new huge warm winter boots!

Sister Lundin and Sister Stuart

 3.  What was the best part of your week?
     Teaching Jonathan and Jeanette! They are amazing! They both want to follow God! And they are so willing to listen to the truth we have to share!

 4.  Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details)
     So we were teaching ESL on Tuesday and we were teaching holidays with an emphasis on Halloween! So we had this Bright Pink, Fuzzy PJ thing in our closet in our apartment so we brought it! and we had one of the newest elder, Elder Smith put it on! Oh my goodness We laughed so hard because he looked like a very pink Easter bunny!

 5. Most spiritual moment of the week?
     District Meeting on Wednesday! Oh my Goodness! I learned so much and felt the spirit so strongly! I can't even describe it!

 6. Describe a normal day for a sister serving in Don Valley?
     Get up, exercise a lot, get ready, eat breakfast, studies, meet with Less Actives, or Formers, or investigators, and if we aren't doing any of that we are tracting and talking to as many people as possible.

 7. What have you learned the most from Sister Lundin?
     The most? I have learned so much from her! I love hearing what she has to say always! I have learned that we can't do a lot of service here but one service we can do is to make someone smile, which is what she makes me do all the time!

Sister Lundin and Sister Stuart just before going into the MTC, who knew they would end up companions so soon?

 8.  What was your favorite service moment this week?
     Making the Elders Adobo! (thanks Sister Duran)

 9. How has your testimony grown since getting out in the field?
     Oh my Goodness! Where do I start??? My testimony has grown through the trials I face, I can now say honestly I love trials! Weird huh? I have found out that a mission doesn't change you the Atonement does. And it is used in many ways everyday!

 10. Tell me something you learned about YOURSELF this week (a quality, etc)
      I have learned so much from the Atonement without realizing how much I use it! I have learned that I am NEVER alone!

 Rapid Fire:

1.  Strangest ting you ate this week or new thing you tried?
      Pancakes/waffles in a grilled cheese maker

 2. Describe your new apartment?
      a very organized mess! long but not too big!

 3. This week the FIVE things I am most grateful for are...
     The Atonement
      New People We meet everyday
     My Companion

 4.  Church yesterday was awesome because....
     We got to teach Eternal Marriage, which we have come to realize we do not know to much about!

 5. I felt the Spirit the most...
      Teaching the Atonement to our investigators! Sharing a testimony of how the atonement works and how they have felt his love.

 6.  After meeting with President Clayton last week, I learned this from him...
      Less Actives really open new doors to new people even if they do not live there anymore!

 7.  I love it when...
      It is so cold outside! ;)

 8.  This morning's personal scripture study focus was...
     Alma 27ish and the Atonement -- missionary work and the atonement by Elder Holland

 9.  One way that Sister Lundin and I are strengthening our companionship is....
      Making food for each other!

 10.  Did you know that......?
      Elders are Super funny! I love food! and Homemade Cookie dough Pancakes are the best!

Tender Mercy--Got a call from Mike Chen who is from Toronto and heading to the MTC in the next couple weeks.   He says he has a package for us from Sister Stuart--can't wait until Friday.    Also he sent me a couple of pictures.