Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 18: Tim-Tam slam and Let it snow!

1.  Update on investigators and any new ones?
 Jeanette-- Is doing awesome! She is so happy and she is sharing the gospel with her friends and is coming to church every week! She is feeling the spirit! She is amazing!

Sabrina-- her baptismal date is Dec 14th as well! She is amazing! She is so cute! She is trying YSA next week so we may not be able to teach her anymore! Sad day! But she is doing soooo well she is sharing the gospel with her co workers and she brings us treats everytime we visit her! 

2.  How often do you do splits with the Sister Training Leaders?
     Once a transfer

 3.  What was the best and what was the worst part of your week?
    I lost my bag in the Subway with my wallet and everything in it! I Remember specifically taking out my planner which I never have in my bag and then Worrying about it all day to find it at home again! I am sooo confused on how that happened!

 4.  What are your plans for P-Day today?
      Saying goodbye to everyone who is leaving! and playing sports and visiting a Less Active named Deb, Who
is awesome!

Sister Stuart, Sister Lundin,  ElderCall, Elder Johnson and Lou

 5.  Favorite scripture this week?
      Alma 41:10 Wickedness never was happiness!

 6.  Favorite teaching moment?
     As We taught Sabrina with Iva Mema! A member's testimony is key when learning about the gospel! It is so happy when they can relate to them!

 7.  What other hidden talents have you learned you have or discovered?
(I have the video-Thanks to Brother Paul-with you trying to touch your
tongue to your nose--not much of a talent there, but man Sister
Lundin--that is a talent)

     TIM--TAM SLAM!!!

 8.   What is your favorite thing about Don Valley?
    The People here!!!!!

 9.  Best Companion moment of the week?
     Sister Lundin is always looking out for me! And we are always laughing and today we have had A LOT of energy 

 10.  What other awesome things can you share?
      Sister Lundin and I are staying together for CHRISTMAS!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snowy Faces with Sister Lundin

 Rapid Fire

1.  I feel closest to The Lord when...
      You have a out loud kneeling prayer!!!!

 2.  I was especially happy when...
     We Got no transfer call last night!!!

 3.  Something that touched my heart immensely this week was...
     God really knows what we need and He knows exactly who we are!!!!!

 4.  My favorite thing to eat is....
      raw cookie dough and sister Shah's homemade no utensils curry!

 5.  The Spirit was so strong as...
     As We taught Sabrina with Iva Mema! A member's testimony is key when learning about the gospel! It is so happy when they can relate to them!

 6.  One of the most challenging parts of missionary work is...
     Talking to Everyone!

 7.  I stay warm by....
     Having a heavy duty coat and boots
This is what we woke up to this morning

 8.  My favorite hymn or song right now is....
     Nearer my God to thee!

 9.  My testimony was strengthened when..
     When I have gone to God in my trials! He is always there for each one of us and he gives us trials because he needs us to go to him for help and he wants to help us!

Sister Selfie at North York Zone Meeting

North York Zone Meeting


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