Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 16: Cookie Dough Pancakes are the best

So let's get down to business::::

1.  Update on investigators and any new ones.   How is Jeanette?
     Jeanette- Is awesome! We haven't heard from her in a couple days, so we hope she is doing well!
     Jonathan-- is 20! We have taught him everything in 3 days! He is so prepared he is awesome! He is following all the commandments and is so willing to follow God!
      Sabrina-- We are meeting with her again this week! She is amazing! 

 2.  How are you holding up in the weather, since you had your first snow?
    Oh my goodness! It is so pretty! But it was SOO cold! All the Elders (who have a car) were making fun of us because we were in a tuque(beanie) are warmest coats(not so warm) a cardigan, leggings and tights and are brand new huge warm winter boots!

Sister Lundin and Sister Stuart

 3.  What was the best part of your week?
     Teaching Jonathan and Jeanette! They are amazing! They both want to follow God! And they are so willing to listen to the truth we have to share!

 4.  Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details)
     So we were teaching ESL on Tuesday and we were teaching holidays with an emphasis on Halloween! So we had this Bright Pink, Fuzzy PJ thing in our closet in our apartment so we brought it! and we had one of the newest elder, Elder Smith put it on! Oh my goodness We laughed so hard because he looked like a very pink Easter bunny!

 5. Most spiritual moment of the week?
     District Meeting on Wednesday! Oh my Goodness! I learned so much and felt the spirit so strongly! I can't even describe it!

 6. Describe a normal day for a sister serving in Don Valley?
     Get up, exercise a lot, get ready, eat breakfast, studies, meet with Less Actives, or Formers, or investigators, and if we aren't doing any of that we are tracting and talking to as many people as possible.

 7. What have you learned the most from Sister Lundin?
     The most? I have learned so much from her! I love hearing what she has to say always! I have learned that we can't do a lot of service here but one service we can do is to make someone smile, which is what she makes me do all the time!

Sister Lundin and Sister Stuart just before going into the MTC, who knew they would end up companions so soon?

 8.  What was your favorite service moment this week?
     Making the Elders Adobo! (thanks Sister Duran)

 9. How has your testimony grown since getting out in the field?
     Oh my Goodness! Where do I start??? My testimony has grown through the trials I face, I can now say honestly I love trials! Weird huh? I have found out that a mission doesn't change you the Atonement does. And it is used in many ways everyday!

 10. Tell me something you learned about YOURSELF this week (a quality, etc)
      I have learned so much from the Atonement without realizing how much I use it! I have learned that I am NEVER alone!

 Rapid Fire:

1.  Strangest ting you ate this week or new thing you tried?
      Pancakes/waffles in a grilled cheese maker

 2. Describe your new apartment?
      a very organized mess! long but not too big!

 3. This week the FIVE things I am most grateful for are...
     The Atonement
      New People We meet everyday
     My Companion

 4.  Church yesterday was awesome because....
     We got to teach Eternal Marriage, which we have come to realize we do not know to much about!

 5. I felt the Spirit the most...
      Teaching the Atonement to our investigators! Sharing a testimony of how the atonement works and how they have felt his love.

 6.  After meeting with President Clayton last week, I learned this from him...
      Less Actives really open new doors to new people even if they do not live there anymore!

 7.  I love it when...
      It is so cold outside! ;)

 8.  This morning's personal scripture study focus was...
     Alma 27ish and the Atonement -- missionary work and the atonement by Elder Holland

 9.  One way that Sister Lundin and I are strengthening our companionship is....
      Making food for each other!

 10.  Did you know that......?
      Elders are Super funny! I love food! and Homemade Cookie dough Pancakes are the best!

Tender Mercy--Got a call from Mike Chen who is from Toronto and heading to the MTC in the next couple weeks.   He says he has a package for us from Sister Stuart--can't wait until Friday.    Also he sent me a couple of pictures.   

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