Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 19: Squirrels and -12 C

So how about half the questions:

1.  Update on your investigators.  Any new ones?
Jeanette-- Is amazing! We are having Thanksgiving with her and the Wongs on Thursday! Yay!!!!! 
Sabrina-- is going to YSA-- good for her sad for us! I am really going to miss her a LOT!!!

 2.  Most spiritual moment of the week.
    Too many can't pick just one! The little tender mercies are the best! Pay attention to them!

 3.  Funniest moment of the week
    There was a squirrel outside of our apartment this morning that decided he wanted to chase after us!

 4.  How are you holding up in the weather?
 IT is absolutely freezing but to be exact it has hit -12 celcius a couple times this week!!! I have been doing well though! The key is layers and keeping dry!\


 5.  Favorite companionship study this week?
      Sister Susan Fulcher case study on member missionary work!

 Rapid Fire

1.  I know my Heavenly Father loves me because.......
     He knows what I need! This week we were asked to teach gospel principles on chapter 41 about the post mortal world! We focused on how we can find comfort in this part of the plan! Little did I know that one of my favorite Sunday School teacher passed away on Friday! I know that He is looking out for each of our needs! And is loving towards each one of us.

2.  One way that Sister Lundin and I are strengthening our companionship is?
     We wear our fuzzy socks together and caramel hot chocolate! 

 3.  I was so excited when...
       I got a Surprise Thanksgiving Package directly from my parents through someone who lives here! Thank you Mike Chen and Tyler! It was amazing!!!!

 4.  One way I am feeling blessed as a missionary is...
      You really get to see people change their eternities when they come closer to Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father!

 5.  Since it is Thanksgiving at least here in USA,   5 things I have
grateful for...
      Member Missionary Work
      The Book of Mormon
      The Plan of Salvation
      My Family and Friends
      People who make people Smile 
      The Atonement of Jesus Christ Allowing us to live with God again.

The Plan of Salvation Is so real and it is soo true! I know that we will have the opportunity to live with God again! That we will be with our families forever!

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