Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 20: Operation Ghost Melon

Happy December 1st!!!!!!!

Ok question time:

1.  Update on current investigators?  Any new ones?​
   Jeanette-- is doing so well! She is so excited to be baptized on the 14th! She has her interview this week! We are so excited and happy for her!

    Sabrina-- Even though she is YSA she texts us all the time! We love her so much! She texts us yesterday and tells us she is being baptized on Sunday December 7th! AHHHH!!!

2.  How are your SOEs coming? What are your goals this week?
    Standards of Excellence is out the window for now! We met with President Clayton this week and he said out of 25,000 Members in Ontario, only about 8,000 of them have been to church within the last quarter! He told us we need to work more with members, less actives, and recent converts! Then that will open doors to new people! He also said we will be staying longer in areas with our companions!

3.  What are some Christmas traditions that people do in Canada?  
    Well they do a Christmas Musical Fireside every year! Then the 1st presidency Christmas conference as a stake! But other than that I have no idea!

4.  Favorite Companionship study this week?
    Today! I played doctor because Sister Lundin had a piece of glass stuck in her foot and she couldn't get it out! So I did! Thank heavens for everything I am trained in!!

5.  The funniest thing (spare not details) that happened this week.
     So at our Zone Conference with 4 other zones President and Sister Clayton called on a random missionary to come role play with them! She was the primary president and they were telling her that a way she can get more people to church is by watching Meet the Mormons! and she asks well what's it about, they said they don't know they haven't seen it but it is good she should go and watch it, she asks why, Sister Clayton says Pause, what is wrong with this picture? We say we haven't seen it so how can we promote it! President Clayton turns to us and says well now you can because her it is! WE WATCHED MEET THE MORMONS IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!
6.  The most challenging thing this week.
      Preparing for a talk I had to give in sacrament! I prayed all week to know what I should speak about! But nothing came! I was stressed all week! AHH!

7.  What did you do to overcome that challenge?
     I took Sister Lundin's Farewell talk and updated it and changed it a little! It was pretty good!

8.  I felt the spirit the strongest this week when...
    We were at Zone Conference and I got to see so many people that I knew or came out with! Like Elder Butler, Sister Rasmussen, Sister Duran.....

9.  Now that it is getting cold--how do you do tracting?
     We aren't doing as much tracting any more because we trying to visit ALL of the Member in the ward before the 21st! which is 800+ people!!!

10.  Tell me about something you learned about Yourself this week?
     I Love serving people! I Especially love helping members spread the gospel to their friends!

Rapid Fire:

1.  Strangest thing you ate this week?
     Well it isn't the strangest thing I ate this week but the strangest place was that we quickly stopped at a bus stop to eat meatloaf!

2.  Favorite sight seeing moment (what you get to look at each day)
    Sister Lundin, running around the house like a maniac!

3.  I laughed so hard when...
     Oh there was a Hindu guy that we met at Mr. Sub and Sister Lundin said hi to him and then ask what his favorite sandwich to get was! He said the Veggie Sub and asked her what hers was! She said (without thinking) The meatball sub! He then asked if that was beef and we said yes! Then he looked away slowly! Then after he ordered he asked if he could sit with us! It turned out some sister missionaries visited his mom when she was sick! And then asked if he could take us for dinner sometime soon!

4.  I am happiest when..
     Get to sit down and have lunch!

5.  I couldn't believe it when..
     Sister Lundin Scheduled a Phillipino dinner on the only day I wont be here this week! I hope she eats ballut!!!

6.  Something that touched my heart immensely this week was...
     Doing service for people in my ward!

7.  My favorite scripture this week is...
     Alma 48: 11-14 Qualities of Moroni
     Alma 54 because it was the weirdest trash talk!

8.  My favorite part of the teaching process is...
     Teaching them about Prayer! and to help them keep commitments!

9.  I am learning new things everyday.   Today's new things was...
      That glass in a foot is hard to get out when you are looking for a sliver of wood!

10.  I felt so blessed this week when..
     Actually when President Clayton changed the focus of the mission not to bring in new people but to strengthen the ward which will in turn bring in new people who will stay because of the strength of the ward!

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