Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 22: Jeanette and Sabrina

So here are the questions:

1.  Update on investigators?  Any new ones?  New members coming back
to church? Details on the baptisms.
     Jeanette-- Was BAPTIZED!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! She is soo happy!
     Sabrina-- Was BAPTIZED!!! And we got to go!!!!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! She is soo happy!
     Mekida-- is doing well! we are trying to get her to come to church!

 2.  What was the BEST part of your week in the field?
      Do Baptisms count??/ If so that is what I would choose! Seeing people enter a promise with God! And seeing the light of Christ literally shine through them! Them coming out of the water with the biggest smiles on their faces, just so willing to share their happiness with every one they come in contact with! Aww man!

 3.  Favorite scripture of the week and WHY?
4.  Best service opportunity this week?
     Oh we shoveled a jewish guy's drive way in the middle of the Snow Storm! That was soo much fun!!! Ha ha ha !!!

 5.  In what ways do you feel you have grown the most since being out
in the field.
      Oh man! Where to start?!?!?! That is such a hard question! I feel like I have grown closer to Jesus Christ and I can feel the spirit more in my life! I am able to access the atonement in more ways than I could ever imagine! I have the opportunity to learn all of these things! I have also learned more here than I have my whole life in school!

 6.  How are the 12 days of Christmas going?
   It is great I opened the GIANT Tootsie rolls yesterday and haven't opened up any today yet! Man that is a lot of Sugar!

 Rapid Fire

1.  Weirdest food eaten this week or coolest place went to eat?
      Cheese Ice Cream and Blue Yam Ice Cream (turns your tongue purple!) from the Phillipines!!! MAN THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 2.  STRONGEST testimony-strengthening experience of the week was....
      The Baptisms Yesterday! I can't believe I got to be some peoples Missionary! I could never believe it! My heart is so full!

 3.  The "MOST unexpected moment" I had this week was....
     #1 The Font Was WAY too hot! Jeanette, Elder Smith, the Bishop and Nicole all got out of the font with a reddish tint! Ahh!  

Sister Lundin, Sister Stuart, Elder Smith, Jeanette, Nicole, Elder Gullart, Elder Fjeldsted, and Brother Wong!

     #2We were allowed to go to Sabrina's Baptism and we snuck in the back because we were a couple minutes late! So she didn't see us! They were Excused to go up stairs to the Baptismal font and so we ran up stairs to catch her before she went in! And She turned around and immediately started crying she hugged us and just cried! I couldn't believe it! She is so amazing! So She was about to get into the font and she had a panic attack but no one could tell because the door was shut and we knew something was up and Elder Orr said everything was fine! Not! Anyway after she got out we rushed to the bathroom where she continued to cry! She hurry and got dressed and ran to us! She is soooooooo Cute!

Elder Orr, Elder Mangahkahia, Sabrina, Sister Stuart, Sister Lundin

 4.  My companion and I bonded over....
     Our First Baptisms together! Ahh Our Babies are growing up!!!
     Elder Gunnell constantly Making fun of both of us! gahh!! Dang idahoian!

 5.  This Holiday day season--what do you want people/family to know most of all?
     He is the gift!!!!!

      Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Gift! If it wasn't for him we definitely wouldn't be here! We wouldn't have known each other and we would all be stuck! Jesus Christ provided a way for us to be here on this beautiful earth to learn and grow!
      You have all played an important part in my life big or small! I am sooo Glad I have gotten to know all of you!! You are super important to me! and I love you!!!!

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