Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 11: Sitting in the dark, But truly feeling the light of Christ

1. How are your investigators progressing? Any new ones?

Tony--he was Confirmed yesterday!  It was an amazing experience! I can't even put into words how happy he was!! It just made my heart happy you know??

Ashleigh and Tiffany--Sisters, single mothers, who live together.   They are amazing! They are so funny! They are completely different from each other! But both want to learn more!

2.  Tell us about your ward/branch?  Number of members, etc..

My Ward is Absolutely amazing!! They are so exciting and happy to see us! They are all so different and interesting! Most of them are super excited about missionary work and try to help out as much as they can! We average between 100-150 at sacrament on Sunday but there are members in our area!

3. What did you learn from Elder Cardon that you can apply to the rest of your mission?

I want to apply being more bold with people and not focusing on what to say but rather have the spirit really work through me and say what it needs to!

I really enjoyed what he said, that the prophet is an extension from God, the 12 are an extension of the prophet, the 70 are an extension of the 12.  He asked us do the extensions of God go beyond the 70? Yes, and here you sit!

He is an amazing and inspired man! He rally talked about Fearing No Man, Fearing No Place, and Fearing Nothing that comes along your way!

Elder Cardon Mission Tour on Sept 20, 2014 with the London, Kitchener, Hamilton, Brampton and Weston Missionaries
(Sister Stuart is on the Right of the Picture)

4. How's the driving going? Is the car still yelling at you?

Yes Tiwi is still yelling at me!  I went 2 1/2 days without it yelling at me though! I love driving! It really was a blessing for me because it is a way to learn the area but also a way to comfort me and it relieves stress for me!

5. Favorite scripture of the week and why?

D & C 88:63-68, because what question doesn't this answer????

6. Favorite teaching moment of the week?

Probably teaching a recent convert about the importance of a Patriarchal Blessing and seeing the joy that came to their face when we said it was direction and answers directly from God, was just priceless!

7. What is your favorite method of contacting new investigators? What do you find as the easiest way to tract or talk with people and what is the hardest for you?

Member Referrals because then you always have someone to come teach with you and it is definitely an easier way to merge them into the ward.  

I find it easier to tract even though you are oh so familiar with the slam and click of the door lock.  And really being lead to a place where the Lord needs you is great too!

Talking with people on the street is harder for me because 1/2 of them are running in the first place! And the others are on their phone or listening to their ipods and the ones who are not, aren't very interested.  But it is hard to talk to someone who has every which way to run.   

8. Strangest thing you ate this week?  Or Favorite thing you cooked this week?

Ox tail! Who knew you could eat ox tail!! Apparently Jamaicans!

Favorite thing I cooked this week...fried garlic rice with onions and chile peppers, the only thing that would make it better would have been bacon!!

                                         (My dessert Plate at the Mandarin!  I so wanted more!)

9. Best Companion moment of the week...

Listening to each other while each of us was listening to the spirit!! We really both had 2 experiences where we had a feeling to go visit 2 different members this week and we went! And both of them really needed someone to talk to! Both were having a hard time and just needed someone to listen to.   

10. Did you get to watch women's conference?  If so what was your favorite talk...?

Yes!!!! It was AMAZING! It was interesting though we were all in the chapel and we couldn't see anything on the screen, but we could hear everything! People were invited to go to the family history center to watch it, but not one person moved! All of us just sat there listening to these inspired speakers.  We were just sitting in the dark, but we all felt the light of Christ in the room.  I loved President Uchtdorf's talk!  Especially when he talked about LOVE.  You have never experienced true love until you have experienced the Lord's love.


1. I know my Heavenly Father loves me because...

President Uchtdorf told me so!

2. Something I am really looking forward to this week is...

General Conference!

3. My most humbling moment of the week was when...

Being able to listen to a person's problem and just being there for them when they need it most is a very humbling experience to me.  

4. This morning's personal scripture study focus was...

Mosiah 23:21-22 and 24: 13-14

5. The Spirit was so strong as..

Tony was confirmed with the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday!  I can not express in words the Spirit felt there!  Tony and his new tie he got from "two sweet angelic girls", his words not mine!

               (Tony and his new tie he got from "two sweet angelic girls".  His words not mine!)

6. I had the most fun this week when...

We had the Bishop's daughter with us for the day, taking pictures and trying out new things getting ready for the Media day On OCTOBER 11th

7. Something I wish I had understood BEFORE coming on a mission is...

Hard times come and you may fall short, but when you fully access the Atonement you can truly be made whole again.   

8. My testimony was strengthened when...

As I continually choose to come closer to Christ, by taking a bad experience and making me better because of it!

9. My favorite part of the teaching process is...

Actually teaching!!!  I love teaching people things that can bring them TRUE HAPPINESS!!

10. I am grateful for (5 things) this week.

       -Living Prophets and Apostles
       -The Spirit
       -Love given to the people around us

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 10: Big Surprise, Irony, and PI with a 70!

1. How are your investigators progressing?  Any new ones?

Tony--look at question 4!  DO IT!!!

Rob--he stopped seeing us

Monique and Ruben--They are doing absolutely amazing! They are really like my family here!  I love them so much! They are so funny and so kind and willing to serve everyone!

Kathryn--She has been really busy this week

Bird Family--Met with them 3 times this week!  They have been super busy and have had some REALLY hard times the past couple of weeks!  They are doing well though! They are an amazing family.  Still trying to get them to church.

2. What was the STRONGEST testimony-strengthening experience of the week?

There were 2 this week!

1. Exact Obedience truly does bring blessings! It brought Tony to us so he could come closer to Christ.  So he can truly be happy and have eternal life by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God! And seeing a changed man stand before us was just an amazing experience.  

2. Elder Craig A. Cardon, a member of the quorum of the Seventy, came and talked to the mission (in parts) and taught us literally to be direct in your commitments, showing love by really promising blessings.  He also wanted to meet with me and a couple other missionaries for a PI.  It scared me I am not going to lie! He really answered a specific question for me that I have had in my heart since day one! Scriptures are truly the key everyone!  They will answer any questions you may have!

Elder Craig Cardon

3. Favorite Companion Study?

We studied faith! We shared experience of faith and then role played asking inspired question about faith to an investigator.

4. The MOST UNEXPECTED Moment I had this week was....

Tony was....wait for it....BAPTIZED!!!!!! He called us on Thursday during our weekly planning.  Which NEVER happens! He asked us when his baptismal date was and we said this Sunday the 21st! He asked Sisters what do I need to do to be prepared by Sunday?! So we have ran around the last 4 days getting stuff ready for his baptism!  It was the most amazing experience!  I can't even begin to express the happiness we have felt for him!

Brother Barnes, Brother Christensen, Tony, Sister Stuart, Sister Duran

5. Describe today's "feeling in the air"

Happy and energized! Ready to go out and work!

6. Besides the people and missionary work, what do you like most about serving in London?

It is sooo green! The leaves are all changing color and it is amazing.  Being here is like being in a forest city.  It is so cool!  The rain is pretty great as well (most of the time)

7. How are things going with Sister Duran, is she feeling better? The rest of the district? Your Zone?  How are the SOE?

Yes she is feeling better! She is getting her energy back!  The District is AMAZING! Elder Taumopenu is from Tonga, he is my District leader and his companion is BRAND new, Elder Bowler, from Rexburg, Idaho.   Then we have the Zone leaders in our District, Elder Skirvin from Alpine, Utah (going home in November :(  ) and Elder Teutau from Tonga! We also have the Chinese Sisters, Willowby from Texas (going home this transfer :(, Sister Mak from Hong Kong and their Brand new Companion Sister Chu from Hong Kong as well!  She is adorable!

8. Funniest moment of the week?

There was a guy that was hitting on Sister Duran super hard. He asked "Sister Duran is this YOUR number?" She replied "this is OUR number".  He said "Sister Duran is there anyway we can talk one-on-one basis???"  She simply replied, "NO I am a missionary".  

9. What are your plans for the remainder of P-Day?

We are going to this restaurant called Mandarin that everyone claims as one of the best buffet restaurants around! Then we are going to play sports! I am going to finish making a Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting for Elder Tauopenu because he hasn't had it since he has been out (which is awhile).  Then we are going to play sports and then visit with potential investigator and then teach a lesson with the Bishop to a part-member family.   

Rapid Fire

1. Did you know that.....

Miracles come from EXACT Obedience?????

2. This week we found greatest success by...

Trusting the Lord!

3. If I were granted one wish, I would want it to be...

To find everyone who is ready and prepared to hear this AMAZING Gospel

4. There is no doubt that the Spirit was present when...

Tony was Baptized for the right Reasons with the Right authority

5. I love learning new things everyday.  Today's "new things" was...

If you do what the Lord wants he will deliver you. 

6. I couldn't believe it when...

Tony said what do I need to do to prepare for Baptism on Sunday?

7. I felt so blessed this week because....

As a companionship we were Exactly obedient. 

8. My favorite service opportunity (big or small) happened when...

I got to put letters up on Tony's sign.  I cut my finger REALLY bad.  Oh well!!! (She reports the finger is good)

9. A goal I Have for this upcoming week is....

Focus on Revelatory Planning!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 9: So much happening so little time! Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

1.  How are your investigators progressing?  Any new ones?
Tony-- Tony received a couple answers but now he has more questions as well! Last night I helped him fix his sink because He claimed he had 2 extra pieces! and he turned the water on and it went everywhere! So I fixed it for him! With no EXTRA pieces! He is doing well! He is just fighting his faith.

Rob-- Has been sick the past 2 weeks and is getting married next week and so we had him give us a list of questions and they are deep and challenging! But I love a good challenge. So Sister Duran and I have been having really good study sessions.
Monique and Ruben-- Are absolutely amazing! I love them so much!! She is going to the temple in October!!!! YAY!!!! and We taught a lesson on Patriarchal Blessings and they both are now preparing for them! YAY!!! They are so AWESOME!!!
Amber-- Still trying to get better.
Diana-- Is still out of town.
Nasrin-- Wasn't home!
Kathryn-- She is doing well! She still remembers us! and loves having us over! She is super sweet!
The Bird Family--did they make it to church? No! They were in Sarnia at a Wedding! But we are meeting with them early this week! Sister Duran and Sister Hawryluk Did service for them on Wednesday!
2. How was your Zone Conference on the 9th? Favorite talk, or topic and why?
     Oh man it was absolutely fantastic! President Clayton used the talk "Fear not I am with thee" by president Uchtdorf! It is an absolutely amazing talk! Remember to FEAR NO MAN!
3. How are you holding up in the weather?  Noticed it is starting to get cold. 
     The weather is definitely getting colder and more humid! It is getting chilly! I am getting winter stuff ready! because supposedly it is coming fast this year!
4. I felt The Lord guiding me the most this week when....
      As I was at Zone Conference and when I was with Sister Felix for Transfers! 
5. Best "A-ha" scripture reading experience of the week?
      Jacob 5:41 And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard wept, and said unto the servant: "What could I have done more for my vineyard?"
       That is my Question What can I do more for my part of the vineyard he has lent me? I have given and will continue to give my best to this part of the Vineyard and I will continually serve them with my whole heart!
6. Most embarrassing or funniest moment last week? (Spare no details)
     While I was on Exchanges with Sister Felix in Bramford. Sister Duran and Sister Hawryluk were busy in London! During that day they got a Text from an unknown number!
Guy: hi sisters
S.Duran: Hello there its the Sister Missionaries, Who is this?
Guy: We met in 585.
        .... And I have a crush on you.
        .....Hi Sister
We still don't know who it is, but we have our ideas. Scary part is all we know is he lives in our building! Dun dun duuuuuun!
7. Best companion moment of the week?
     Well this week I had two so
     Sister Duran-- It had to be when I got home from exchanges and she told me about ^^ and I have been taking care of her because she is sick!
     Sister Felix-- I loved that whole experience with her! She is an amazing missionary! She is so cute! Well we were tracting in downtown Bramford! and it literally just started to downpour! she had this scrawny little umbrella and was trying to fit both of us under it! It didn't work! We were both soaked and we were talking to EVERYONE!! It was awesome! and wet.. and cold... but super great!
8. Tell me something you learned about YOURSELF this week (a quality, etc)
      I learned that I am finding myself more when I serve others because that is what I am best at! I love serving!
9. Favorite teaching experience (or finding experience) of the week?
     On Thursday we taught Tony on his Doorstep because we couldn't find a member. But honestly we could all just feel the Spirit so strongly! and I just felt the spirit surge through me! It was just an amazing experience!
10. The "Most Unexpected Moment" I had this week was....
      When Elder Skirvin got up in Zone conference and bore his Departing testimony, I don't know why but I really just started to cry! It was super interesting, I didn't know we had so much in common! He really just made me speechless! He is awesome!
Rapid Fire

1.  My FIRST thought this morning, as I woke up was....
       Prayer time!!! and then Sister Duran asked if I could make her some soup because she has been sick!
2. My favorite thing that happened at church yesterday was....
       The whole day was based on Charity towards others! It was absolutely amazing to see 2 wards come together as one!
3. I had the most fun this week when...
       When I was on Exchanges with Sister Felix! She is so much fun! and she is super funny! I love it!         
4. I laughed uncontrollably when...
        When a car drove by in the rainstorm and I my shoes were literally flooded! and we still had an hour to tract!
5. Something I wish I had understood BEFORE coming on a mission is...
        There hard times that you cant understand! and Don't try to understand them because it makes it worse! Just stick to what you are here to do and everything will be fine!
6.  My favorite study session this week was....
         When I read the Talk called "Look to God and Live" both by President Monson and By Elder Holland
7.  My favorite SERVICE opportunity happened when...
          Sister Felix and I got to help this less active lady with her lawn. We had to weed eat her ENTIRE lawn!

8.  I love learning new things every day.  Today's "New thing" was...
           I learned that there are things out of my control and it is not my fault because it is others agency! I can't control a situation when it comes to making a decision so why worry about something you cant change!
9.  My testimony on Joseph Smith is...
            He I definitely with out a doubt in my mind a Prophet of God! He Saw God the Father and Jesus Christ multiple times. As an Apostle says: No bad man could write a book, and no good man could write such a book unless it were by the power of God!" He took care of everyone including the people who hated him! Why on Earth would a man die for something that wasn't true! Why would he die leaving behind his wife and kids? Why would he die knowing that there were many hardships and trials coming there way? Why would he die knowing that the Saints would leave footprints left in blood across the plains? Why would he die for a book that wasn't true?
            This man "has done more for this church other than Jesus Christ himself." He is a true prophet of God! He set the path for us all!
Jamaican shirt that matches her personality from last week's letter
Sister Stuart having a ball! She looks so happy!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 8: We are Family da da da da da


The Media Blitz is now from September 20th to October 11th I believe! When we do it I will tell you the exact date! You can sign up for twitter if you want but facebook will work!

Question Time:

1. How are your investigators progressing?  Any new ones?

Tony-was being frank, which I thought was great, working for him?  Yes it works great for him.  So he fasted this week! He is awesome, he has the faith and the knowledge all he needs now is to act on it.  But he really just likes questioning everything.  He is an amazing cook.  He cooked us dinner last night.  It was a Jamaican dish called Jerk chicken (super spicy) and beans and rice (super spicy).  It was SOOOO SOOO good! He also gave Sister Duran and I shirts from Jamaica, he calls it our Jamaican Flavor! Sister Duran's is actually from Jamaica, mine he had someone make it for me to match my personality.

Rob-Still questioning Joseph Smith and the Succession of Prophets.  He focuses totally on the intellectual side of things.  He is super great!  We gave him lots of things to read and it will take him a while to read it.  May not meet with him for a little while, especially since he gets married in less than 2 weeks and is finishing his PhD program.

Monique and Ruben--Oh man these two are absolutely amazing! They are so great! They are so willing to serve God! They are so funny!  They take great care of us!

Amber--Still need to meet with her! She is having some health problems.

Diana--She had an emergency work meeting in Toronto.

Nasrin--We need with her on Tuesday.

Dorin--We meet with her on Tuesday

The Bird Family-Friday-We met Joe and he told us they just moved in a couple days ago, which was an absolute miracle, because we tracted that street last Friday and didn't finish it, and so we thought we would go back and finish it now.  And we knocked on his door and he said that he just barely got home from his first day of school, but to come back on Saturday when his mom is home and you can do service as well.   We have actually been looking for a church to join he said! Wait? What?
Saturday--We met the mom.  She is wonderful.  She is Native American and she remembers a tribe member talking about Christ and that he visited them.   But that is all she ever heard of it until now. When we shared the Book of Mormon, she just about jumped out of her chair and said I get it, I finally get it.  So we gave them a copy and they said they would read it! And they are coming to church next week!

2. How was your Zone Meeting? Favorite talk, or topic and why?

Zone Council was super awesome! President Clayton was there! We talked about accountability and reporting, media blitz, pure in heart, exact obedience, standards of excellence.  I really liked the Accountability you have to report back not only to your leaders every night but to your Heavenly Father.
London Zone Sept 2014

(Look at the Canada Toronto Mission Facebook, this is what mom found posted by Sister Clayton)

We are excited to soon have a Day in the Life of a Missionary Companionship here in the Canada Toronto Mission.  During this day, members of the Church will follow missionaries who are serving in their ward during their entire day and tweet about it.  They will be with the missionaries from morning until night including studies, service, finding, teaching, meals and planning.  It will be a fantastic day.  As they send out tweets, others will receive them and send them on.  Facebook can receive tweets--who knew?  So we will receive them here on this page.   As you see the tweets being posted here, we invite you to forward them on so others can enjoy this day also and create a ripple in the social media airwaves.

Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve recently gave a talk on flooding the earth with goodness through social media.  Here is a sampling of what he said in his talk.  Take a look:

We have so much wonderful technology that can bring goodness across the world.  It will be great to use it to help people understand what our missionaries do here in Toronto.

3. What was the best (and what was the worst) part of your week?

Best--We found the Bird Family
Worst- We were out tracting at 8:30 at night and a lady said as soon as she shut the door she would be calling the cops because we shouldn't be disturbing the peace.

4. Most spiritual moment of the week?

I read the talk by Henry B. Eyring called Mountains to Climb.  Just read it!!!

5. Favorite teaching moment?

Having Tony call us to come to the Shop where he works (the 2 owners are members) and asking us to come pray with him so he can get answers to his fasting questions.

6. Describe a normal day for a sister Missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission?

That is a hard question because each area is different.  But Sister Duran and I study from 8-9 indivdually, 9-10 companionship study, 10-11 training (first 3 months), lunch, then we visit less actives, investigators and tracting and while we are doing that we are talking to everyone, trying to find new investigators. We are in the house before 9 or 930 if we are teaching a lesson, then we do daily planning, get ready for bed and are in bed by 1030.

What Dinner looks like when  you have no other groceries.  Who knew she could cook onion rings?

Study Area in her apartment

7. How has your testimony grown since getting out in the field?

I can't even describe how much it has grown since I have been here.  It grew from a stream to a small river, and it is continually growing each day.

8. Favorite sight-seeing moment (what you get to look at each day)

Sunrise/sunset out of our 13th floor balcony.

Sister Clayton posted on Facebook this picture:

House in the 50s in Downtown Toronto where President Monson and his family lived when he was President of the mission. 

9. Best companion moment of the week?

I don't even know

10. Anything else you need to tell me that I forgot to ask about?

Rapid Fire

1. Driving here makes me think of....

You know that car game on dad's ipad?  The one where you swipe the cars to make them go faster or stop so they don't crash! It like that here and it is not even in Toronto!!!! Oh and then we have this thing called Tiwi! Which then tells us if we go over the speed limit, hits a bump to hard, turns hard, accelerates too fast, brakes too hard....HE HATES me! Even when I am not doing anything He yells at me! :(

2. I was especially happy when...

When we are jamming to good gospel related uplifting music.

3. The spirit was so strong as...

We taught the Bird Family! They are ready for it!

4. One thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is...

Standards of Excellence!  Getting a date for the Bird Family!

5. I laughed uncontrollably when...

When Tony gave me the Shirt and told me he had it made for me to fit my personality (you will see why)

6. One way I feel blessed as a missionary is...

I get to Serve anyone who will let me serve!  It makes me, well me!

7. The most challenging part of my week included...

Knocking more than 300 doors this week and only getting a couple of people interested!  But

8. I overcame that challenge by...

Being positive! The Elders were challenged by our bishop to knock at least 100 doors each day, because the town is small, but has lots of people.

9. If I could describe this week in three words they would be..

Busy, crazy, fun

10. My missionary invitation is..

Read this talk by Henry B. Eyring

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tender Mercies

As a mom of a missionary there a not so easy days and on those days you feel very blessed when your Heavenly Father sends you a tender mercy.   I know that Sister Stuart is doing great and I know she is where she is suppose to be and proud to be her mom.  

Well today on Pday, I received not only a message on Facebook from a sister in ward but an email from her companion, Sister Duran.   My heart was touched and I feel very blessed.

Sister Stuart and Sister Duran

hi sister stuart..this is sister duran..thank you so much for letting your wonderful daughter serve her mission..she's a great missionary! she's doing a marvelous work here in London..i admire her so much..she's very special..she's touching lot of hearts her and i know that she'll continue it..i'm learning from her..she's an incredible missionary!.she knows her purpose..she loves serving other people and that's what makes her a great missionary..serving others is her greatest talent! (besides cooking=) Your daughter told me a lot of wonderful memories she had with you..she loves you so much..and i can tell that you raised her so well..i'm looking forward to meet with you..i don't know when but maybe when she'll visit me in the philippines..because if i'll go to utah, i may start swimming now to get there hehehe..don't worry about your daughter here she's in the Lord's hands..i love her so much!

Week 7: You remember me? Wait! What?

There is a play/musical that comes out a few days before called the Book of Mormon which makes fun of missionaries so we are using social media to show everyone what missionaries do. So on September, 16th or 20th we will have members follow us around for a whole day, posting things to facebook, twitter, instagram, Whatever! If you see it retweet, repost, whatever just keep sharing!  
1. How are your investigators progressing?  Any new ones?

Susan-- We meet with her this week

Ruta and Sujata-- We are planning to meet with them this week but school starts!
Tony-- He is so close in setting a baptismal date! This week he asked " Do you think it was a coincidence that we met?" Sister Duran told him "NO!!!" because she had his name in her planner as a former and was planning on meeting him! But that same day she met him at a member's house and he invited us over!
           I have learned that coincidences are God's way of staying anonymous, but on your mission there is NO SUCH THING AS A COINCIDENCE! =

Rob-- He is doing well! He is getting married at the end of the month and is also trying to finish school! He is crazy busy! Ba'haai is a faith where life is only based on Spiritual and not physical! They had a prophet Bahowla who taught very intellectually! He also said religion and truths are always changing, so you have to seek truth everywhere in every religion. He encourages people to learn about all the churches they can. But that is the just of it! You can probably research it a little more if you want! I don't know all the details!
Monique and Ruben--How are the new members discussions going and temple prep?
     They are doing well! We had dinner with them last night! It was wonderful! The lesson we taught is the Strength of Youth! Ruben was very interested in it! Temple Prep starts this month and Monique is SUPER excited!

We have 2 new last week and 2 new yesterday as well!
2.  What was the BEST part of your week in the field?
So on Sunday! I saw an old friend! Actually I only met him once! But there is a missionary That just got back from the Ogden Utah Mission! Elder Kozack (I think that is how you spell it) Any way His last area was ROY!!!!!!!! He didn't even recognize me until the elders were talking to him and they asked where he served and he said Ogden Utah and Elder Judd asked Elder Lawerance isn't that where Sister Stuart is from and pointed to me as I walked in the room! and he turned and said I cant believe I saw you! (He had told me we would NEVER see each other). He then said "My my my have the tables have turned I didn't even recognize you. Your now the missionary and Im now the one having to be kicked in the butt to get missionary work going and get to church!" Ouch! We then talked until sacrament meeting started! He was super excited to see me! He lives 3 HOURS AWAY from this ward! He says he is coming back to Utah in October probably!
Elder Kozack from the Ogden Utah Mission Small World

3.  How much time online do you get each Pday?  What kind of things do you do on Pday?
There is not a limit here really in London but we try to stay with in 2 hours!
Sister Simon and Sister Mac with Sister Stuart
We shop for everything we need for the week. Clean A LOT! We have a sports time with our zone (mostly just our 2 districts here in London because everywhere else is far away).
Elder Skirvin from her Zone on Pday

4. Funniest moment of the week?
So we were out putting up flyers around 8:30 at night, so it is pretty dark out! and there were 2 cars coming towards us as we were walking across the parking lot so I pulled Sister Duran to the side because she didn't see them and she pulled away. Thus causing her shirt to rip from her shoulder to her mid back! I then was trying to hid her until we got to the car! Super crazy night! But super funny she was literally about to kill me!

5. Favorite teaching moment this week?
Probably going over to the Sheill's (super awesome couple, retired, converts, missionary oriented, amazing....) and had dinner which was home made glutton free pizza, it was super delicious! And then Tony came over there and we taught him! So Tony loves to prove his points. So this week I was really urged by the spirit to be blunt, bold, and straight forward. I think that is the first time Tony was quiet and didn't argue with us! He just listened! It was amazing to just feel the spirit in the room really testifying to him.
6. How was the Youth Leadership Conference you attended?  What did you learn?  What were you able to share with the youth?
Oh my gosh it was Unbelievable over 500 youth attended from all over Ontario. It is kinda like EFY. So Sister Duran bore her testimony on her conversion and why she came on a mission as well as Elder Cowley. While President and Sister Clayton spoke after them. I learned so much. And the spirit there made me absolutely speechless! Elder Cowely's Testimony was absolutely wonderful. He had already went on a mission for 6 months in Australia and decided he really better come back out! It was so touching! 

7. Do you do more cooking on your own or do you have dinner appointments with the ward?
We cook more on our own! Our ward doesn't do a meal Calendar but we have a dinner appointment about once a week!

8. What is your favorite thing about London, Ontario?
It is the Forest City! It is soooo green! There is wild life everywhere! You know in Roy how there is a lot of skunks hit on the road there are like 3 times as many squirrels! It is crazy! There are lots of Rabbits and squirrels running around here! It is absolutely beautiful here!

Rapid Fire:

1. My most humbling moment of the week was when...
When I got a blessing from the elders because I couldn't stand because my knee did something weird last week! But now I am running on it and exercising with it normally! It really showed me that if I humble myself before him and work hard that he will return you back to a better state!

2. I was especially happy when...
When I saw the Elder from Utah! It made me feel at home and him just talking about his mission!

3. I know my Heavenly Father loves me because....
He lets me know that he is there for me through out every hardship and trial. 

4. I felt the Spirit the most....
When I really found out that you never know true light until you experience utter darkness!
Sunrise view from home.  A new day, a new light, and new direction

5. I was really surprised to discover that Sister Duran...
She can get mad, but it is not really mad! I don't know how to explain it!

6. This morning's personal scripture study focus was...
2 Nephi 32 and 33 but honestly 2 Nephi 33:3 stood out to me because you should stop saying prayers and start praying. An MTC teacher said "Stop saying prayers that absorb into your pillow at night..... Say prayers that will reach to Heaven."

7.  I laughed uncontrollably when...
When I accidently ripped Sister Duran's shirt and then when I was trying to hid it she got even madder. I don't know why I couldn't stop laughing!

8. The strangest thing I ate this week was...
Nothing yet but Sister Duran wants me to eat Balut. Which is a baby duck still inside the egg and it is not fully grown yet!

9.  One way I feel blessed as a missionary is...
To really See the want of someone to change their life. And really witness miracles EVERYDAY!!!!!

10.  I am grateful for (5 things) this week...
- Heavenly Father for sending his son to suffer and die for us!
- Making friends that will last a life time
- A good laugh!
- Miracles that come from obedience
- Life in general---- Make it a good one!