Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 10: Big Surprise, Irony, and PI with a 70!

1. How are your investigators progressing?  Any new ones?

Tony--look at question 4!  DO IT!!!

Rob--he stopped seeing us

Monique and Ruben--They are doing absolutely amazing! They are really like my family here!  I love them so much! They are so funny and so kind and willing to serve everyone!

Kathryn--She has been really busy this week

Bird Family--Met with them 3 times this week!  They have been super busy and have had some REALLY hard times the past couple of weeks!  They are doing well though! They are an amazing family.  Still trying to get them to church.

2. What was the STRONGEST testimony-strengthening experience of the week?

There were 2 this week!

1. Exact Obedience truly does bring blessings! It brought Tony to us so he could come closer to Christ.  So he can truly be happy and have eternal life by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God! And seeing a changed man stand before us was just an amazing experience.  

2. Elder Craig A. Cardon, a member of the quorum of the Seventy, came and talked to the mission (in parts) and taught us literally to be direct in your commitments, showing love by really promising blessings.  He also wanted to meet with me and a couple other missionaries for a PI.  It scared me I am not going to lie! He really answered a specific question for me that I have had in my heart since day one! Scriptures are truly the key everyone!  They will answer any questions you may have!

Elder Craig Cardon

3. Favorite Companion Study?

We studied faith! We shared experience of faith and then role played asking inspired question about faith to an investigator.

4. The MOST UNEXPECTED Moment I had this week was....

Tony was....wait for it....BAPTIZED!!!!!! He called us on Thursday during our weekly planning.  Which NEVER happens! He asked us when his baptismal date was and we said this Sunday the 21st! He asked Sisters what do I need to do to be prepared by Sunday?! So we have ran around the last 4 days getting stuff ready for his baptism!  It was the most amazing experience!  I can't even begin to express the happiness we have felt for him!

Brother Barnes, Brother Christensen, Tony, Sister Stuart, Sister Duran

5. Describe today's "feeling in the air"

Happy and energized! Ready to go out and work!

6. Besides the people and missionary work, what do you like most about serving in London?

It is sooo green! The leaves are all changing color and it is amazing.  Being here is like being in a forest city.  It is so cool!  The rain is pretty great as well (most of the time)

7. How are things going with Sister Duran, is she feeling better? The rest of the district? Your Zone?  How are the SOE?

Yes she is feeling better! She is getting her energy back!  The District is AMAZING! Elder Taumopenu is from Tonga, he is my District leader and his companion is BRAND new, Elder Bowler, from Rexburg, Idaho.   Then we have the Zone leaders in our District, Elder Skirvin from Alpine, Utah (going home in November :(  ) and Elder Teutau from Tonga! We also have the Chinese Sisters, Willowby from Texas (going home this transfer :(, Sister Mak from Hong Kong and their Brand new Companion Sister Chu from Hong Kong as well!  She is adorable!

8. Funniest moment of the week?

There was a guy that was hitting on Sister Duran super hard. He asked "Sister Duran is this YOUR number?" She replied "this is OUR number".  He said "Sister Duran is there anyway we can talk one-on-one basis???"  She simply replied, "NO I am a missionary".  

9. What are your plans for the remainder of P-Day?

We are going to this restaurant called Mandarin that everyone claims as one of the best buffet restaurants around! Then we are going to play sports! I am going to finish making a Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting for Elder Tauopenu because he hasn't had it since he has been out (which is awhile).  Then we are going to play sports and then visit with potential investigator and then teach a lesson with the Bishop to a part-member family.   

Rapid Fire

1. Did you know that.....

Miracles come from EXACT Obedience?????

2. This week we found greatest success by...

Trusting the Lord!

3. If I were granted one wish, I would want it to be...

To find everyone who is ready and prepared to hear this AMAZING Gospel

4. There is no doubt that the Spirit was present when...

Tony was Baptized for the right Reasons with the Right authority

5. I love learning new things everyday.  Today's "new things" was...

If you do what the Lord wants he will deliver you. 

6. I couldn't believe it when...

Tony said what do I need to do to prepare for Baptism on Sunday?

7. I felt so blessed this week because....

As a companionship we were Exactly obedient. 

8. My favorite service opportunity (big or small) happened when...

I got to put letters up on Tony's sign.  I cut my finger REALLY bad.  Oh well!!! (She reports the finger is good)

9. A goal I Have for this upcoming week is....

Focus on Revelatory Planning!

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