Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tender Mercies

As a mom of a missionary there a not so easy days and on those days you feel very blessed when your Heavenly Father sends you a tender mercy.   I know that Sister Stuart is doing great and I know she is where she is suppose to be and proud to be her mom.  

Well today on Pday, I received not only a message on Facebook from a sister in ward but an email from her companion, Sister Duran.   My heart was touched and I feel very blessed.

Sister Stuart and Sister Duran

hi sister stuart..this is sister duran..thank you so much for letting your wonderful daughter serve her mission..she's a great missionary! she's doing a marvelous work here in London..i admire her so much..she's very special..she's touching lot of hearts her and i know that she'll continue it..i'm learning from her..she's an incredible missionary!.she knows her purpose..she loves serving other people and that's what makes her a great missionary..serving others is her greatest talent! (besides cooking=) Your daughter told me a lot of wonderful memories she had with you..she loves you so much..and i can tell that you raised her so well..i'm looking forward to meet with you..i don't know when but maybe when she'll visit me in the philippines..because if i'll go to utah, i may start swimming now to get there hehehe..don't worry about your daughter here she's in the Lord's hands..i love her so much!

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