Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 8: We are Family da da da da da


The Media Blitz is now from September 20th to October 11th I believe! When we do it I will tell you the exact date! You can sign up for twitter if you want but facebook will work!

Question Time:

1. How are your investigators progressing?  Any new ones?

Tony-was being frank, which I thought was great, working for him?  Yes it works great for him.  So he fasted this week! He is awesome, he has the faith and the knowledge all he needs now is to act on it.  But he really just likes questioning everything.  He is an amazing cook.  He cooked us dinner last night.  It was a Jamaican dish called Jerk chicken (super spicy) and beans and rice (super spicy).  It was SOOOO SOOO good! He also gave Sister Duran and I shirts from Jamaica, he calls it our Jamaican Flavor! Sister Duran's is actually from Jamaica, mine he had someone make it for me to match my personality.

Rob-Still questioning Joseph Smith and the Succession of Prophets.  He focuses totally on the intellectual side of things.  He is super great!  We gave him lots of things to read and it will take him a while to read it.  May not meet with him for a little while, especially since he gets married in less than 2 weeks and is finishing his PhD program.

Monique and Ruben--Oh man these two are absolutely amazing! They are so great! They are so willing to serve God! They are so funny!  They take great care of us!

Amber--Still need to meet with her! She is having some health problems.

Diana--She had an emergency work meeting in Toronto.

Nasrin--We need with her on Tuesday.

Dorin--We meet with her on Tuesday

The Bird Family-Friday-We met Joe and he told us they just moved in a couple days ago, which was an absolute miracle, because we tracted that street last Friday and didn't finish it, and so we thought we would go back and finish it now.  And we knocked on his door and he said that he just barely got home from his first day of school, but to come back on Saturday when his mom is home and you can do service as well.   We have actually been looking for a church to join he said! Wait? What?
Saturday--We met the mom.  She is wonderful.  She is Native American and she remembers a tribe member talking about Christ and that he visited them.   But that is all she ever heard of it until now. When we shared the Book of Mormon, she just about jumped out of her chair and said I get it, I finally get it.  So we gave them a copy and they said they would read it! And they are coming to church next week!

2. How was your Zone Meeting? Favorite talk, or topic and why?

Zone Council was super awesome! President Clayton was there! We talked about accountability and reporting, media blitz, pure in heart, exact obedience, standards of excellence.  I really liked the Accountability you have to report back not only to your leaders every night but to your Heavenly Father.
London Zone Sept 2014

(Look at the Canada Toronto Mission Facebook, this is what mom found posted by Sister Clayton)

We are excited to soon have a Day in the Life of a Missionary Companionship here in the Canada Toronto Mission.  During this day, members of the Church will follow missionaries who are serving in their ward during their entire day and tweet about it.  They will be with the missionaries from morning until night including studies, service, finding, teaching, meals and planning.  It will be a fantastic day.  As they send out tweets, others will receive them and send them on.  Facebook can receive tweets--who knew?  So we will receive them here on this page.   As you see the tweets being posted here, we invite you to forward them on so others can enjoy this day also and create a ripple in the social media airwaves.

Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve recently gave a talk on flooding the earth with goodness through social media.  Here is a sampling of what he said in his talk.  Take a look:

We have so much wonderful technology that can bring goodness across the world.  It will be great to use it to help people understand what our missionaries do here in Toronto.

3. What was the best (and what was the worst) part of your week?

Best--We found the Bird Family
Worst- We were out tracting at 8:30 at night and a lady said as soon as she shut the door she would be calling the cops because we shouldn't be disturbing the peace.

4. Most spiritual moment of the week?

I read the talk by Henry B. Eyring called Mountains to Climb.  Just read it!!!

5. Favorite teaching moment?

Having Tony call us to come to the Shop where he works (the 2 owners are members) and asking us to come pray with him so he can get answers to his fasting questions.

6. Describe a normal day for a sister Missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission?

That is a hard question because each area is different.  But Sister Duran and I study from 8-9 indivdually, 9-10 companionship study, 10-11 training (first 3 months), lunch, then we visit less actives, investigators and tracting and while we are doing that we are talking to everyone, trying to find new investigators. We are in the house before 9 or 930 if we are teaching a lesson, then we do daily planning, get ready for bed and are in bed by 1030.

What Dinner looks like when  you have no other groceries.  Who knew she could cook onion rings?

Study Area in her apartment

7. How has your testimony grown since getting out in the field?

I can't even describe how much it has grown since I have been here.  It grew from a stream to a small river, and it is continually growing each day.

8. Favorite sight-seeing moment (what you get to look at each day)

Sunrise/sunset out of our 13th floor balcony.

Sister Clayton posted on Facebook this picture:

House in the 50s in Downtown Toronto where President Monson and his family lived when he was President of the mission. 

9. Best companion moment of the week?

I don't even know

10. Anything else you need to tell me that I forgot to ask about?

Rapid Fire

1. Driving here makes me think of....

You know that car game on dad's ipad?  The one where you swipe the cars to make them go faster or stop so they don't crash! It like that here and it is not even in Toronto!!!! Oh and then we have this thing called Tiwi! Which then tells us if we go over the speed limit, hits a bump to hard, turns hard, accelerates too fast, brakes too hard....HE HATES me! Even when I am not doing anything He yells at me! :(

2. I was especially happy when...

When we are jamming to good gospel related uplifting music.

3. The spirit was so strong as...

We taught the Bird Family! They are ready for it!

4. One thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is...

Standards of Excellence!  Getting a date for the Bird Family!

5. I laughed uncontrollably when...

When Tony gave me the Shirt and told me he had it made for me to fit my personality (you will see why)

6. One way I feel blessed as a missionary is...

I get to Serve anyone who will let me serve!  It makes me, well me!

7. The most challenging part of my week included...

Knocking more than 300 doors this week and only getting a couple of people interested!  But

8. I overcame that challenge by...

Being positive! The Elders were challenged by our bishop to knock at least 100 doors each day, because the town is small, but has lots of people.

9. If I could describe this week in three words they would be..

Busy, crazy, fun

10. My missionary invitation is..

Read this talk by Henry B. Eyring

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