Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 11: Sitting in the dark, But truly feeling the light of Christ

1. How are your investigators progressing? Any new ones?

Tony--he was Confirmed yesterday!  It was an amazing experience! I can't even put into words how happy he was!! It just made my heart happy you know??

Ashleigh and Tiffany--Sisters, single mothers, who live together.   They are amazing! They are so funny! They are completely different from each other! But both want to learn more!

2.  Tell us about your ward/branch?  Number of members, etc..

My Ward is Absolutely amazing!! They are so exciting and happy to see us! They are all so different and interesting! Most of them are super excited about missionary work and try to help out as much as they can! We average between 100-150 at sacrament on Sunday but there are members in our area!

3. What did you learn from Elder Cardon that you can apply to the rest of your mission?

I want to apply being more bold with people and not focusing on what to say but rather have the spirit really work through me and say what it needs to!

I really enjoyed what he said, that the prophet is an extension from God, the 12 are an extension of the prophet, the 70 are an extension of the 12.  He asked us do the extensions of God go beyond the 70? Yes, and here you sit!

He is an amazing and inspired man! He rally talked about Fearing No Man, Fearing No Place, and Fearing Nothing that comes along your way!

Elder Cardon Mission Tour on Sept 20, 2014 with the London, Kitchener, Hamilton, Brampton and Weston Missionaries
(Sister Stuart is on the Right of the Picture)

4. How's the driving going? Is the car still yelling at you?

Yes Tiwi is still yelling at me!  I went 2 1/2 days without it yelling at me though! I love driving! It really was a blessing for me because it is a way to learn the area but also a way to comfort me and it relieves stress for me!

5. Favorite scripture of the week and why?

D & C 88:63-68, because what question doesn't this answer????

6. Favorite teaching moment of the week?

Probably teaching a recent convert about the importance of a Patriarchal Blessing and seeing the joy that came to their face when we said it was direction and answers directly from God, was just priceless!

7. What is your favorite method of contacting new investigators? What do you find as the easiest way to tract or talk with people and what is the hardest for you?

Member Referrals because then you always have someone to come teach with you and it is definitely an easier way to merge them into the ward.  

I find it easier to tract even though you are oh so familiar with the slam and click of the door lock.  And really being lead to a place where the Lord needs you is great too!

Talking with people on the street is harder for me because 1/2 of them are running in the first place! And the others are on their phone or listening to their ipods and the ones who are not, aren't very interested.  But it is hard to talk to someone who has every which way to run.   

8. Strangest thing you ate this week?  Or Favorite thing you cooked this week?

Ox tail! Who knew you could eat ox tail!! Apparently Jamaicans!

Favorite thing I cooked this week...fried garlic rice with onions and chile peppers, the only thing that would make it better would have been bacon!!

                                         (My dessert Plate at the Mandarin!  I so wanted more!)

9. Best Companion moment of the week...

Listening to each other while each of us was listening to the spirit!! We really both had 2 experiences where we had a feeling to go visit 2 different members this week and we went! And both of them really needed someone to talk to! Both were having a hard time and just needed someone to listen to.   

10. Did you get to watch women's conference?  If so what was your favorite talk...?

Yes!!!! It was AMAZING! It was interesting though we were all in the chapel and we couldn't see anything on the screen, but we could hear everything! People were invited to go to the family history center to watch it, but not one person moved! All of us just sat there listening to these inspired speakers.  We were just sitting in the dark, but we all felt the light of Christ in the room.  I loved President Uchtdorf's talk!  Especially when he talked about LOVE.  You have never experienced true love until you have experienced the Lord's love.


1. I know my Heavenly Father loves me because...

President Uchtdorf told me so!

2. Something I am really looking forward to this week is...

General Conference!

3. My most humbling moment of the week was when...

Being able to listen to a person's problem and just being there for them when they need it most is a very humbling experience to me.  

4. This morning's personal scripture study focus was...

Mosiah 23:21-22 and 24: 13-14

5. The Spirit was so strong as..

Tony was confirmed with the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday!  I can not express in words the Spirit felt there!  Tony and his new tie he got from "two sweet angelic girls", his words not mine!

               (Tony and his new tie he got from "two sweet angelic girls".  His words not mine!)

6. I had the most fun this week when...

We had the Bishop's daughter with us for the day, taking pictures and trying out new things getting ready for the Media day On OCTOBER 11th

7. Something I wish I had understood BEFORE coming on a mission is...

Hard times come and you may fall short, but when you fully access the Atonement you can truly be made whole again.   

8. My testimony was strengthened when...

As I continually choose to come closer to Christ, by taking a bad experience and making me better because of it!

9. My favorite part of the teaching process is...

Actually teaching!!!  I love teaching people things that can bring them TRUE HAPPINESS!!

10. I am grateful for (5 things) this week.

       -Living Prophets and Apostles
       -The Spirit
       -Love given to the people around us

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