Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 12: Transfer Calls (dun, dun, duuun)

So last night we had transfer calls! and
    Elder Safaee called us and asked: "who wants to go first/"
    Sister Duran said "Sister Stuart does."
    Elder Safaee says "ok Sister Duran we will start with you! Sister Duran you are going to be white washing Whitby with Sister Robb!" (Sister Duran has whitewashed into every area she has been in)
    Sister Duran: Sweet! Did you say Sister Robb???
    Elder Safaee: Yes!
    Sister Duran: That is AMAZING!!!
    Elder Safaee: Sister Stuart are you ready to hear your first transfer calls???
    Me: No, My heart is literally beating out of my chest right now!
    Elder Safaee: You will be fine! You are going to Don Valley West with...... Sister Lundin!!
    Me (now crying): Are you serious?!?!?!
    Elder Safaee: Yes!!!
    Sister Duran: Elder! You made my companion cry!
    Elder Safaee: Are you serious? Are you ok, Sister Stuart??
    Me: Yes! I am doing GREAT!! Please Tell Sister Lundin I love her!
    Elder Safaee: I sure will! Goodnight Sisters!

1.  Individual updates on investigators please!  Any new ones?

    Gary: Is doing well! He is super quiet! We really didn't get to meet with him this week!
    Hailey: Is 16, She is interested and we are going to meet with her tonight!
    Karen: Is a biker mom! She is super cool! She is Catholic but is open to learning more!
    Ashleigh and Tiffany: are doing super well! But they are super busy!
    Andrea: Super Great! We helped her move during the first transfer I was here! and We finally
                 Was able to meet with her! She is so ready! She watched conference at work!
                  She is super sweet! I can't even believe how ready she is!

 2.  How did conference weekend go for you?  Were you able to meet with
investigators and less actives as you planned in between sessions?

      It was absolutely amazing! No investigators came to church :(  But yes we got to meet with Ashleigh and Tiffany yesterday but we just helped them pack for a funeral.

3. Knowing that you enjoyed all of the talks, which one stood out as
particularly meaningful to you and why?

     Elder Robbins! Because It was just so blunt! It was really what I needed to hear! That I am hear for a reason! That I need to do the work and nothing else! It really just solidified what I was doing!

 4. TRANSFERS...what is happening with them? Who?, What?, When? Where?
(don't forget to supply me with your new address if you were
transferred, as well as any/all companion info)

     Both of us are leaving the Elders are taking over all of the ward.
     Sister Duran is White washing the area, Whitby with Sister Robb
     I am Going to Don Valley with Sister Lundin
            16 CAR LUKE CRESCENT # 711
             toronto M2L 2H9 :)
Sister Duran trying to close her suitcase because of transfers

 5.  BIGGEST "made me smile" moment?
     Definitely getting Transfer calls! I haven't stopped smiling since! I have literally been bouncing off the walls since and I didn't get much sleep last night because of it!

Apparently it rains in London at this time of year

Raining again
 6. Something NEW I discovered about myself this week is....
    I learned that I am stronger and because of it I need change!

 7.  Most Spiritual moment of the week?
    General Conference of course!

8.  BEST teaching moment of the week?
     Andrea! She was just soaking in everthing that was said!

When it rains you dance in it!!
(Sister Duran sent me an email the week after the transfer:  dear mama stuart..thank you so much for the t-shirt i really love it!..i'm wearing right now for our're awesome!..sister stuart is enjoying don valley..i miss her..and i love her..thank you for letting your daughter serve the Lord and our brothers and sisters..take care!  So blessed Sister Toni had a great trainer in Sister Duran)

 9.  Something new I learned this week was?
   God Does answer in his own timing and in his own way! And He wants you to continue to better yourself by letting you be out of your comfort zone!


1.  My FIRST thought this morning , as I woke up was...
      I need to do laundry and pack! I am going to see Sister Lundin TOMORROW!!!

 2. I felt the Spirit swell within me when ...
      I was learning about patience! And some things I need to do to become a more patient person. "Without patience you will be lacking in every Christ-like attribute."

 3.  I love it when...
      I get letters!!!

 4.  One way that Sister Duran and I are strengthening our companionship is...
      Being completely open with each other! and being more open to the ideas each of us has!

 5.  If I had ONE WISH, then it would be..
      to have more time and more energy everyday!

 6.  My favorite Study Session this week was...
      I have been studying patience all week and it has really been a blessing in my life! I am noticing a difference everyday. So I cannot just pick one!

 7.  Did you know that....
      True Happiness comes from living and continually learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Puddicome family in London

 8.  In General Conference there were many talks around prophets,
share your testimony on having a prophet?
      A prophet is the mouthpiece of God! He is here to tell us what we can do to unify and strengthen our relationships. He is here to tell us how we can become our best and to be close to God! He is here to tell us to repent and tell us how we can truly access the fullness of the Atonement of Jesus Christ! He is an inspired man!

9.With October 11th coming and that being Media day, what can we do to
support you and other missionaries?
Every picture you see of a missionary you see RE-POST IT!!! RE-TWEET IT!!! SHARE IT!!!!
Then share your testimony of the Fullness of this Gospel of Jesus Christ and good experiences with missionaries and maybe even your conversion stories!!! :)

 Sister Stuart

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