Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 13: Laughs and Thanksgiving

So Question Time:

1. Tell me about transfers? How does it work, ride a bus, get picked
up, meet somewhere etc? Tell us how the process worked for you.
    So I had to drive 2 hours to the Brampton Stake Center across the parking lot from the temple! Then Sister Lundin who hasn't driven since April, drove us home! That was a great experience!

2. How did the day going on October 11th , "The Day in the Life of a
LDS Missionary"? I was able to see a lot of pictures and I even
tweeted. Who followed you around?
   It went well! We didn't have someone follow us around all day but that is ok! We had lots of fun!
District in Don Valley

Day in the life of a missionary starts with Companionship prayer

3. How are your investigators progressing? Any new ones this week?
    So Thursday the only person with a baptismal date here dropped us! :(
    So right now there is no one really progressing YET!!!!

4. I understand you teach ESL classes, how is that going?
    ESL Is so much fun! Honestly I just like watching Elder Gunnell act out everything he says! It is hilarious! I love it!

5. What was the best (and what was the worst) part of your week?
     Best-- that is way too hard to choose! I love it here though! I love Sister Lundin so much!
     Worst--last night we had been working so hard, and literally running around everywhere that we were both at the point of exhaustion and barely had enough energy to make it home! And then this morning I could barely walk because my calves were sooo tight!
Family visiting

Last Appointment on the Day in the Life of a Missionary

6. Understand that it was Thanksgiving in Canada yesterday? How do
they celebrate in Canada? What did you do?
     Ha ha ha yes! It was so weird Thanksgiving in October!!! It is just like any other Thanksgiving except it is more of a weekend instead of a day! We went to 3 meal appointments one sunday and two yesterday!

7. Most Spiritual moment of the week?
     Spiritual moment- our first lesson teaching together a Less-Active family. It just went so smoothly and so easily!

8. What did you learn the most or from Sister Duran that you will
continue to use to be an even better missionary?
     That talking to everyone is necessary and you will have to do it a lot! and Formers are Golden!
Sister Duran before transfers
Sister Duran and Sister Stuart

9. Favorite companion bonding moment of the week...
      Oh my goodness! Everyday! We laugh all the time! It is so great!!!

10. Describe your new apartment?
      7th floor, with an elevator that is kinda sketchy. Very open space. Right next to the Freeway!

Rapid Fire:

1. What was the first thing you did when you saw Sister Lundin?
      Screamed and hugged and laughed so hard!

2. I laughed so hard when....
      Just one time????
       Oh I have learned I can not wear any type of flowy skirt or dress here!

3. Riding the subway (tubes) is like....
     seeing all of these people you want to talk to but not being able to talk to them because there are so many of them! It is crazy and exciting! I didn't even need to develop my Subway legs! ;)

Sister Lundin and Sister Stuart on the Subway

Sister in the Don Valley Ward

Waiting for the subway
4. My new ward is great because...
      We have sports night every Thursday night at 7! also they cook great food and are so willing to do missionary work!

5. Something that touched my heart immensely this week was...
      The Lord really knows exactly what we need! We are here for a reason! It is easy to teach when you know your companion really well!

6. One of my goals this week is to...
      Learn more about Patience because how can you gain an attribute with out knowing about it first?

7. Something new I learned about myself this week was...
      That I have a tired limit! I never thought that I could be so tired!

8. My favorite study session this week was...
       Alma 9 and 10

9. One way I feel blessed as a missionary is.. (since it is
Thanksgiving there you know)
        Being able to serve God, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I know that if I wasn't here, I wouldn't have progressed very far! I would have been stuck between a rock and a hard place! I wouldn't have been as strong as he made me now!

10. Missionary Challenge this week is.....
        read up on a Christ like attribute you would want to have and then set one goal for to achieve that christ like attribute

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