Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 29: UPDATES!!!

How is Everyone doing?!?!? I know your all busy but I would like to hear from you! 
Will you write a brief email about updates on you and your family?

This week has been pretty good! 
    Kamal: was confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints
    Marcela: accepted a baptismal date and is willing to give up what she needs to, to come closer to him!
    Nici and Emanuel and 2 kids- formers who for the first time wants to come to our church because it is the way they think a church should be run. They will come not this week but next (work).

Ok so question time--What your Mom has always wanted to know:

1.  What time do you get up? Do you set your alarm or do you just wake
up on your own?
      6:30 am, We set the phone alarm!

2.  Do you get ready for the day before or after individual and companion study?
      We get ready for the day between 7 and 8 and start Studies at 8.

3.  DO you study one topic for a week for companion study or a
different topic every day?
     We study a different Topic everyday!

4.  What do you usually eat for breakfast? Do you cook it or make it?
       It just depends on the day! I love to make/cook breakfast! It really wakes me up in the morning (mostly). But Cereal or an omelet or an egg sandwich.

5.  What time do you leave the apartment?
       We need to leave the apartment by 10:00 or 10:15

6.  Do you drive everywhere or can you walk some places?
        We usually drive every where!

Just another Cold DAY in February

7.  What time do you usually eat lunch? How long is the lunch? What do
you usually eat?
      Dinner and lunch are an hour long and we just eat it when we can fit it in our schedule! but usually around 12 or 1. I just usually make something random, like the other day I made homemade chicken nuggets.

8. Do you share groceries with your comp?
      Yes we share groceries.

9.  Do you get a drink or snacks during the day to carry you through?
      I try to! It is really hard to carry around though!

10.  What time do you have to be in at night in your apartment?
      We have to be in at 9pm or 9:30 if we are teaching a lesson

11. What time do you go to bed?
       We have to be in bed by 10:30pm

12.  What time do you leave your apartment every P-Day
       between 10 and 10:30

13. What time is P-day over with? What do you usually do on P-Days?
      6 pm and we email, then go to the store, go to the mission office and then go to sports!

14.  How often do you eat with members?
      well being near not really anyone we have meals about once or twice a week. but that is sweet!

15.  Where do you email from on p-days?
     The small town library by renting a laptop!

16. Do you go on splits every week?
      Nope just once a transfer usually.

17.  What are the 3 best things about being a missionary so far?
      Seeing people change.
      The blessings for everyone.
      and feeling the spirit a lot.

18.  What made you smile this week?
      We were visiting a Recent Convert and was playing with his daughter. I had the ball and sister barton wanted it so she went to kick it out of my hands and lets just say tights and tile floors do not agree with fast movements......

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