Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 31! LOVE!!!

How was everyone's love day???

Question time

1.  How are the investigators, updates on them and any reactivation efforts?
     Marcela-- She is awesome! She has chosen the date of March 8th officially! We went shopping with her this morning! She is looking forward to the temple after she is baptized! She is AMAZING!

 2.  What do you love about where you are living?
     We have an awesome kitchen!!!

Sporting her hair do and her favorite Avenger Shirt

 3.  Tender Mercy of the past week?
    Marcela went to the Valentines dance last week and met some people I know from don valley and It was amazing! She also picking her date!

 4.  What made you smile this week?
      When I got to see Sister Duran and Sister Lundin and Sister barton all together in my apartment! LOVE IT!!!
Sister Lundin, Duran and Stuart
Sister Duran was heading home!  She was Toni's trainer and Sister Lundin sent her home!

 5.  One thing you learned this week that impacted you?
       I have gotten Serious Revelation about Patriarchal Blessings! SERIOUSLY STUDY THEM CAREFULLY!

 6.  What has been you biggest concern and success?
      concern-- I am worried I am not making a big enough difference here.
      Success--Feeling the spirit!!! and having many prayers answered!

 7.  Favorite service opportunity?
      Cooking for people! I love it! I love cooking for people!!!!

 8.  Did you achieve your goals from last week?
      Yes! It has been such an amazing week! Goals are a way we can measure our progression!

 9.  Companion and you bonded over what this week?
     Ha ha ha talking about Eternal Marriage with investigators....

 10.  I know The Lord is always with me because this week I felt his
Spirit when.....
     We saw many miracles. and many tender mercies! He is always protecting us!

Hair Success--Riley would be so Proud!

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