Monday, February 9, 2015


I am staying in Woodbridge with Sister Barton!

Sorry it is kinda short this week.

So question time:

1.  Updates on investigators and reactivation efforts.
Kamal-- is doing well! He took us out to lunch with Poonam to Mandarin! Loved it! 

Marcela-- is AWESOME!! She is so ready to be baptized! She is so amazing and so cute! Love her! 

2.  What did you learn this week?
     That to see success you must deepen your faith and witness of Jesus Christ! 

3.  What has been your biggest concern?
     This past week! Has been insane! For some reason I felt sooo unprepared for Transfers. I haven't slept! I thought I was training but I am not! I am Still here in Woodbridge with Sister Barton!

Here's looking at you!

4.  What has been your biggest success?
     Kamal being baptized in 3 weeks! 
     This week: Marcela wanting to be baptized! She knows how much we care and how much we are willing to work with her!

5.  Who has been the person you are praying for the most and why?
     Sister Barton--Because she is my companion
     Marcela-- Because she needs answers! and she is preparing!

6.  What are you looking forward to this coming week?
    Meeting with Marcela! And finding more people to teach!

7.  Do you have a goal set for this coming week?  Tell me about it.
     To Get more out of my Studies by studying about Christ alone.
     and to Smile more 
     and to Talk less so the Spirit can talk more!

8.  Tell me 3 things that made you happy this week.
      Marcela having the desire to progress
      And I just found out that Sister Lundin is Training!

YES! I am a Sister Missionary

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