Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 28: Kamal

1.  Update on investigators and reactivation efforts:
Kamal-- Monday- President Clayton taught with Sister Barton and Sister Hoki
            Saturday @ 12- We Taught Temples and FH, Follow the Prophet and 
            Saturday @ 2- PASSED HIS INTERVIEW
            Sunday-- KAMAL WAS BAPTIZED!!!!

Sister Barton, Sister Stuart, Kamal and his wife Poonum

Marcela-- She is doing so good! She is super sweet! and we asked a member to take her to church and apparently all she could talk about was baptism! She is so ready but she needs to overcome some challenges but she is sooooo close!

Stephanie/Kionna/Noah- Single mom and 2 kids! They are so amazing! They were all asking great questions! They are so cute!

Zaid- Sister Barton and Sister Hoki found him on Exchanges! He is Muslim! They were talking and he told them that he didn't believe in his religion and he was going to be baptized in a christian church but felt it wasn't right and then continued to ask When was the earliest he could be baptized and how can he learn to be able to do that! We are meeting with him tomorrow!

2.  So when you have a car in the mission, what responsibilities do
you have with it, like washing it, oil changes, etc?  Curious minds
want to know.
     We try to wash it once a month, oil changes are kept track by Elder Green and we do that about every 2 or 3 transfers. We have to keep it clean and we also have to use it to take all of our materials with it! We have to try to go no more that 1700 k's a month...

3.  How do you make contacts in your area?
     Usually tracting, potentials, or formers, there is not really a solid place to OYM

4.  Funniest moment of the week?
     Oh man! We were at the bishop's house eating dinner with all of the missionaries and one of his son's was trying to memorize our names and he went around the table Sister Barton, Sister Stuart, Sister Hoki, Sister Palmer (serving in georgetown on exchanges), Sister Gibb..... Well Brother Gibb..... NO no no Elder Gibb, and Elder Steed!
     Then Last night on our follow up Calls Elder Gibb calls us and 
I answer "Hello this is Sister Stuart and Sister Barton.
E. Gibb "Hello this is Sister Gibb...."
Phone hangs up and we laugh for 10 minutes he then calls us again
Me: "Hello this is Sister Stuart and Sister Barton"
E. Gibb: "that must never be spoken  of"
Sisters and Elder Steed: Laugh and Laugh and Laugh

5.  Favorite teaching moment?
     We were at the De Dios' home having dinner with them and then was sharing a message about faith and how you have to have faith to share the gospel! Then they told us 2 names and he turns to me Sister Stuart how can I teach the gospel to these very different people! For the first one I just told him to ask inspired questions and LISTEN.... and he says that would be perfect and it gives me practice at listening because i am not very good at that. Then he said what about the other one and he said he has tried EVERYTHING he just needs to get married already! I then without thinking Tell him to find a double frame and put a Family Proclamation in one side and a family picture in the other! He was stunned and said I haven't tried that yet and he said he would share it with him and then he HAS to hang it in the house and read it again and again! SWEET!!!!

6.  At your meeting with President Oaks what specifically gave you an
A-Ha moment?
     "It isn't your mission; it is His mission that you are serving for Him.  So you do His work His way on His timetable." 

7.  My favorite part of "finding or reactivation is"...
     Seeing the faith they have already and the light they have grasping for more! LOVE IT!

8.  The "Most Unexpected Moment" I had this week was...
      President Clayton Showing up at Kamal's Baptism.  

Rapid Fire:

1.  I laughed so hard when...
     See number 4 above

2.  My ward is great because...
     There are more cultures I get to learn! 

3.  One way that Sister Barton and I are strengthening our companionship is...
     Cook for people

4.  The Spirit was so strong as....
     I bore my testimony that this gospel was true!  Also Sister Hoki, Sister Bodine, Sister Barton and I sang at the baptism yesterday! 

5. One way I feel blessed as a missionary is..
     I get to share my happiness with others and I get to help them find the happiness they deserve

6.  A goal I have for this upcoming week is..
     to teach 20 lessons this week and to hit standards  for the next couple of weeks (to chance for another set of missionaries to come to this area)

7.  I love learning new things everyday.  Today's "new thing" was...
     That sister Lundin will love me after I give her, her Birthday gift next week! ha ha ha ha ha!!!

8.  3 things I am grateful for this week and why?
     President Clayton: even though he is super busy he tries to support us and our investigators when he can
     Kamal: for showing God he loves him and wants to live with him again
     The Spirit: Because it testifies of truth not only to the people we teach but to you as well!


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