Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 26: I see Miracles......

Sister Stuart and Sister Brampton rocking it out in Brampton January 2015

So question time

1.  Update on investigators and reactivation efforts?
      Mark--(Guyana) President and Sister Clayton came teaching with us and it was a good lesson. He really needs to understand that we are not here to convince but to help him find out for himself if this gospel is true!
      Marcela-- is a new investigator from South America! She is absolutely amazing! She is a single mom and is a former! She already knows it is true! She is so amazing and so golden! She even came to church! :)
      Franca--is a new investigator is from Italy! She loves to talk about god and invited us in!
      Kamal and Poonam-- are both new investigators from India! We felt we should tract a couple houses before we left this area and BAM! Poonam answered the door and said yes they believe in Jesus Christ and invited us to come over the next day! So we did and the lesson went amazingly. Only problem is she speaks very little english!
      Jamal-- is a new investigator form Iraq! He is a former! He knows the Book of mormon is true and wants to learn more! AHH!

2.  Best companionship teaching experience this week was?
     Definitely when we taught Jamal last night with Brother LaBlanc! We were all insync ! So great!

3.  How are the wards involved in the missionary efforts?
     This ward tries hard to come teaching with the missionaries but we need more members where we work because we are a half hour away from most members so it is hard to get them to come out here!
     They are really trying to do missionary work!

4.  When was the last time you saw an answer to a prayer.
     Oh man! All the time this week! So we were challenged by our district leader to find 3 new investigators and we found 1 by thursday when the AP's came to zone council and challenged us to find 5! So here in our area it is SUPER hard to find new investigators so we prayed for help to find 4 more! and we did! 5 NEW!!

5.  Favorite scripture study moment this week included the scripture...?
     So as you know I missed my cousin's wedding! and there I was starting my personal study this morning (our search for happiness) was all about the priesthood and what it means to be married for not just time but eternity! So great! 
     But a scripture I liked this week was 3 nephi 9:15-22

6.  The goals we have as a mission this week or month are?  And we are
doing ....on the goals?
      So a Zone Goal we have set is for 11 Baptisms in February! So we are working on finding the elect prayerfully! 

7.  Something I learned about myself this week?   Something I learned
about my sister companion this week was?
     I am crazy after 10! 
     Also Sister Barton and I get confused as each other a lot and apparently we are the exact same person!?!?!

8.  I felt The Lord guiding me the most this week when..
     When we found Kamal and Poonam! It was amazing!

Rapid Fire

1. My companion and I couldn't stop laughing over.....
     At Zone Council we were talking about positive attitudes and one of the Zone Leaders (Elder Anderson) says well to improve my positivity every morning I roll out bed and say YAY!!! (in the most sarcastic voice) oh my goodness Sister Barton looks over at me and then I remember Sister Lundin calling me a grumpy cat in the morning! and he looked at me! when I was trying not to laugh and it just burst out of me and I was almost in tears! 

2.  What do you see everyday when you walk out of your apartment door?

3.  What should we do to be better missionaries at home while you are gone?
     Really find some one you know who could use happiness and serve them or tell them what makes you happy and invite them to participate in what makes you happy like service, church, cooking, god.....

4.  What is your apartment like? Is it is a building?  Do you have a
lot of neighbors?
     Currently We live in the basement of a cold house with no carpet just tile floors. It is so long and big we don't have enough things to fill the space so it feels kinda empty! Oh well it is a nice apartment!

5.  It is so cold we could......
     We could build the ice castle from frozen if the water didn't freeze in the hose first!

Hot Versus


6.  Favorite thing to eat when it is cold outside?
     Ice cream and Cookies

Canadian Ice Cream

7.  Favorite thing that happened at church yesterday...
     Marcela came!
     Kamal came to church and told the whole gospel principles class that he use to pass by the church and temple (right next to each other literally) and always wanted to go inside! He said he always believed in Christ but didn't know what to do with that. Then he said it was a miracle the 2 things he wanted came when we knocked on his door! AHH!

8.  I couldn't believe it when...
     We didn't even have to ask Kamal to come to church he asked us if he could come! WOOO!

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