Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 27: Elder Oaks and Recent Converts.... Baptism

Have you been singing?  Did you sing Glorious yet?
     I sing all the time! It helps keep your mind off the cold! and No not with the piano yet!

So Question Time:

1.  Update on investigators and reactivation efforts?
    Kamal-- came to church this week and Went to elder Oaks' Meeting and asked when he can be baptized!!! Which he set a goal for this week on sunday! AHHHH!!! So happy! He is so prepared! (met him last week)

     Marcela-- She is awesome and has the cutest little girl! She is super sweet! She Came to church again! She is Great!

      All others were super busy this week!

2.  What are you driving now a days?
      Well The past couple days I have been driving a 2012 Subaru Impreza WITHOUT A TIWI!!! WOOOO! Because it was in the shop because some guy backed into and took off! But we will be getting that back today! And it is a 2014 Chevy Cruze

3.  What was the best (and what was the worst) part of your week?
      Meeting With Elder Oaks and shaking his hand and meeting with Kamal who is super prepared! Worst part I don't know!!!

4.  Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details?)
     So my district leader called us then put us on hold because he still needed to talk to us! So I thought well this will take a while! So I started being weird I did an indian yell and scared Sister Barton and He then Said WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?! I laughed so hard I was crying on the floor! Ooops!

5.  Most spiritual moment of the week?
     We met with Kamal last night after the baptism we attended! and we taught the Plan of Salvation! And he prayed in front of us to himself! He is so ready!

6.  How was your conference with President Oaks?   What did he share
that you liked the most?
  Oh man It was sooo good! He is super young! He was jumping around like he was 14! It was great! I learned so much! President Oaks was suppose to get here at 7 am but he was running late so the missionaries met with him from 1 to 2:30 and had instruction from President Clayton and the area president and then at 3 All the missionaries were invited to stay for the Returning less actives, Recent Converts, and Investigator meeting! Oh it was sooo good I loved it!

7.  What have you learned the most from Sister Burton?
    She is super Obedient! 
Sister Barton and Stuart

8.  What is your favorite thing about Brampton?
     Well I am outside of Brampton! So in Bolton (super small town, but not as small as woodruff) It is the closest I have been to the country roads in a long time! and I love driving them!

Rapid fire:

1.  Biggest "Made me smile" moment?
     Seeing my Recent Convert Tony and Sabrina and people from Don Valley! Oh man I my heart is so full! 
Iva Mema, Sister Stuart, and Sabrina at the Conference with President Oaks Jan 2015

2.  My favorite study session this week centered on...
    What I can Sacrifice and The Plan of Salvation

3.  If I could talk face to face with the Savior, I would ask Him...
     I wouldn't ask him anything! I would listen to him and what he needed to teach me!

4.  My companion and I bonded over...
     Teasing Elder Steed and Elder Gibb (DL)

5.  I was so excited when...
     I got to see All the Great Missionaries I have served with! 

6.  The Spirit was so strong as....
     When Elder Oaks was telling everyone about why he was a member and when he talked about how much his mom meant to him!
7.  Something I have discovered about missionary work....
     That I love watching how people react when they find the truth and actually want it!

8.  Since I have to teach on the plan of Salvation this week-- Bear
your testimony on the plan of salvation....
    That it is true! It is proof that God loves us! It shows he will do anything because he loves us and wants to be happy! The Plan of Salvation is where we find true happiness! It is a plan that is put into place that gives us all the opportunity to choose for ourselves for what makes us happy and what we want out of life! It is a plan that puts us to the test but with each test we have the opportunity to learn and grow for the better! It is the way I know I can be with my family forever in complete joy!

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