Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 37: Sister Stoker!!

So question time:

1.  Update on investigators and less actives.
     Recent Converts:
        Marcela is doing wonderful! She went to the temple for the first time on Wednesday and we got to go with her! It was AWESOME!!! She was baptized for her grandmother! It was soo cool!
        Kamal- we are going to dinner tonight and he has been out of town

      Less Actives: 
         S. Bertoia- We are going to start Family History this week with her! YAY!!! and came to church yesterday!!!!!!!!
         S. Carelli- Has a deep desire to come to church! AWESOME!!! 

2.  Tell me something you learned about yourself and about your
companion this week.
        I love being clean! Wait! What? Did I just say that?! Oops!
        Sister Stoker is awesome! She is the oldest of 6. She has a twin brother  on a mission in texas. and she is From Clearfield, Utah.


3.  Favorite teaching moment and why?
      Teaching Marcela the New Member Lessons! She is awesome and is experiencing so many miracles in her life right now it is awesome!

4.  What was your favorite thing from the woman's conference?
      All of it of course! Cheryl Esplins talk was awesome! oh and the Family is of God music video! I sang along with it! Thank you primary! SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY PRIMARY KIDS! :) love them all! 

5.  Most challenging thing this week and how did you overcome it.
     loosing my voice! It is still a work in progress! :)

Funny Faces with Sister Stoker

6.  Favorite Service opportunity.
     We got to clean this really less active lady's house! She hasn't let missionaries in for a while! It was awesome! 


7.  Strangest or funniest thing that happen this week?
      Getting Riley's letter: 
"sister Harman is listening to a VERY important voicemail to get a phone number we really really needed for service this weekend,and just as I am turning around on this really really muddy road...sister Harman drops the phone and...presses # 7 you guessed it DELETED!!!! and then I get distracted and guess who gets stuck in the mud...yupp...the sister missionaries in Lamoille valley.... well sister Harman is so kind to go out and try to push our only 2 wheel drive car out of the mud and of course I am on the gas pedal and guess who covers her comp in mud...I DID! so my companion Is covered in mud from head to toe... I am laughing so hard that...I LITTERALLY wet my joke it happened..."

Oh man I could totally see this happening! Riley I love you my Rusty Blonde Sister You!

8.  Easter is this weekend coming so share with us your testimony on
the Savior.

    I know that He lives and he loves us! We are never alone because of him! He rose again so that we may live again with him and through the atonement all mankind may be saved! 

Watch these!!!

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