Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 36: Temple and Transfers

Jeanette and Sister Stuart at the temple
So Question time:

1. Update on investigators, and reactivation efforts.
     Marcela-- was confirmed yesterday as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! She is AMAZING!!!
     Poonam-- Is progressing toward Baptism on April 5th! She is doing well and loves to make us Indian food!
     LA-- We have dropped cookies off at almost every Less active and Members in our area! They are loving it!

2. TONI--Transfers--what is happening?
     So Sister Barton is Going to Oakville South with Sister Sudweeks
     I am not killing this area... Which is super weird. But I am staying here with......Wait for it........ Sister Stoker! ha ha ha this is going to be fun!
3. Funniest story (these are my favorites so spare no details)
      Oh I got a Learning Farsi book! I completely flipped! Sister Barton still thinks I am crazy! Well this is going to be interesting! I don't know how they read scribbles! It is so weird! I also Got French learning books! I don't know how this is going to work here in an Italian area though!
       Ha ha so for our Zone Picture today they want us to wear a cat shirt! Oh how I do not like cats!
       We were Teaching Marcela and Rony! And we asked them to read the strength of youth and they did and they were asking us which words they should and shouldn't use! Soo funny!

Crazy District Picture Brampton

4. Most spiritual moment of the week?
      Definitely going to the temple! I can't even explain it! It was amazing! I saw Sister Lundin at the temple, I almost cried when I saw her!
      I also got to see Jeanette do Baptisms for the Dead for her own family! Oh my goodness! It was amazing! I loved it!

Tiffany, Jeanette and Sister Stuart at the Toronto Temple

5. Favorite teaching moment or contact?
      Last night we started teaching Marcela the New Member Lessons. We started again with the Restoration! It is amazing to see how much she has grown. And the testimony she has of Joseph Smith and of Prayer! She is absolutely amazing!

6. Something you learned about yourself that surprised you...
      That sometimes I am too strong for my own good! I am too stubborn sometimes! I just need to let someone help me! I have learned a lot about my testimony and what I need to do to strengthen the faith I have! I am doing well! and I love you all!

7. What do you see when you look out your apartment window?
      The ground!!!! ha ha ha we live in a basement apartment and there are only 2 windows in the whole place!
One you can see the neighbor's house and the other is the ground.

PICTURES sent from the Ramirez family 2 hours before the call of transfers

8. Share testimony of the temple. Toni I heard from Sister Gibson
200 missionaries were in the temple the other day. I would have loved
to have seen that. I hope you took some pictures.
      The Temple is the place to be! It is where we can be sealed by the priesthood power together as a family forever! I can't even explain the happiness you feel there! The Spirit is so strong and there is so much to learn there! I love being able to say that I am worthy to go into the House of the Lord! I love the opportunity we have to seal our families together now and with those who have passed! I am so grateful to be a member of this wonderful church!

Sister Barton, Jeanette, and Sister Stuart

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