Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 38: General Conference and MMA

Question time:
1.  Update on investigators and reactivation?
     Jason-- Is a new investigator! We found him while on exchanges with Sister Davidson (S. Lundin's trainer). He is a gold medal MMA fighter! We are meeting with him next week! 
     Poonam--Is doing awesome! She is super sweet! 

2.  Favorite talk at conference and why?
     Elder Brent H. Nielson- Man, It was soo good! I love the story of the Prodigal Son! I love it!!! "we have to watch, and wait with patience and love." SOOO GOOOD! 
      Elder Jeffrey R. Holland- Duh! When isn't his amazing! The brother new exactly what to do and waited for him to move first! Then we he went towards him, the brother reached out! Just like Christ will! So amazing! 
3.  Favorite opportunity for service this week was and why?
      We moved a Less-active lady on saturday morning before conference! So much fun! I haven't done that in forever! 

4.  How did you spend Easter?  Any new traditions or something you liked doing?
      We went to General Conference and then went to a members house for lunch and she made chicken cord on bleu and funeral potatoes! WOO! Go Utah! and then went to general conference and then went to a members house for dinner and taught a lady English! 

     This lady is living with the member as of last Sunday! This Lady  is a member and is from Hungary! She came from Hungary with 1000 dollars and a 2 month visa and nothing else not even a place to stay or anyone she knows! She got here and asked the taxi to take her to the mormon church! He took her to church and showed up just before 9 am to attend sacrament meeting! The member asked her if she had any place to stay and she said no, so now the lady is living with her! The member was showing the lady pictures of her granddaughter serving in Hungary and the Lady jumped up and said She is the one who taught me English! coincidence I think not!

5. I looked out the window of my apartment (or door) today and saw....
    a little snow!

6.  A goal for the week is?
     To study the basics! and to study patience and love and find ways to apply them! 

7.  My companion and I bonded this week over...
     Conquering fears and trials together!

8.  Favorite tracking experience this week, good or not so good.
     So we found this farsi family a little while ago! and we forgot to send the address and it was a miracle that I found it by myself because Sister Barton and I forgot to write it down! So Sister Davidson and I decided to tract the area! We found Jason! He is HUGE! He said he is a gold medal MMA fighter and wrestler! and he was interested in learning about How Christ can help him in his life! WOO! He even invited us back! 

9.  Last song that helped you through something..
     Israel, Israel God is Calling and I believe in Christ! 

10.  I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I felt his love most this week when...
     I brought questions to conference and got answers! Oh man it was so wonderful! love promised blessings! 

Sister Stoker and a weird lane they found while tracking

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